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  1. We need to see If he keeps up this form, If he does, i actually think he might be
  2. He has been absolutely unbelievable so far this season, like best LB in the world good. Insane on both ends, rock solid defensively, but his ability to carry the ball has really been on show so far, which was something that has always been one of his main strengths, but Sarri really restricted him when It came to it. Happy with the way he is playing so far
  3. Barkley has talent above Kovacic? You are having a laugh, Barkley's technique is not even close to Kovacic's, the only thing that Barkley has over Kova is physicality and shooting. Barkley is being so over hyped its ridiculous
  4. Exactly, we've seen this movie before, who doesn't remember last season's "complete" midfielder Ross Barkley during pre-season, only for him to stink up the place for the rest of the season, the people hyping Barkley up are mad. Thankfully Frank sees Mount as a starter, at least so far
  5. I would argue that Mount has achieved more than Foden so far, a lot of people seem to forget that Mount was on the team of the Season on the Eredivisie on his FIRST year of professional football, and that in a league that had players like De Ligt and De Jong, both of whom were two of the most sought after players this window. Mount is a special special talent, and he os being criminally underrated by our fan base, and o truly think that he Will stabilish himself as one of the best players in the league over the Season
  6. Honestly boggles my mind How little some of our fans rate Mount, some people on Reddit claiming that he Will never surpass Barkley and some absurd claims like that. I'll be honest, i rate this Guy above any of our other youth prospects, the amount of talent and technique that this kid has is unmatched by the others IMO, not even by CHO
  7. Been our best player this pre-season, absolute baller, even more talented than Hudson-Odoi IMO. He also looks great wearing the number 19
  8. I really Hope Mount doesnt take the number 31, thats not a cool number, he should have 19, like he used to have at Vitesse
  9. In my opinion. This New bid is an attempt to unsettle Hudson-Odoi, since they are most likely aware that he is close to signing a New deal, to try and dissuade him from doing that, they are bidding again to show interest
  10. Looks like people here really dont understand the concept of bonuses, his actual price this year Will be a lot less, probably in the 35 M region. Plus, Kovacic is a quality player, and you can never have too many of those
  11. I dont like him. The fact that we have bent ourselves over for this kid, gave him every sign that we value him A LOT, by offering him a ton of money, as well as plenty of game time, something that has been unprecedent at this football club, for a player as young as he is and coming from our academy , and yet, there are still loads of rumours that this kid STILL wants to leave, makes me think that he is an ungrateful sod, especially considering he's been with us since he was 8
  12. Going with Jovic and Higuain next season would be so perfect man. Arrizabalaga Azpi-Rudiger-Christensen-Emerson Jorginho Kante. Kovacic/RLC Hudson Odoi. Hazard/Coutinh Higuain/Jovic Honestly, this team is as good as any
  13. Rodrigo Moreno IMO, perfectly suited to our style

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