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  1. He has another brother called Ethan he's 15 years old and plays for a belgian club Tubize. They say he's also a talented footballer so who knows. 😛
  2. Nah man Hazard made the right decision. Barkley should have done a lot better with that chance. That was a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. Still don't get why he decided to let the ball run on to his (left) weaker foot instead of taking a touch and putting it on his right foot.
  3. They want both it seems.
  4. Can't help but laugh when i read these type of posts. Liverpool have a great front 3 because they've got THREE players that can score and assist. We've got 1 player who can score and assist. 10 goals and 10 assists Halfway through the season, directly involved in half of the goals we've scored and your conclusion is he's the f*cking problem ?!
  5. Seems unlikely considering Real Madrid's current struggles and need for proven quality. A 100 million (probably less considering our weak bargaining position) for a player like Hazard, in todays inflated market, is a bargain. Think he's just fed up with the mediocre players he has around him. You can tell he's getting more and more frustrated.
  6. How can you compare what Courtois did to this ? Courtois went awol when we refused to sell him essentially telling us to f**k off. He dishonored his contract. Hazard has done no such thing and has made it clear he has no intention of doing anything like that in the future. The fact his contract is running down with less then 2 years is on the club not on Hazard. We made the decision not to sell him this past summer. Hazard is under no obligation to sign another deal. I believe he's being genuine about being torn between the decision to stay or go. I think he loves Chelsea and loves being here but i imagine he has some serious concerns about the club and the lack of top transfers over the past years. He'll be 28 in january, He's won everything in the UK that can be won. I'm pretty sure he wants to win the CL at least once in his career. He's probably evaluating his situation and wondering whether or not we're capable of giving him the platform to win the CL. People complain about Hazard not doing much in the CL but since Hazard arrived, when have we ever had a team that was good enough to win the CL ? If we manage to keep Hazard and Kovacic i think we're only a couple of quality players away from that but will the club actually deliver them or will they sit on they're asses and not spend the money. It actually wouldn't suprise me if he stayed though. The recent interview doesn't come across to me as a "come get me " but more of a player giving an honest assessment of what's going on.
  7. Just Sarri kneeing Hazard in the balls...
  8. Tbf i think "total football" exaggerrated his point a bit. Sure Hazard can sometimes drop a bit too deep and be a bit to eager to get on the ball but him dropping deep can be functional and it can help the team. Positional football is great but there is such a thing as creating overloads. Good example was his run where he picked up the ball on his own half and then ran past four defenders and was fouled just outside the penalty box. Huddersfield were trying to press high, it was a 3 on 3 in midfield, Hazard dropped creating a 4 against 3 situation, allowing Rudiger to play an easy pass to Hazard, Hazard was able to turn and run with the ball with a lot of space in midfield to run into. Ofcourse Hazard isn't gonna be able to always go past 4 players but he has it in his locker so why not use it.
  9. His wife had twins on the 29th of July. He changed his jersey to 29 to honor that day.
  10. You do realize these players essentially play for 11 months straight playing games or training. they only get 3 weeks off for an entire year and people then expect them to hit the gym in those 3 weeks. lol Hazard's never been thin thin he's always been rather stocky. He doesn't look chubby in this pic. Like already said in this thread everyone has their gut spilling out when their bending over. Unless you're really thin.
  11. Do they ? They'll be missing KDB, Kompany, Sterling, Stones, Walker and Delph. They have a lot more squad depth then we do. They could line up something like this. Ederson Danilo Laporte Otamendi ? Fernandinho Gundogan Silva Mahrez/BErnardo Aguero/JEsus SAne
  12. 5-6 august. All our world cup players get a standard 3 weeks off. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-fixtures-preseason-friendlies-and-international-champions-cup-2018-schedule-in-full-a3892086.html When are the big guns back? All those involved in the World Cup were given three weeks off from the day after their nation was knocked out. Eden Hazard, N’Golo Kante, Olivier Giroud, Gary Cahill, Michy Batshuayi, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Courtois will not be back until August 5-6.
  13. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/chelsea-tv/press-conference
  14. Not really no. Only thing we have is a daily 15 minute summary on Chelsea tv that shows some footage of what the players did and then usually a short interview with 1 of the players. I think it's called "Blues news". In order to see it you're either going to have to subscribe to Chelsea tv (pay), find a live stream somewhere or wait for someone to record it and post it on twitter or youtube. I think last year someone always recorded it and posted it on youtube.
  15. I think this answers your question. https://streamable.com/0jcn0 Chelsea tv interview with SArri in english. :p
  16. Never said anything like that mate. Only thing i said about Neymar was this bit "A little over 3 weeks before the transfermarket closes and everyone would know we'd have a lot of money. Just look at what happened with Barcelona when they went to replace Neymar. Prices just skyrocket because they'd know we'd be desperate. " but that was about the prices going up when teams know you've just sold a player for big money.
  17. Okay but my point was that they still had Messi and Suarez even with them losing Neymar. We don't have that luxury here. If we sell Hazard there isn't anyone we can fall back to. We would be forced to buy and would have to make sure they are good buys. Both Coutinho and Dembele didn't really do much last season.
  18. They had Suarez and Messi though. We really don't have anyone that's as good as Hazard. Kante's great but he isn't an attacking player. I don't really agree with that. Hazard does slow down play sometimes but that usually has a good reason. If we're up and he doesn't feel like a counter is really on he'll indeed slow it down and just focus on keeping the ball with the team. It's part of possession football imo. Controlling the tempo of the game. Also i've seen people complain about Hazard slowing down when the counter really wasn't on aswell.
  19. I don't see who we could get that would replace what Hazard gives us. He's more then just his goals and assists. His ball retention, his abillity to dribble, so much attention goes to him he just opens up so much space for our other players. How many times have we seen teams double or even triple up on him. It just doesn't make sense to sell him. Trying to replace him would be a nightmare. A little over 3 weeks before the transfermarket closes and everyone would know we'd have a lot of money. Just look at what happened with Barcelona when they went to replace Neymar. Prices just skyrocket because they'd know we'd be desperate. Just keep him. Tell Madrid to f*ck off. I can't see Hazard letting his contract run out. He's not that type of person. Just have Sarri have a talk with him and assure him we'll be making more moves on the transfer market and are looking to be more competitive again.

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