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  1. Struggles when he has to make a decisive pass that’s further than 10 yards.
  2. 5 defenders and 2 defensive miss against a team that’s lost their last 6 and came to sit deep. Tuchel got it wrong today.
  3. Really don’t get how Alonso has stayed on all game, back to his usual self. Should’ve been hooked for Ziyech and CHO moved to LWB.
  4. If there’s any indication of concussion the player needs to be taken from the field there and then. Looks bad on the club and league in general if the player plays on then gets hooked at half time. Like you say, 10 minute subs for inspection would be worthwhile.
  5. Was hooked at half time, so not concussion or it would’ve been instant.
  6. Did the same again last night. Stayed down to try and win a free kick then straight back on his feet when the ball is out of play. Too weak to be a centre half, would much rather have had Tomori stay.
  7. Never thought I’d say this but might end up being best for both parties to move him on in summer.
  8. Did well to by far outperform Kante. Should be our second or third choice starting midfielder behind Kovacic at the moment. Between him and Jorgi to start.
  9. Alphonso Davies starter life as a winger then became a world class full back. Could we have something similar with CHO shining at wing back now?
  10. Where have you got this idea from? Silva could play a high line throughout all his previous clubs and started this season playing a high line under Lamps with the best defensive record in the league. His pace and agility has never been an issue. Could easily play a high line with Zouma next to him.
  11. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/02/10/champions-league-change-of-venue?cardIndex=0-0
  12. I was taught in under 7’s, pass either side of the goal when playing the ball back. Rudiger is terrible and Lamps was right to keep him out of the team, hope Tuchel follows suit.
  13. 3/7 penalties missed this year. Since when does a 42% conversion rate from the spot make you a specialist? Ive praised Jorginho for his performances under Tuchel. I’m also very aware of his deficiencies and don’t need to suck him off for every little thing like you do. I think you might be a Jorginho fan and not a Chelsea fan, Gol. Will your support follow Jorginho to whatever club we sell him to next?
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