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  1. so from your words both are equally poor?? no matter so long as we are less sh!t than them on the day.. you said "Call me what you like" tempting....but maybe best you realise we need to win this final, it's VERY important as it decides what pot we go into in the Champions League next season..
  2. Saw Mission Impossible Fallout last weekend..BRILLIANT.. film of the year so far
  3. looks like I will have 2 tickets to Hull if interested?




  4. What a great thread...full of passion. what matters is WE are Chelsea, managers and players will come and go but we remain for better or worse... In any case so what if Jose starts to win things with Man U, going by past form he will only be there 3 years...
  5. just saw the film 2nd Best Marigold hotel , got dragged to the premiere in Leicester square by my Mrs but I actually enjoyed it, some brilliant acting by Judi Dench and Maggie Smith...
  6. Last movie I saw was the new Hunger Games Catching fire, managed to get a ticket via my Mrs for the premiere in Leicester square...if you liked the first one then see this it's just as good..out on 21st Nov..
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