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  1. We had one, but we let him go to PSG for free whilst we chucked £72m at Kepa.
  2. Cummings James Tomori Zouma Maatsen Kovacic Kante Pedro Mount CHO Batshuayi
  3. TBF so did about 4 other Chelsea players that all carried on.
  4. I don't blame Kante one bit for that goal, however his overall game yesterday concerned me again. Emerson shouldn't have committed so high for the corner.
  5. Can't blame Kante for the goal yesterday, i saw a couple of people slip. Having said that, i think overall he was poor again. Offered next to nothing in the attack, and spent most of the time trying to control the ball or pass backwards. Going forward it should be Jorginho/Kovacic or Kante/Kovacic starting in a pair.
  6. Looked good tonight, got at his man and had a good shot saved by Leno, should have had an assist for Bats too.
  7. Also i'd just like to say i f**king hate stats, but its all that Gol15 seems to understand. That and what Lazio value SMS at.
  8. Kante is giving out better attacking numbers, under an attacking manager? *pretends to act shocked*. Can we agree that Kante plays very high up the pitch in this system? Therefore lets compare him to players in similar roles rather than with himself. Shall we start with Kovacic who he in direct contention with and many believe should be playing ahead of him? Kante has played 1214 minutes in the league with Kovacic playing 1331 minutes, so their stats should be fairly similar. Kovacic has three assists this season with Kante having 0. Passes forward are in Kovacic's favour with 327, with Kante only making 225, Kante therefore being counter productive with the ball. Pass percentage is in Kovacic's favour again at 89.72%, Kante being sloppy with the ball and only managing 83.52%. Through balls is a good one, Kovacic has attempted 8 this season. Kante? 0. Not a single through ball attempted in 15 games from one of our attacking mids. Kovacic has been dispossessed 20 times, in less minutes Kante has been dispossessed 27 times. Kante doesn't fit in our team in the role that Lampard wants.
  9. He looked fantastic in the France, Leicester and Conte teams because they didn't rely on keeping the ball and creating. Its no surprise that Kante has looked a shadow of himself under Sarri and now Lamps. If we want to stick with Lampard and attacking football Kante shouldn't be a nailed on starter. If we want to go back to reactive football and bring in Simeone or someone, Kante is worth every penny.
  10. Lets be honest, playing in Germany isn't even remotely close to playing in England though. Ademola Lookman looks great over there, even Christensen looked like an actual world class CB. Stick CHO in Germany and he'll pull out number like Sancho.

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