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Manure Vs Le Ars


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Manure Vs Le Ars 4pm KO

I'm sure we will all be listening/watching to the match with much more interest today.

The way i see it if Manure win today the league is as good as over.

If they fail to win today it will be a MASSIVE swing in our favour, because if they do not win, the scenario will change, and they will be handing Chelsea the advantage (even though we will still be 3 or 4pts behind) as Chelsea will be able to say "If we win our last 5 league games, we will win the title", something only Manure can say as we stand this morning.

With Arsenal needing nothing but a WIN i cannot see this ending in a draw, even if Manure would settle for a draw (which they wont) Arsenal will do all they can to win right up to the final whistle.

This is going to be a humdinger ChElSea2.gif

Your thoughts.....

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I share your analysis...but remember if Arsenal actually win then their run is the easiest of all 3...and they now don't have to rest players ahead of CL commitments.

I fancy the draw myself which would leave the whole PL wide open...

Got to be the most exciting run in for ages (well for the neutral that this...).

Come on ya bubbles...!! ::Scalf::

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Le arse will come out all guns blazing to win this game to boost their near hopeless position in the table tho their chances are slim. They have nothing to lose and are assured of CL football next season, they will surely play to win

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* 23'Evra on the half-way line, plays the ball into the corner for Ronaldo who takes out Song with an amazing flick and he slides it for ROONEY WHO MUST SCORE BUT BLOCKED BY LEHMANN! Corner United.

* 19' Long punt from VDS, Song steps away from it and it lands between him and Toure for Rooney who's in but the low shot bobbles wide! Song thought it was Toure's when clearly it was not.

* 18' Clichy bursts forward leading a counter, inside to Hleb, now Eboue on the right. The move has slowed down but Hleb finds Adebayor who plays a one-two with Van Persie and he's in but the finish is weak and straight at Van der Sar!

* 15' Brown is booked for sliding into Clichy, who had played it past him. Van Persie wanted an advantage played.

* 15' United break at pace and Ronaldo and Park are free for Hargreaves to chip a great cross in but Park heads it well wide!!

* 14' The first corner is headed behind for another cornerÂ… the second one is punched clear but Gilberto hits a volley in which comes off Song and is hacked away!

* 13' Eboue gets into space on the right, no Evra anywhere and he cuts it back TO ADEBAYOR WHO MUST SCORE BUT A GREAT BLOCK BY FERDINAND! Corner Arsenal.

* 12' Ronaldo to take... he whips it across goal and Ferdinand at the back stick can convert but it flies just behind him and out for a throw!

* 6' Van Persie to Adebayor, who surges into the box but is tackled and Brown idiotically plays it straight to Fabregas who shoots but it flashes over

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48' Really clever from Van Persie who takes it short to Hleb, he runs wide left and plays it to Fabregas, Van Persie is on the left now and he digs out a cross AND VAN DER SAR FLAPS AT IT FOR ADEBAYOR TO HEAD IT IN FOR 1-0! Ferdinand stopped, he must have got a call from the United keeper, allowing Adebayor in, and the replay showed he used his hand! Oh dear, that could have huge implications in the title run-in.

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Well i thought that Arsenal would have to score even to get a goal...

and just this second they've conceded a penalty, so unfortunately i was right.


Possibly the result we want, but would've preferred a much later equaliser, if at all....

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