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  1. Kovacic, Mount and Havertz the only ones that can be happy with their performance so far.
  2. Can't have been following that much if you can't remember 15/16 season.
  3. What's he supposed to do if there's no options though
  4. Rudiger + £10m for Mbappe? Seems a fair offer imo.
  5. Has to play as one of the 8's in a 433 or the number 10 in a 4231 going forward.
  6. Can't put into words how good he was last night. Link up play was some of the best i've seen from a Chelsea striker since Giroud in the EL final under Sarri. MOTM for me last night.
  7. Rather see Tomori in the squad everyday of the week. At least with Tomori you know you're working towards an end goal. With Rudiger what he is now is what he'll always be.
  8. I think Tomori and Zouma would be perfect parteners offering some pace next to him. I wouldn't like to see a Silva/Christensen partnership though. I think Andreas could struggle for game time this season if Silva stays healthy.
  9. 60 minutes tonight then more at the weekend.
  10. Didn't they bid £40m for him at the time?
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