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  1. I must say this every other week but i hope to god he stays at Chelsea to do his coaching badges once he retires. Would love to see him as part of the backroom staff in some capacity.
  2. Probably is now. Van Dijk in the mud.
  3. 'Defensively' may have been the incorrect word to use. Probably should have said Billy would be better in a 1v1 defensive situation than Jorginho. As mentioned above Jorginho is elite when it comes to positioning and intercepting. Agree about Billy needing more experience too. Agreed.
  4. I stand by the fact if you put Jorginho in the Norwich side he will struggle, I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. Now now Gol, let's not go changing what i said to fit your narrative. Let's look at what i actually said: 'Probably one of the reasons Tuchel decides to stick with three CB's to cover him in the middle of the park.' Nowhere did i categorically state Tuchel is playing a back 3 solely because of Jorginho. I stated that due to the players at his disposal, Jorginho included, he most likely realised we don't have a proper DM and wanted to sure things up at the back, something Lampard also tried when he first came in. This last paragraph is you being awfully insecure again in regards Jorginho. If you read my first post i also stated Jorginho is fantastic when it comes to positioning and interceptions, why would i say that if i'm trying to put a player down? Also absolutely nowhere did i say Jorginho should be at Norwich and Billy should be starting for us. I think you need to understand the difference between a simple comparison and a personal attack on your dream man. Keep going though, i'm sure Jorginho will notice you and thank you for your service protecting his name when it is unneeded. Speak soon x
  5. Insinuating a fan doesn't watch games is a bit different to telling someone to read a comment properly. My point is that Billy is better defensively. There were comments floating about saying Billy isn't up to standard when it comes to defending. My point is he is better in that regard than what we currently use. Nowhere did i say Billy is better than Jorginho. Hope this helps.
  6. On another note, i'm sure Chelsea seem to have more Jorginho fans than actual Chelsea fans at the moment. The slightest comment about Jorginho, not even in a bad way, and people are there to cry. Its almost as bad as all the Sarri fanboys on twitter.
  7. Billy is more than adept to play regista. Don't try to belittle me with the 'watch him at least' just because you have a hard on for Jorginho. No one is saying Billy is better, its literally a comparison. Should've known a comment about Jorginho would have had you on my back though, so tedious. Never said it was all about winning duals. If you bother to read further up the thread you see me mention about Jorginho's elite positioning for intercepting balls etc. However, if someone is running at our defence, i'd rather have Billy there to challenge them 1v1 than Jorginho because you know he'll get stuck in, not just dangle a leg.
  8. See post below. Both would be playing the 'regista' role for us. If people want to brand Billy as poor defensively, we can't pretend J5 is better.
  9. Just had a quick look for reference. Jorginho wins 53% of his tackles, Billy wins 67% of his tackles. Jorginho wins 58% of his aerial duals, Billy wins 75% of his aerial duals. Jorginho has won 398 duals and losing 447. Billy has won 39 losing 41. If people want to brand Billy as poor defensively, we can't pretend like Jorginho is good at it. https://www.premierleague.com/players/5682/player/stats https://www.premierleague.com/players/24221/Billy-Gilmour/stats
  10. I've watched people walk past him on many occasions. I've also seen Billy get stuck in a lot more than him. Nothing against him, his positional play is fantastic and intercepts a lot of balls but he's weak as piss and slow as a snail. Surely you can't honestly think he's a good defensive holding mid? Probably one of the reasons Tuchel decides to stick with three CB's to cover him in the middle of the park.
  11. We play Jorginho in a double 6 and he can't defend either. Instead relying on good positioning and being comfortable on the ball under pressure. I don't see why we need to be training Gilmour to be able to make 5 tackles a game to become a top player. I think its more than fair to compare him to Xavi too. No one has said he's as good as prime Xavi currently, but they have similar profiles and play style.
  12. Agreed. Then after that Havertz and CHO can battle it out for first reserve with Pulisic and Ziyech struggling to get a look in.
  13. Tempo really been upped since Mount stepped on the pitch, can’t put into words how much he brings to this team. so happy for Chilly too with the goal, thought he’d had a really good game except for the penalty.
  14. That ball by Barkley is disgustingly good, exactly the type of ball into the back stick I’ve been desperate to see Ziyech do since coming in.
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