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  1. RIP Mourinho


    I was at the game and RLC's work rate was incredible. Can remember him making a huge run back and a brilliant slide tackle on the edge of our own box in the second half. The RLC work rate myth should have left the club with Mourinho. Christensen/Alonso at fault for the first goal. Willian/Alonso at fault for the second goal. Agree about Moses though, imagine he'll be sold to West Ham or someone in January.
  2. RIP Mourinho

    That Sterling Incident

    So that Spurs fan has been given a 4 year ban and small fine for throwing a banana on the pitch. Heard no mention of this anywhere and had to google it to see if he had even been charged. That Liverpool fan that shouted the same thing at Ashley Young, also heard nothing about that. The Chelsea fan on the other hand, who hasn't even been proven what was said yet has apparently already lost his job and his name and face being plastered on every form of media about. Can't help but feel Chelsea get so much more hard done by than other fans.
  3. RIP Mourinho


    Pretty much everyone voted RLC MOTM against Wolves, whilst playing CM. He's only been shifted out wide because Moses is injured and Sarri refuses to play CHO so we have no other option when bringing someone on the wing. Fairly confident in saying Sarri still sees RLC as the LCM.
  4. RIP Mourinho

    Marcos Alonso

    You banged on about him not lacking pace on the page before too, hence repeating the claim. Ahh yes, clean sheets are down to one person. In that case, D.Luiz must be one of the best one v one defenders in the game. He's played badly for about 2 months now. I credited him a lot at the start of the season but since then teams have targeted him and he's our clear weakness now. Its like at the weekend, with that long range effort that hit the post. If that had gone in people would have been on here banging on about how good Alonso is and ignoring the other 89 minutes when he was sh*te. Now he ain't getting the goals, he's getting noticed more.
  5. RIP Mourinho


    Sarri wants his two CM's to push forward and receive passes, not stay deep. Willian loses it on a pass heavy touch after missing a dozen passes before and trying to dribble it out of his own area. Try as much as you like to blame someone else but that goal is 100% on Willian. In fact, that entire loss is on Willian.
  6. RIP Mourinho

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Conte to Utd? Wouldn't surprise me. De Gea Bailly Smalling Lindelof Young Matic Pogba Shaw Sanchez Martial Lukaku
  7. RIP Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Oh trust me, i'm not pleased about having them at Chelsea. More relieved people are finally realising it. Good try though.
  8. RIP Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I prefer not to speak
  9. RIP Mourinho

    Super Frank's Derby County

    Tomori was poor last night and lucky not to see red. Mount, although doing nothing bad, looked like a passenger.
  10. RIP Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Almighty Mourinho downfall, Chelsea fans realising how good RLC is, Alonso, Morata and Willian being found out for average ballers, won the FA cup. 2018 will forever be remembered as the year of RIP Mourinho.
  11. RIP Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Mourinho sacked ha ha ha. Proper shame, Utd will start performing now. Classic third season Mourinho, surely he can't get another big job now?
  12. RIP Mourinho

    Random Rumours

    Can he spray a 60 yard diagonal ball from the heart of defense though?
  13. RIP Mourinho

    Mateo Kovačić

    One game out of 13 this season you can pick fault at, which was an overall poor performance with the team... Even with that poor performance he's still managed an average rating of 7.34 this season.
  14. RIP Mourinho


    For every 'clear cut' chance i can give you an attack slowed down or first touch to break down a move. Just take the Wolves game as prime example, two shocking misses that arguably cost us the game. A poor touch from Willian almost completely breaks down the counter attack for our first goal against City, luckily Hazard was there to clean up his mistakes again and produce a moment of magic. Sure there are a lot of us that are harsh on him but to say he is having a great season is so far from the mark. The most game time of any our wingers yet has only managed to match the output of Kante.. Willian's best ever season was as an impact sub under Conte, coming on against tired legs. Wouldn't start for any other top team. Edit: Not to even mention Willian trying to dribble out from his own area and gifting them a goal against Wolves
  15. RIP Mourinho

    Marcos Alonso

    Repeating that Alonso isn't slow either doesn't make it so. Give examples of when he has beaten a man with pace, genuinely can't think of a single time unless he's managed to catch someone sleping and run off the back of them. As someone above has said, that run for Kante's goal isn't impressive, 60m in 11 seconds.