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  1. Kepa Azpi Zouma Tomori Alonso Jorginho Kovacic CHO Mount Willian Tammy Think the team pretty much picks itself this week. Pedro could possibly start but Willian is a favourite and CHO is coming off the back of a good international break. Argument for Barkley to get a look in after good internationals but looks so poor compared to everyone mentioned above in a Chelsea shirt.
  2. Lamps has just said injuries as follows: Kante out for tomorrows game Kovacic is training and available Barkley is fit Christensen out for two weeks with his hamstring Rudiger is training outside with physios, no mention when he'll be back though
  3. Doesn't help that he's been shifted out on to the wing, but he really has looked poor. Good job he takes most of Utd's penalty's and freekick's to boost his stats a bit.
  4. 3 assists in 130 minutes of premier league and champions league action this season after a 5 month lay off. There's more to games than just scoring pal.
  5. Literally every player you mentioned is far ahead of Pulisic. Hudson-Odoi was being chased by the dominant force in Germany to be their next superstar, whilst Pulisic was sat on the bench of their less superior rival. RLC was the CM with the most impact last season for us. Not only dominating the centre of the pitch, but also scoring some great goals. Mount has come back from a season under Frank in the Championship and currently has 4 goals in 8 games in the best league in the world. All this while Pulisic doesn't even look like being able to take on his man, nevermind put the ball in the back of the net. He deserves a chance to play but he has to prove he's better than our academy products first, which he is not.
  6. He's been bang average since his breakout season, most Utd fans admit that and agree he needs to notch it up a level.
  7. Quick google search says he is on £10.4 million a year. So £200k a week standard. No doubt he has performance related bonuses as well, such as being Utd's top scorer, making X amount of appearances etc. £300k probably isn't far off the mark all things considered.
  8. Shock. He was saying Hazard should leave us for years. Blokes a c**t.
  9. You'd be very surprised about the highlighted line. As for the Mount scenario, go back and read it again. I was asked if i was in Mount's boots what i would do, i gave my opinion. Never suggested he should do it.
  10. I'm over in Amsterdam for the Ajax game in a couple of weeks, really looking forward to see the Dutch football culture.
  11. Can't put my opinion out there cus its not shared by the majority? Okay pal. Think you'd be surprised by how many English people would choose club football over the National Team too.
  12. He asked me if i was in Mount's boots, i gave him my opinion. I'm English and couldn't care less about the NT. Hinders club football more than helping it. You choose to support the club you love, you're forced into following your National Team.
  13. If i was in Mount's boots i wouldn't give a toss about England. Chelsea would be paying y wages and i'm a Chelsea fan. Why would i want to miss Chelsea games to play for a sh*t national team.
  14. All I hear is whining. Thanks for your enlightening post, really glad i wasted about 10 seconds of my day reading this.

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