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  1. Got loads of hope for one or two of them. A full starting 11 though with most of them being in their first season in the prem? Straight down to the Championship imo.
  2. Don't they have Buffon and Kevin Trapp too?
  3. You haven't been to every home game this season? Not a real fan. Your opinions don't matter.
  4. Munkworth playing the 'I'm more important and a bigger fan because i go to home games' card again? Surely not.
  5. Which is completely reasonable, the fans were wrong and childish to boo a new manager in his first rough patch after a near perfect start to the season.
  6. @loz @coco out of curiosity, if Kante were to play infront of the back 4 as a DM, who would your other 2 midfielders be?
  7. Caused a divide in the dressing room with Conte for this very reason.
  8. Two time league winner and world cup box to box midfielder you mean?
  9. All falls in line with TV deals and sponsorship. More money in the sport, players are gonna cost more.
  10. Really shocked no other team really challenged us for him at that price.

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