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  1. So excited, can’t wait. i have always been a fan of Sarriball, glad he is our manager now. The way we play now is something that gives excitement to even neutrals. Sarrismo!!!!
  2. Rudiger urging Eden Hazard to stay and Hazard promises if Rudiger plays like that every match, he’d stay.
  3. BiafranBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    All i can say is this, we missed Costa and to some extend David Luiz this season.
  4. Lol, I remember some seasons ago, we used to taunt Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs fans with playing thursday nights football on CH5, how times have changed.
  5. Is EL on CH5 in Britain these days? Asking for a friend.
  6. This team is awful.
  7. Rudiger truly cares, Conte's tactics is sh*t.
  8. We got served our own dish, cold, bloody cold.
  9. BiafranBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    For all those praising our back-to-wall tactics against Liverpool last match, this is what it feels like being clueless and relying on a mistake to score a goal. Conte's best tactics is sitting deep and hit on the counter, in the absense of that we looked clueless and hopeless. This is not how Chelsea FC should be known to be playing football. Even with the ball we seem devoid of ideas and cant seem to know how to break tight defences.
  10. We can't continue playing this game of underdogs and "suffering" without the ball and also suffer to do much with it than hoof it forwards, while hoping Giroud knocks it down to Hazard. Don't get me wrong, our squad was fresher than the dippers and have no reason whatsoever not win, plus the necessity of this win. On other occasions we have used this method against other big teams this season we have dropped massive points, on another day Liverpool would have applied more pressure on us and gotten a point. We need to start making teams play into our hands than this sitting deep and hope for a counter.
  11. I hope this season ends this type of football we play, we shouldnt be playing like some mid table trying to defend out some points from a big team.
  12. Rudiger is gold.
  13. Seeing Hazard's top ripped from the neck, hilarious.
  14. BiafranBlue

    Random Rumours

    No Again, No.
  15. Sounds like a violent thuggish bunch, the kops. Funny stuff, but I can imagine the venom that has lasted decades to this day.