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  1. As much id id love it I dont think the dippers will be dropping off anytime soon, the owners seem intent on making history.
  2. You lot have won the league twice since we last won it, Id say its been alright for the most part. Clear out a few and bring in a few , persist with Sarriball and you could be challenging next season. I certainly wouldnt write you off this season either.
  3. Looking at it from a neutral point of view I agree, PSG threw it away , they had us over a barrel and some how couldnt get it up. With the team we had out last night they must have thought it would be walk in the Parc! Definitely spawned it last night but you dont win anything unless you've got a spawn or two in the bag.
  4. f**king happy mate. But we've got Arsenal soon so no time to get giddy yet.
  5. I believe we were as poor as any team without 10 first team players can be......would Chelsea get past PSG without hazard , Kante , Jorgi , Willian, Higuain ? with a 2-0 deficit?
  6. They keep saying that but we keep moving along game by game
  7. Its a shame that Chelsea have turned a corner , i was hoping Fulham and (to a lesser extent) Spurs would nick a point and send you lot into a spiral again but you've played some decent football of late. Can only hope its a false dawn. Its a straight 4 way tussle for 3rd & 4th now.
  8. He's Garbage out wide , he does have a decent cross in him but those are very few and very very far between. He does pose a problem as Rashford is better down the middle than he is so we have to shoe horn them both into the same Starting XI and with his current form we cant leave him out. He's more of a goal scorer than a footballer Lukaku but he can score the goals against the lower league dross which is EXACTLY what we need right now with Arsenal coming up.
  9. He was confusing yesterday was he big rom. He has a first touch like Kirsten Dunst, loses the ball continously, then scores 2 world class goals. He can score goals but thats just about it.
  10. Im not into Conspiracy theories and what not , but I believe this has more to do with RA than the club itself. The politics behind the scenes with the stadia development in limbo and him not allowed back in the country etc could be driving this latest setback. Yes Chelsea are guilty, but they are not the only top 6 club to have done this but are first to face the music?...Special attention if you ask me. But like someone mentioned earlier in the thread. This ban could be a blessing in disguise as it will force RA to spend big money NOW on Refreshing the squad before the hammer falls, thats what chelsea fans would hope for anyways.

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