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  1. Difference being Emerson hasn't costed us several goals this season due to his lack of pace/ability to recover.
  2. low driven into Giroud at the front post who knocked it back to Kante to nearly score. All came from Emerson's vision and delivery.
  3. Very harsh. Took big balls for Tammy to step up and take the 5th for him then to be called a 'scaredy cat'.
  4. Not too bothered about the penalty miss, more about the open goal he put wide. Having said that i still want him first choice going into the easier run we have coming up. This is character building and will either make or break him.
  5. Chilwell has been consistently performing for two seasons now. Walker had built up a reputation as an error prone pace merchant.
  6. He seems like a more complete version of Kante to me. We're stacked with big signings like Jorginho and Kovacic in his position though. Shame we signed Kovacic as i think McGinn brings more to the table.
  7. Shame we don't need a CM, i'd love us to sign John McGinn and stop him from going to any of our other rivals.
  8. Wouldn't affect FFP. Its calculated over a three year period so we have a sh*t load available.
  9. Tomori might not be the worst choice, seem to remember Kalas getting the nod against Liverpool and having Suarez in his back pocket all game.
  10. People said the same about £50m for Kyle Walker then he went onto being an integral part of the greatest domestic side we've seen. 'English tax' will always be a thing so long as there are homegrown rules within the league.
  11. Kepa Zappa Azpi Christensen Emerson Kovacic Jorginho Pedro Mount Barkley Giroud Team i'd go for. Rest Tammy for the weekend but keep most of the attack the same, try to build a bit of chemistry between the players. No point rushing Kante, Willian or Rudiger back for a glorified friendly either.
  12. Probably waste £160m on Coutinho, £100m on some CB from Serie A and then a big name 26 year old striker with a dodgy strike rate for about £100m. The joys of being a Chelsea fan.
  13. Kepa James Christensen Skriniar Emerson Kante Jorginho Pulisic RLC CHO Maxi Gomez Subs: Cabalero / Azpi / Tomori / Kovacic / Mount / Bamba / Tammy In: Skriniar (£80m) / Maxi Gomez (£100m) / Jonathan Bamba (£60m) total - £240m Don't want to see us signing 7 new players as we'll have teething problems just like Madrid are experiencing. World class CB. Went with Skriniar but also wouldn't mind Tah from Leverkusen. Think either of these would complement Christensen for the following season. Happy with out full back and CM options so no need to buy anyone there. Suppose there could be a case for Chilwell at LB but i think Emerson is a good fit for us. Attacking midfield i also think we're pretty well stocked depending on how Pulisic and CHO perform this year. Get rid of Willian and/or Pedro and bring in Jonathan Bamba. Had a fantastic tournament the other month and played brilliantly last season, although he was overshadowed by Pepe. If we wanted to be daft we could obviously go for Sancho or perhaps a gamble with Lozano. Up top i'd like to see Maxi Gomez, just moved to Valencia and has a 140m Euro buy out clause but could probably negotiate a bit lower. Think he could be the next big thing up top. Also liked the look of Cutrone but he's just moved to Wolves so would be difficult to get.
  14. Marciniak was refereeing at world cups and European qualifiers back in 2014 up until present day. Frappart has been refereeing in the lower leagues of France and women's tournaments until this season. Whatever way you look at it, they should have at least let her have a season or two at a top level male competition before just handing her and the other officials this role.
  15. Have to agree, this is just a move to appease the PC brigade. Top level referees work their entire career to get a chance at reffing a game like this then this officiating team just get it handed to them because of what they have between their legs.

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