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  1. Second Premier league team this year to reach 100 goals after City. All that without a Striker. Not bad.
  2. This is exactly what i was thinking. Sarri and Zola both seem more like father figures. We need a Terry to Drogba in that changing room to lift spirits and shout at players if need be.
  3. Pedro and Willian have been dropping 2/10 performances like that for a full 90 minutes all season.
  4. 350 PL minutes pmsl, according to Willian's goal per 90 he wouldn't have scored in that time either.
  5. @Vagabond following breakdown taken from Whoscored and Transfermarkt if you want to go check. I'll pick out a few points you made. ( I simply refuse to lead a discussion about wether CHO is en par or even ahead (LOL?!?) of those two. ) Goal scoring Hudson-Odoi 6 goal in 21 games (1063 minutes) Goal every 177 minutes. Willian 8 goals in 49 games (3183 minutes) Goal every 398 minutes. Pedro 9 goals in 43 games (2479 minutes) Goal every 275 minutes. ( both have better vision ) Assists Hudson-Odoi 5 assists in 21 games (1063 minutes) assist every 212 minutes. Willian 14 assists in 49 games (3183 minutes) assist every 227 minutes. Also takes every corner and freekick he's on the pitch. Pedro 3 assists in 43 games (2479 minutes) assist every 823 minutes. ( both retain possession better ) Pass percentage Hudson-Odoi pass percentage of 87.7% Willian pass percentage of 85.3% Pedro pass percentage of 87.1% ( Pedro especially is defensively lightyears ahead of CHO ) Tackles, Interceptions and Fouls Hudson-Odoi - 0.8 tackles, 0.2 interceptions and 0.4 fouls per 90 Willian - 0.9 tackles, 0.5 interceptions and 0.5 fouls per 90 Pedro - 0.8 tackles, 0.6 interceptions and 0.6 fouls per 90 ( Pedro and Willian are both better technically ) Dribbles Hudson-Odoi completes 2.4 dribbles per 90. Willian completes 1.6 dribbles per 90. Pedro completes 1.5 dribbles per 90 To completely refute that CHO is so much worse than Willian and Pedro is just bizarre.
  6. Do we have a deadline of when we should know if the ban is postponed?
  7. Would love to know what you think they do better than CHO? CHO can take on his man consistently, the other two can't. CHO has a better eye for goal than Willian, fair enough Pedro is probably better in this regard. All three are poor defensively and weak in tracking back. CHO has age on his side. For what possible reason should Willian or Pedro start over him? Experience? Means very little when they offer next to nothing to our attack.
  8. We've got RLC, if we're throwing £100m at someone it needs to be a winger/striker
  9. CHO - Jovic - Pepe is a dream front three for next season. Willian - Giroud - Pedro is the likely front three for next season.
  10. Liverpool v Spurs final is a real possibility. I don't want to live anymore. The worst possible scenario for modern football.
  11. Rather us not but probably the type of sh*t signing out board would make.
  12. Yet Salah and Ronaldo's goal scoring numbers are much better outside of that league.
  13. Should probably make the move permanent and try to get Derby promoted. Not good enough for Chelsea, but a great signing for a Championship club. Still incredibly reactionary and read the game average at best.

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