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2008/09 predictions


where will we be a year from now?  

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    • Behind Liverplod
    • Behind Tottenham
    • Relegated
    • Roman upsticks and moves the whole club to Russia

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OK. Our seasons over la, la, la, la.

But where will we be a year from now?

Come on don't be shy. Let your imagination run wild.

Drogba and Frank have left the building and are starting every week for Inter Jose. Roman says Avram is getting the gig full-time. Maka in goal. Cech at centre-half. Messi, Huntelaar and Mrs Miggins from the pie shop all signed in the summer for squillions. Rijkaard as tea boy.

Your predictions please.

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I for one am really looking forward to next season. It'll be the start of yet another new era and something tells me we will have at least one, if not two very special players playing for us.

Let me guess: Malouda and SWP?

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No prizes for guessing who voted for options 6 and 7. A variation on the final option has been wishful thinking - "he'll get bored and he'll be off by the end of the season, then Chelsea are f**ked" - among Scousers and the rest of the rabble (professional and otherwise), ever since Roman bought the club.

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Despite our reason good form and how close we ran united, and the CL final, wether we win or loose i just cant ever see us toppoling united with grant in charge. but ive said it before as Jose's players depart i can see the eathos he installed in club fading and us struggling.

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I've voted for Chelsea to be top of the Premiership next season, because they

can only be first or second, so it's got to be first.


Jose built a great team but that team has to change, whether or not Drogs and Lamps go this summer.

However good certain elements of the current management structure are (I'm thinking SC, perhaps TC),

I don't think they are capable of building another great team.

Also I think that the big problem is that RA wants his "pals" in charge and on the pitch and I don't believe that is a recipe for success.

The strength of the team is what is cutting the mustard at the moment... Terry, Lamps, Drogs, Essien ..

Once RA realises that you cant have your pals on the board and on the pitch if you want to win, he will probably get bored and sell CFC.

He seems to me to be the sort of individual who likes to throw a strop, but I hope I'm wrong.

It's his toy so he'll do what he wants with it. In my opinion he hasn't shown good judgementand it's unlikely he will do so

in the future.

That's my pessimistic prediction...


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When Mourinho arrived at Chelsea, wholesale changes took place at the club and thw squad was revamped even though it wasn't that bad. That season we ended up dominating the Premiership and winning by a margin of 12 points.

If a revamp occurs again for 2008-09, I can only expect positive effect on our push for The Quadruple.

Have faith guys, we'll do it at Stadio Olimpico icon_wink.gif

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I have a good feeling about the next season. I think we needed to go through the trouble we went through to come through as a strong team. Two managers sacked in a year... Loss on penalties in the final of the CL... No other trophy to show for... I think it all came to a new fresh start, and I have a real good feeling the squad will be hungry for success.

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