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  1. After he lost his mother he had a hard time comming back but now he seams to be in the form of his life. Looks like a real star player everyone that love fotball like to watch. I always liked him and supported him no matter what. He is a true blue.
  2. Looking like a new Zola now. My favourite Chelsea player. He can do the magic against Barca. If he does it will be legendary.
  3. A man on crutches shoot better than him. Please stop using him and put him in the development team.
  4. Right now his place is in the development team. Can not shoot. He just seams very uncomfortable out there. I'm happy with the other guys we bought but can not see much good from Baka. I hope Conte stop using him now. I seen enough for awhile.
  5. Agreed. To be fair I did not even know who he was before Chelsea. I still question some of the sacking we done in the past but thank the God of football we are not like l'arsenal. I was as happy as a man can be when I heard another year with Wegner. Another wasted year for them :) Regarding Conte he is the real deal and I think most of us have a special feeling about him. That is why it would hurt to see him go.
  6. It seams to me so secret everything at the top level of the club. If they fire Conte for some insane reason I would like us to stand up and show who really are important for the club. Noone to show up for a game or similar might at least give a hint they can not do everything as they want. It might seam difficult but with internet and all the channels today sure possible.
  7. It is always a dilemma that the manager want the club to spend countless of money since in most cases it is what it takes to be nr. 1 and for sure good for managers future career. Chelsea done great business recent year's and might think differently. I remember Conte said the club wants me to use our young players. We can read different things from this but hard to say who is most unhappy.
  8. We have not lost anything yet this season and if getting 2nd to city after what they done this far is considered not good enough I'm afreaid the club management is in farytale land. For only what he did last season should give him protection to whatever happen this season.
  9. If there is one player I believe can score these days it is him. He had for sure a bad start to the season but would now consider him as one of the most important. Hazard and William is like playing with 2 nr. 10.
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