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  1. Unless the 9 games are finished, this season can't be ended with any winners or losers. Not just Liverpool winning the title, got the think about the teams at the bottom that would be fighting until the last day of the season.
  2. Jesus that woman and bloke on the right are smug bellends. Saying Liverpool have won the league because they're 25 points ahead, well no in football anythign can happen. The virus could wipe out half of Liverpool's team and City pinch it in the end. Void the season, no promotion and no relagetions. Start again next season.
  3. Cech here had a world class defence in front of him, Arsenal have always been dog sh*t a defending. Very similar reason to why Kepa has looked poor this year.
  4. Not for me. That's without even getting started on the way Gallas left the club.
  5. Who else goes at RB? Ferreira maybe? Gallas certainly can't as he wouldn't play there.
  6. De Goey D.Petrescu Desailly Leboeuf Le Suax Wise Di Matteo Gullit Zola Hughes Vialli Cech Geremi Terry Carvalho Cole Makalele Essien Ballack Lampard Drogba Gudjonsen Courtois Ivanovic Terry Cahill Azpi Kante Cesc RLC Mata Hazard Costa
  7. I stayed in Cumbernauld when i went to TRNSMT festival a couple of years ago, the worst place in the world. Stayed in a flat above the chippy in the town centre, had drunks banging on the door at all hours of the night.
  8. Think Ferdinand will still hold that record for sniffing the devils dandruff. Or is it Cantona for his Karate kick?
  9. So he's the same height as Iniesta too, nice. Taller than Kante too then, can't imagine his height will be a massive issue throughout his career.
  10. Out the cup, out the CL, bottled the unbeaten season all in the space of a couple of weeks. Just need Corona to really ramp it up and get the season called off and we can honestly call this the best season of football. Ever.
  11. Lets look at terrible signings without cherry picking, as he goes on to cherry pick. I think your issue is clearly with the managers/scouting department. Unless you believe Emenalo and Marina just choose who they want to sign and go for it?
  12. De Bruyne, Courtois, Hazard, Lukaku, Azpi, Salah, Matic, Costa, Fabregas. Didn't do too bad if you ask me.
  13. Got to be some kind of gross misconduct and enough to cancel his contract?

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