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  1. goodeggs

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Jamie Carragher having a good stir up today in his Daily Telegraph column saying that Conte should swap Chelsea for Arsenal. To be fair he makes some good points; "For me, Conte remains the best man for Chelsea. His record since moving to Stamford Bridge is extraordinary. Despite Manchester City's incredible run, Conte has won exactly the same number of points (140) as Pep Guardiola since his appointment. He has also won more premier league games (44 out of 61) than any other manager." "It is too quickly forgotten Chelsea finished 10th before Conte took over. Certainly those Chelsea supporters booing over last weekends 0-0 draw with Leicester City must have wiped it from their memories. Had Conte finished in the top four in his first season Roman Abramovich would of considered it progress. No one could have expected Conte to have delivered the title." "Conte is too good for Chelsea to let go. They should be desperately trying to keep him, not only because he will bring more success to the club, but to ensure he does not come back to haunt them when he returns with a rival. If the Chelsea board cannot see that. Arsenal should do everything in their power to ensure it is a short tube ride to his next destination."
  2. goodeggs

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    You know what, I have a good feeling about Barkley. His low transfer price has meant his move have somewhat flown under the radar compared to other names. Yet he has a good mix of youth and experience, has a good eye for goal outside the box and he'll be eager to impress. Doubts over his current fitness aside, he's got a bit of no-nonsense style that the squads been missing recently.
  3. goodeggs

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Win major honors, fluff following season, change manager, win something next season, rinse and repeat. Just waiting for Grampa Guss to turn up and complete the story.
  4. Oh man I feel nervous for the guy, It feels like his confidence is at a make or break stage. I know we expect sports stars to be used to it all but can you imagine having a bad day at work live in front of thousands of people, only to go home and see thousands, if not millions of people slagging you off on social media. I get the feeling that Morata is a player that has to feel loved to play with confidence. He's not a mental bulldozer like a Drogba or a Zlatan. I truly want the lad to do well because apart from his finishing every other aspect of his game is top class. If he had put away those chances the other day we would comparing him to Torres in his prime rather than the Torres we became all too used to. I honestly think he's actually trying too hard to impress at times and it's f**king him up. I had concerns ever since he missed that penalty back in the community shield. He's clearly feeling the expectation weighing on him. I just hope fans can afford him some patience so that he doesn't completely implode before some luck comes his way and he can get his confidence going. Of course in reality if he does miss a sitter the internet is going to rain down hellfire.
  5. goodeggs

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    The thing with Luiz is that although he has his ups and downs, there's times where he produces absolute magic that just makes it so hard to completely write him off. Remember what happened that last time we sold him... Can we not just pay him to be the club mascot or something?
  6. goodeggs

    January Window 17/18

    Exactly this. It's so frustrating that everyone except the board seems to be able to see this. We had great momentum last year after winning the league. Antonio Conte was being heralded as one of the best managers in world football after having bested Mourinho and Pep. It seemed only natural that we would sign some good quality players, strengthen the squad around Hazard and mount a strong European challenge this season. I don't know if the issue was money, players preferring other clubs, bad negotiating or boardroom politics and egos that are getting in the way of the club's growth. We're clearly not top dogs in terms of spending anymore but I've always felt that Roman was prepared to back his ambitions for the club when needed. Maybe the impending cost of the new stadium is meaning purse strings are being tightened. Yet what's the point of having a world class stadium if your no longer ambitious to compete with the world's best? If the issue is money, then it seems like the club hasn't had the foresight to realise that if we can no longer buy ready made top level players, then we need to stop shipping out younger players only for them to come good at other clubs and not wish to return. We've had the best youth team for years now but don't seem to be able to capitalise on it because we only sign 'big names', or at least used too.
  7. goodeggs

    January Window 17/18

    "ArsenalFanTV‏ @ArsenalFanTV 1h1 hour ago Alexis Sánchez has agreed a contract with Man City worth £13m-a-year. He has two options: Sign in January, Arsenal get £20m and he gets a £15m signing bonus. Or sign for free in July and get a £30m signing bonus. [Di Marzio]"
  8. goodeggs

    January Window 17/18

    No chance would Sanchez, or Arsenal for that matter, opt for us over city. He gets to reunite with a former manager and join a team competing for silverware on all fronts and Arsenal gets to sell to a team who isn't a direct derby rival. We may have let them have Cech, but he wasn't our 1st choice at the time. They're not going to offload their current best player to us. Scary thing is I can only see him making city better than they already are, be a perfect fit for them.
  9. goodeggs

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I miss him in the big games, feel he brings a passionate edge that we've been missing recently. Even if his performances falter sometimes you do need those big characters to push a team forward from time to time. Just seems like big characters and Conte don't mix too well.
  10. Don't worry Morata will do a Torres against Barcelona and redeem himself. Déjà vu
  11. Probably scores worldies all the time on the training pitch. More of a mental thing when on the big stage, that's what separates good players from great players. Oh christ he's just missed the winner!!!!
  12. If Morata could finish his chances we would have one hell of a striker. IF
  13. Hazard f**king carries this team at the moment.
  14. goodeggs

    Thibaut Courtois

    If Courtois ever does leave then we could do a lot worse than Jan Oblak, he was sensational last night