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  1. Everyone calm down. https://mobile.twitter.com/mohamedbouhafsi/status/885912691684126720
  2. At least we aren't having to endure all 3 Hobbit films.
  3. Assuming this https://mobile.twitter.com/mohamedbouhafsi/status/885267389679579137
  4. If you are wanting this just watch the season finale and get ready for season 2. Season 1 was just a long prologue for the exact show you are looking for.
  5. Portugal. The Man has a new album out which does not disappoint.
  6. Went and saw Ryan Adams at Red Rocks, first time at the venue and it didn't disappoint. Ryan Adams blew a speaker halfway through so we got some acoustic breakdowns of some songs while they fixed it. Was well worth the money and drive.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm hoping this is the evolution. I don't know if Ake is good enough but I certainly hope so. Him and Christensen manning the back line for years to come.
  8. OK someone help me understand the constant attempt to pull in a CB. We have Cahill, Geezer, Dave, Ake, Zouma, Christensen fighting for 3 spots. I know we have a chunk more games which I hope Ake sticks around for. Outside of that this suggests Zouma isn't up to snuff or we have desires to move Dave to wingback? From everything we've heard we have a gem in Christensen and I would hate to bring in someone which would push him out. Granted I trust the board I just don't understand VVD, Bonucci, etc
  9. Anyone scared to compete against Torres is not worth the effort.
  10. I'm just assuming that Torres is gone so I won't be pissed/disappointed in the near future.
  11. Are any of the other candidates worth a sh*t?
  12. Oh it is just getting airplay in america. A place where quite a bit of this is under reported.

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