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No No...no!


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Not liking the football gossip today. can only hope most of this is 'paper talk'!




Didier Drogba will be offered a huge new deal to keep him at Chelsea for life as new boss Luiz Felipe Scolari is desperate to hold on to the striker. (The Sun)

When considering this, I think that these two stories should be taken into account.



Chelsea target Robinho is set to join the Blues for £48m after the Real Madrid forward claimed it would be a dream to work with Scolari. (Various)

This is a player who has been in and out of the Real Madrid side for 3-4 years since signing. A talented player yes...but for £48m (which would be a world record) I would expect one of the worlds best like Messi or Kaka!

However, Chelsea have reportedly made a last-ditch attempt to hijack AC Milan's £18m deal for Ronaldinho, with Scolari making a personal call to the Barcelona playmaker on Monday. (The Sun)

I do not even know where to start with this 'busted flush'.

It is a busy time at Stamford Bridge, with Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp closing in on the £5m signing of Chelsea and England left-back Wayne Bridge. (Daily Mirror)

I really like Wayne. Why has he never been given a decent run at Chelsea? And don't Pompey fans give him 'pelters' for being an ex-Southamption player?

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes is ready to make an audacious bid to sign West Ham duo Lucas Neill and Craig Bellamy. (The Sun)

If this is true then maybe it is for the best that he did not come to manage us.... :(

Andrei Arshavin's agent says Arsenal would be an ideal destination for the Russia and Zenit St Petersburg forward because of the influence of Gunners boss Arsene Wenger. (The Sun)

I am sure a week ago there was a similar story about Chelsea and Scolari. I still think we should strike..if the price is right.

What do you think? -_-

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I don't mind Drogba staying. I don't like what he have said and most of all he hasn't corrected if he was wrongly quoted. There really isn't a qualified replacement for him and I think he can change his style of playing with Scolari. If Scolari is so keen in keeping him it is a good sign, isn't it.

As for Ronaldinho I don't want him and I don't believe he is even our target.

Robinho we might be after but if the price is as ridiculous as it seems why bother. Price has to be reasonable with him.

I think Bridge is on his way out. He should find a team that can use him regularly. It is like it was with G.Johnson though Bridge is lot better than Glen IMO. Scolari might use Ferreira on both sides and Bridge sadly is left out.

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Drogba, would be brilliant news.. I am sorry he is brilliant despite his so called attitude at times. We need them goals.

Unfortunatley.. it is not even close the, best left back in the world is our number two... if Harry gets him then good luck Bridgey. I wil never forget Highbury.... but what a shame shame.

Ronaldhino.. I would love to see him, well worth a punt as far as I an concerened.. still in his 20's .. that goal he scored agaianst us, no run up no back lift, pure brilliance.

Not so sure about this Robinho bloke though, if Real are willing to let him go, he can't be that special.

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I would never deny that Drogba is a great player (when he wants to be). But keeping him on is (to me) like sticking with a woman who although she may be gorgeous flirts with other men when you are out and tells you that she is disgusted by your touch.

I just think it is 'unhealthy' to almost beg him to sign another huge contract for us when he has said and not detracted those highly insulting comments.

As for Bridgy...yeah you are right guys. But I still love the guy, especially for Highbury, a true highlight of my (long) time watching Chelsea.

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Drog yes to staying, dnt really have a choice as no one is in for him and at the mo can't see a decent enough replacement. At least one more season.

But no to MASSIVE new contract, he don't deserve it and should be happy that someone (Phil) actually wants him the coming season.

Ronaldinho, no...to much of a gamble when we are trying to stop united getting a 3rd straight title. We need players who will 100% make a difference to our team.

A player like Ronbinho would. The boy is quality and is young and could grow immensly at Chelsea under big Phil.

the price tho is WAY too much for him and if that is serious figure then leave him, he aint worth that much.

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Didn't Bride only recent sign a new 5year deal? [was it last season?]

Won't surprise me of Scolari uses Bosingwa/Balleti and Cole/Ferreria as the fullbacks. He has used Ferreria on the left many times.

Anyway, I hope we keep Bridge and I hope he's actually given a decent run next season.

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Drogba I had resigned myself to his leaving, although must confess to a bit of regret. On his day he is unplayable and I don't think he has reached his peak. So yes, lets keep him, but on sensible wages not legalised extortion.

Bridgey I'm afraid he has to go to get any type of first team action. As already posted, Felipe is very comfortable playing Ferreira at left back, and Cashley (he always will be !!) will undoubtedly be first choice. I'd be happy to see him at Pompey, A Club I like and under a Manager, used to getting above average performances from players that have stagnated.

Robinho Don't make me laugh. This guy cannot even command a starting place at a Club that employs Robben & RVN for Christ sake. If we want a third string striker/winger to play instead of Pizzarro or Sheva then he just might fit the bill. Price ? Not a penny over £10million. And I'd prefer NOT to have him at Chelsea at all.

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The reason Scolari has used Ferreira as a leftback is mainly because of the poor quality of natural Portuguese leftbacks.

Might be, but I think he still would choose Paolo over Bridge. Although Bridge is quality and a perfect back up for Cole he just doesn't seem he has more to give than he has given. Would be perfect in midtable team like West Ham or lower level team like Spurs :).

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Keepin the drog is a fantastic move. i know he does non stop cryin but he is still the best lone striker in the world for me. robinho for me is another fantastic target and a player i would love to see in our team, it will never be 48 mill but i genuinley think he will be ours soon enough. i would even take ronaldinho if big fil could sort him out to what he was.recently he looks like f**k all but you dont go from one of the best to sh*t. i believe he needs a new challenge and a strong manager to keep him in line

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Breaking news on SSN is that wayne has just signed a new contract. Hope its not just to boost his price.

edit - apparently Scolari has said he's an important player in the team and felt it was important to keep him. Great news IMO

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Excellent. And he complimented his professionalism.

If Scolari is really the attacking tactician he is cracked up to be, that and the seven man bench might be enough to see Bridge get far more games this year.

Ashley is clearly number one right now, but more attacking in games means more substitutions and more games off. Perfect opportunity for Bridgey. Hopefully he can run with it, because since Highbury, 2004 he has been short on happy moments

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Might be, but I think he still would choose Paolo over Bridge. Although Bridge is quality and a perfect back up for Cole he just doesn't seem he has more to give than he has given. Would be perfect in midtable team like West Ham or lower level team like Spurs :jumping0007:.

Bridge is good enough to play in just about any Premiership club out there and I can't believe someone would seriously suggest that Ferreira would be ahead of him in the pecking order. If Scolari really ends up playing Ferreira ahead of Bridge(in a situation where Bridge is fit to play), then he's everything I fear he could be...and worse. :jumping0007:

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Robinho...48 million is WAY over the top. we'd be a laughing stock again!

Ronnie.... if we got him for less that 15 million, might be worth a shot. he himself has stated that the best has yet to come

Drogs....Wouldn't care if he left. If he does stay, shut the F*** up and get on with it. Oh, and play like the physical specimen that you are

Wayne....new contract. Great, and a true professional

Arse-havin..... same story, different club. Don't care either way

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Maybe we should put on a spead, hang up some balloons?

Will he carry through his threat to leave (longstanding), or consider us WORTHY of giving him an extension to his contract laughhably includsing a loyalty bonus. :huh:

probably still on the phone to agent..."anymore from Barca yet?" :redcard:

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