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  1. Fancy us getting a result on Sunday! The spotlight will be on Mourinho and the onus will be on Spurs to come out and play. I think we showed at City we can dominate the ball against top teams and create real clear cut chances. Hopefully a partnership of Rudi and Fik will be the answer to that defence and we've looked brilliant away from the bridge this year and I think the boys will go there confident. Fingers crossed on it all coming together for a big derby win at the toilet seat stadium.
  2. Wow how good has Tomori been tonight, incredible defender we've got. Only getting better!
  3. Anybody going to the game tonight? Need to find somewhere for a pre match beer 🍺
  4. Going to the game, looking forward to seeing Callum and Reece getting a solid run out. Would like to see Batshuayi get a start as well, think he's looked good when he's come in the last few matches. Hopefully a comfortable first home win under Frank.....
  5. Hopefully as Frank said we can get Masons ankle strapped up old school and get him out there on Sunday.
  6. I'd take a draw now, reckon Franky will opt for the three at the back again? Might be something we see more often this season especially in the big games.
  7. Brilliant news to see Callum finally put pen to paper, lads got many many brilliant years to come at the club. Can't wait to see him back playing now 💙
  8. That grumpy ass frown 😆😆
  9. Literally a joke isn't it! I'm sorry but how can VAR not look at that? 😆
  10. Wow, how much have we missed Mason that first half. Feel so sorry for the lad, looked absolutely gutted to say the least. Pedro needs to pull up his socks second half. Tomori and Zouma have been solid. Up the Chels 💙
  11. Reckon he might lump Giroud up there tonight..... Bit of experience?
  12. Remember that 😆 That generation of African players plying their trade at Chelsea was incredible, so many amazing footballers but corr dear those Januarys used to be a struggle without them. Especially Kalou.......... 😉
  13. Yeah actually I'll take your point there, Tammy can't do that wide left business. I don't think Rashford should be doing it either but that's another topic entirely 😆 Kane for England is phenomenal so until he starts dropping off the pace, Tammy and rest of them will have to wait in line. I at least think he should be taking Wilson's place in there, despite two goals the other day for Bournemouth does anybody honestly think he'd be the guy to come off the bench and get England goals? I think Tam would give Gareth a real alternative option up front. I think Gareth is smart enough to know that he needs to include him in the next squad, Mason got in there on merit and if he's going to keep to that same principle, then Tammy will be in there too.
  14. I couldn't believe that stat when I saw it last night on MNF. I was gutted that Tammy didn't make the squad again Bulgaria and Kosovo but I tell you what if he doesn't make the next one and Rashford does it'll be criminal. Lads on fire at the moment. Anyone who knows Chelsea and has watched him come through knows what a top quality player he is, but Frank has shown him that belief and said you deserve to be playing at this level and boy is he showing it.
  15. If anybody watched Reece out at Wigan last season will know what an animal he is and was for them. He won three awards at their end of season celebration. He also played central midfield for them which shows his adaptability. He's certainly not getting in there at the moment with the players we have to choose from, but he's going to give Azpi a run for his money at RB when he's back and firing. Hoping to see him in the cup again Grimsby after he came through the u23 game unscathed 🤞

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