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  1. I like this guy a lot, I think you’re right about him being a leader and good influence in th dressing room. He was celebrating there like he had played in that final and I bloody love that!
  2. And credit to Sarri, his first trophy, well happy for the guy! He, and the team, worked wonders at half time.
  3. We’ve been so lucky to have Eden for so long, I only wish him well and have no bad feelings about him moving on. I hope he does really well at Madrid. Let’s hope we spend the money wisely!
  4. Fantastic, though we don’t seem to be massively celebrating?!
  5. Can’t decide who I want to win - liverscum who I can’t hate any more than I already do, or a team I don’t actually hate(sorry!) but can’t stand to no longer be the only team from London to lift the CL.
  6. Good defensive work there. Christian has been solid
  7. I think Savage just called us magnificent and sensational!
  8. After that first half I can’t believe we’ve seen 5 goals in the second. We’re playing like a mutha f**king machine!
  9. This game has turned from worst ever to the best second half I’ve seen in a long long time. Wouldn’t mind seeing the (sh*te) commentators being a little more excited for us tho!
  10. Not over yet guys, we know what can happen when we get too cocky. Not being pessimistic bit we know what can happen.

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