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  1. Could be a critical blow this one. The Lampard out crowd really finding their voice now across social media. No excuses today, I'm afraid.
  2. Unfortunately, my worst fears are being recognised. I know this is a transitional season, but the subs today did cost us the game. 2-0 up at home to Sheffield United and then drawing is unforgivable. Of course, I would give Frank the whole season regardless of what happens, but the Lampard out crowd are really finding their voice now. I have no reason whatsoever to believe that Lampard will still be here come Christmas time if we carry on like this. Honestly, if we don't start stringing together some comfortable wins he's done for.
  3. Hate to sound like the resident doom merchant, but I really think Lamps is gonna be brown bread sooner rather than later. I know it sounds insane, but trust me, the pressure is REALLY on now. I know people don't like to hear it, but trial by Twitter (and social media in general) is real now. The reactions have been vomit inducing today. The way some of our fans are treating this club legend is appalling. But the reason I think things are gonna get worse is because we're just spread so thin right now. Of course, the transfer ban, injuries etc are all playing a part. But ultimately, all this is
  4. Yes! That's why I think Sunday is so important to us. If we win that match and avoid any drama, I think we'll be all right. Our next 3 fixtures after that are favourable.
  5. I know that, but once the pressure starts I can't see this team holding up. Trust me, if we mess up on Sunday the media's spotlight will be firmly on us and Frank.
  6. That's what worries me. If we don't get the result on Sunday I think we'll be in serious trouble. I know that sounds mad, but unfortunately it's the modern game for you. And once the rot starts it rarely stops. Frank needs more time.
  7. Really disappointed tonight. I championed Lampard from the moment he was mentioned as a potential choice for us, but things aren't right at the moment. The feeling I'm getting is that we'll play some good football like this but will keep getting unlucky. There's no strength in depth at all right now. And as crazy as this might sound, if we don't get the win against Leicester on Sunday, the pressure will be well and truly on. I just hope the majority of our fans keep their heads and don't call for Frank's. Lol. Of course, this is the worst way to start your reign at a new club, but he needs mor
  8. Haha. Not at all. Whereas I think you're a bit of an ignorant prick. Take care, mate.
  9. Look, I completely get where you're coming from regarding your thoughts on Jose...I just disagree with you. You see, an opinion can never be wrong. And calling someone whom you know practically nothing about an idiot is just argumentative and rude.
  10. Resorting to ad hominem says it all, really. But if you think that Mourinho's legacy will be trashing clubs and leaving them in worse positions than when he joined... then all I can say is you know very little about football. He is a proven winner and I think deserves another chance should Lampard decline our offer... But hey ho. It's your opinion, just as I have mine. At the end of the day, it's not my fault you're triggered by my opinion.
  11. Fair enough, De Bruyne and Salah. But Lukaku? Nowhere near top 10 in the world.
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