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  1. Yes you can, just make sure you read as much info about it as you can first. I started a week ago, very small amounts. I put 5 shares into Minamino at 88p each, now I’ve more than doubled my money (I know it’s not a lot but I’m just getting used to it!). Theres a great forum to have a look through with tonnes of information on which will tell you way more about the whole thing. It’s pretty fun though, I’d say stick a tenner in and have a look/research who’s looking likely to move, youngsters likely to get more game time, start games, play well, score etc. and see what it’s all about.
  2. I know this post was from quite a while ago but I have just started to get into FI this week. Any tips would be greatly received! I am starting small, with potential up and coming youngsters through tips from various sources, mainly the main Football Index Forum but also through my own knowledge and players I enjoy watching. Have just a few shares on two Salzberg players - Daka and Minamino, thinking about putting a fair few on Mehdi Teremi too. Have also got a couple of shares on Dujon Sterling, I always kind of liked him and think he will do well, as well as Josh Da Silva. As I said mos
  3. Have to say I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a pre season more so far. Maybe deluded but I don’t care, I’m so f**king excited for this season!
  4. Bloody hell Pedro lol! What a goal!!
  5. Mount, Loftus Cheek and Hudson Odoi, given a proper run of games and a good chance to be in starting 11. For me the three most exciting players. Not made my mind up on Tammy yet as not seen too much to be that excited about. Oh and Pulisic. Don't think we'll see much of a different player from Willian this season, just hope he stops taking corners really.
  6. Really enjoyed that, looked miles better than the last two games and against a 'proper' team too, albeit like most not 100% there yet. Can't wait for the next one now at the weekend!
  7. Oh good, as he is basically our only signing I want to be excited about watching him play! Shame Batshuyi wasn't great, we need one of him or Abraham to be up there as Giroud is not going to be playing all games I wouldn't have thought.
  8. Only managed to catch the second half at work, so only half watched it. How did Pulisic play?
  9. Or at least include them in a whole year fee. We’re paying more to watch these 7 games than for a whole season of football, granted not live but still.
  10. Oh it’s great to see Lamps on the bench!! Hasn’t quite hit home he’s our manager still yet!
  11. Kept trying to pay for it earlier and it seemed to just time me out. Never got confirmation I paid for it but it’s all working fine for me, so I must have! Hooked up to tv and quality is sh*te. Chelsea tv at least had HD.
  12. Happy to pay the £10.99 for the 7 games to be honest, at least this year we get to watch them all rather than some not being available due to it being in Thailand of wherever. Expect a lot of the youngsters will be playing in the first few? Fine by me, looking forward to seeing what we will be working with this season. I'm so willing on Abraham this season and if he gets regular games I'm betting he will do well, as will many other's I'm sure. Gunna be so weird not seeing Hazard though...
  13. I like this guy a lot, I think you’re right about him being a leader and good influence in th dressing room. He was celebrating there like he had played in that final and I bloody love that!
  14. And credit to Sarri, his first trophy, well happy for the guy! He, and the team, worked wonders at half time.
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