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  1. Costa is a turd. but he is our first and we should respect him as a player. Hopefully we sort his exit out soon. With Milan signing Andre Silva it's very unlikely they need Diego now. Just gotten hope somebody with a ton of money needs a striker. I'd love to use him to get Griezeman or Saul but that's a pipe dream.
  2. Possibility for Ruben to receive his second premier league medal in 3 seasons. No bad for a lad struggling to get game time. That's 2 more than Stevie Me. He does need a BPL loan though, no doubt.
  3. Anyone else feel like Eden has been found out abit? (Temporarily) Yes Gana and Herrera fouled him and pulled at him etc but he doesn't have the solution to it. For someone like Gana, it would make more sense to pull him into our half away from the defence of out on to the wing but Hazard continues to stay central and accept the abuse he gets. A little worrying. On the plus side the remaining fixtures this season don't have any Gana / Herrera type players to mark him as well.
  4. Yeah..... he didn't give much in the Everton game at all. Its so frustrating. Surely a Combo of Hazard, Willian, Pedro and Cesc is better than persisting with him?
  5. He can be frustrating to watch in my opinion, but he has hit some big goals this year, that one at Everton was awesome. Whammy.
  6. The clip of him jumping on T-Bos back and celebrating is marvellous. I love this man.
  7. I look at it like this, if he leaves its for a world record fee, to a team overstocked with talent (Such as Morata) which lowers their value = a great deal to be done. If he stays Id be even heppier though. Like Bale and Suarez, if the offer is that huge and the players want to, let them go!
  8. HOpefully he gives us 90 minutes of quality against Everton. This game on Sunday is massive - the new biggest game of the season, if we win we win the league!!
  9. He took a huge risk against Spurs (who are one of Europes best teams this season - espescially since January) and it worked off. That win has given me all the confidence that we will win the league under this man. Weve gone like 12 or 13 games without a clean sheet though.... thats worrying!
  10. Hard to see anyway Costa won't leave the club. I would be very sad to see him go, he is like a cult hero despite his horrendous drop off in form. If does leave, he'll leave a PL champion one more time
  11. Losing to Palace and United so close is bound to make us nervous but 4 points ahead is still a dream. For me Contes big game is Saturday. Lose to Spurs and they have the mental edge on us. They'll be chomping at the bit and will successfully hunt us down. If we beat them, then I think although they will keep fighting in the league we will have mentally taken the league away from them. Huge game. Conte has to get his team and bench right. Spurs bossed us at the Lane and we need to match 3 in the middle.
  12. What l like about Alonso is his passing prowess from the left, we have been lacking a left footer since Mata. He does move about awkwardly and defensively he is a little bit nervous but in the current market for his price, we got a good player. He is starting a lot, but apparently he wasn't brought in to start and be more of a cover option in 4 or 5 positions. Which is interesting - could mean we sign another LB this summer? Great Free kick, +1 for nailing Belerin
  13. I love Costa, and he has scored some massive goals this season. Cannot believe that people are contemplating selling him willingly. I think he will force a move but people who think we would get less than 50 million for him are off the mark. If he was to leave? Looking like Morata + 1 more coming in.
  14. I just love how calm he is with the media, we were in a circus under José and the calmness and respect he brings is well loved by myself. I hope we buy players Conte wants this summer, that's for sure. Bathsuyai is clearly not a Conte buy so.....
  15. Big big loss. Adds to our ever increasing need of centre backs. We will have to sign 3 in the summer.
  16. Kissing the badge was a surprise. Hope that goal kicks him on until the end of the season!!
  17. Yeah, seems abit of a kop out to play him at 10 instead of 6. Reminds me when Carlo played Sturridge on the RW instead of as a Striker, Less pressure I guess, mistakes count for less.
  18. If he was to go out on loan, he would have to be garunteed a fair crack of the first team.
  19. He has such a limited role in the squad. Id loan him out to a BPL team lacking in midfield.
  20. Scoring big goals and having a big contribution, but the way he peformend in the year 2015 was diabolical really. Cant rely on him
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