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  1. I know we bought Werner for his goals and to play Center Forward... but you can clearly see he is much more suited to play wide and off the striker. I think we'll definitely see him start to contribute more from those areas of the pitch. If you look at his stats from last season, he fetched in very similar to what Willian would contribute on a regular basis and we all loved him. Maybe a slightly unpopular opinion but I always thought he could be very wasteful...
  3. It's some crazy rule they bought in about 18 months ago. If you watch, Garcia the Spanish defender makes a move to try and intercept/play the ball as the pass is played. The ball takes the slightest nick off of him and down to the rule it introduces a new phase of play and Mbappe was ruled onside. Stupid, needs to be changed.
  4. Thought it was nice to see Alonso getting some recognition and playing for Spain this International Break. Deserves it 👏
  5. Conor is exactly what we are missing in the team and I think next season could be his real chance to come in and make an impact. I was really unhappy when I saw him go out on loan but looking at it now it was probably the best thing for him to get another season of Premier league experience under his belt. Backing him for an England call up in the new year 👏
  6. They really did a number on WH the other day. Lovely to see them all moaning after the game claiming Brentford played "Pulis and Allardyce" style football.
  7. The one game I manage to get tickets at the front of the MHL. I have never been so wet in all my life, glad we came away with the win otherwise the journey home would have been extremely glum. So happy for Timo, I think we all hope he kicks on from here.
  8. Brilliant news to see Callum finally put pen to paper, lads got many many brilliant years to come at the club. Can't wait to see him back playing now 💙
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