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  1. Been a bargain for us this season.
  2. Do we just give him the POTS award already or what?
  3. His pace in behind is so important for us. Even when he's not scoring he's been able to pull defences about and make them think about dropping deep. So happy for him getting that goal today.
  4. f**king love the bloke. My god i hope the board gives this man the keys to the castle and don't piss him off like PSG did.
  5. I think Lukaku is inevitable. Has unfinished business here.
  6. Seems to have cranked it up a notch at the business end of the season again, always good to see when every game is a cup final at the moment.
  7. Captain for me next season if T.Silva isn’t on the pitch. Leads by example and always see him communicating with his team mates.
  8. UEFA have had years to try and sort the CL out with little to no improvement. The competition generated £3.3b in 2019 with only £300m going to the actual clubs competing in it and winning the tournament. This is just one set of billionaires trying to take the money from other billionaires. Personally i'd rather see the money in our back pocket and the money will filter down through the league tiers anyway with us getting charged even more extortionate prices to attract players from the 'smaller' teams.
  9. That’s not an opinion, Rice has a better rating for the season according to Whoscored.
  10. Jorginho had a one month purple patch when the new manager came in. That’s not a good season.
  11. With the amount of football he’s played for us over the years it really wouldn’t surprise me if it’s catching up with him. Losing that half a yard in the sprint or being fatigued.
  12. Dribbled past 5 times last night. Tidy at keeping the ball when we have it but we play without a DM when he’s on the pitch. Hope we go out and buy someone more well rounded like Rice in summer and let him go back to his beloved Italy tbh.
  13. Think his performances have really dropped lately, arguably should have had a penalty against him last night. Would quite like to see Christensen in his position and T.Silva starting in the middle at some point.
  14. I beg someone shuts his agent up, every single week it’s a different story with him
  15. Can see T.Silva starting this one as he'll be unavailable for the upcoming league fixture that Christensen will obviously start. I'd like to see something like the below, maybe CHO starting too but not sure who for. Havertz and Werner interchanging up top. Mendy Azpi Silva Rudiger James Kovacic Jorginho Chilwell Mount Werner Havertz
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