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  1. Never dealt with addiction first hand i'm guessing, lucky man...
  2. Also a team effort. Got to look at individual ability and i think the majority of Chelsea fans agree Alonso has been the worst of the three options for some time now and not suited to this brand of football.
  3. Not really the same. 14/15 Chelsea and 13/14 Utd are two very different teams and environments.
  4. When has Minamino done it at the top level?
  5. Not saying we should sign Zaha but tbf he was 21 and playing under David Moyes at Utd. Think any young kid would have f**ked up there at that time.
  6. Do a Pulisic type deal. Sign now and get him in summer.
  7. First clip he follows his man then has to get out wide to cover Pulisic's man, is he meant to cover everyone? Second one you even say their player goes from the left to the right hand side of the pitch. If Kovacic follows he ruins our entire shape, do you understand that? Third one Kovacic should have done more to show him out wide but that's more on Emerson being spun so easily. You're a really weird bloke with this agenda against Kovacic, it isn't healthy. Perhaps sign out for a bit and take a breather from the forum, might help you mentally.
  8. Swap deal for one of Mings, Grealish or McGinn
  9. I don't think he's declined, i just don't think he's suitable to play attacking football. He always looked great under Mourinho and Conte when he was tasked with defending, under Sarri and Lamps he looks poor because he's asked to get forward and contribute at the other end of the pitch, which he has never been great at.
  10. A LB shouldn't be judged on scoring goals lmao.
  11. You're right, we've done so much better since Dave played LB! Got ran ragged by Walcott bless him.
  12. I'm sure he doesn't mind several supporters disliking him out of a fan base of millions.
  13. Always said Emerson is our best LB, which he is currently 😉
  14. Alonso and £70m for L.Martinez pls pls pls pls pls

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