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  1. So Odoi can play and train with 30+ other footballers but can't meet one of them for a meal in London? What a load of bollocks. Complete none story that one.
  2. Happy to have been proven wrong about chilwell and so glad we had the budget for Mendy to replace Kepa. Bang on the money with Silva though, what a signing he's turned out to be.
  3. Mount showing Havertz how to play CM, which one was the £72m man?
  4. Think we look a much better team in attack when he went off the other night. We move the ball so much quicker up the pitch.
  5. I'd like to see him on penalties from now on. No nonsense, i'm sure Lampard appreciates a driven penalty like that.
  6. Looked so boring and predictable until Jorginho went off. Midfield of Kante, Mount and Havertz is our best option.
  7. Not sure if its the system or the player but he just doesn't seem to be what he once was. Could have been on a yellow card within the first 10 minutes yesterday for silly fouls.
  8. They're usually the ones on twitter shouting for Mount's head after every game.
  9. A lot wrong today, should have had it won by half time. Kepa never to wear a Chelsea shirt again. Kante not the same player he once was. Andreas weak. Jorginho makes good passes, offers nothing anywhere else on the pitch.
  10. Anyone got a link for a stream? No chance i'm giving the premier league £15.
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