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  1. You simply saying you guarantee it doesn't make it true though. Plenty of other variables to consider, he might have claimed a corner but he wouldn't have got out to close Antonio down as quick for the 1v1.
  2. Don't understand this last line, can you explain it for me?
  3. We gave them Moses, we'll give them emerson. Can we get something in return, Skriniar maaybe?
  4. Go back to Courtois' last season and no one was saying we'd miss him, making big mistakes often. Revisionism once again on this forum after a player has left. A player has just cut in from the right wing, obviously he's going to have been covering his front post a second before. Where on earth do you expect him to be positioned hahahaha. Clutching at straws with that one champ.
  5. About as well as we are doing now but with even less ability to play out from the back.
  6. For next season spend on a LB (Grimaldo/Tagliafico) and bring T.Silva in on a free to play next to and mentor Tomori.
  7. Who's getting replaced first though, the £70m gk with 5 years left on his contract. Or Rudiger, Christensen and Alonso who are all coming to the end of their contracts and never been solid defensively. We have to choose where we upgrade first, we aren't chucking £200m at our defence in one window.
  8. Come on big man, what are you trying to insinuate with that one? Say it with your chest and drop your location while you're at it.
  9. Read what i'm saying rather than jumping to conclusions you numpty. What's the point of buying a top keeper with a sh*t defence. Any GK in our net is conceding multiple goals a game with Rudiger and Alonso in front of him.
  10. What's he meant to do if Azpi is weak as piss and Tammy can't clear a ball coming straight at him? Stick Alisson in net and everyone will still be moaning as he'll be conceding 2 or 3 a game with the absolute shambolic defence in front of him. Look what happened to Petr Cech when he went to Arsenal and no longer had Terry in front of him. Errors every other game.
  11. Willian's lucky he can finish set pieces because he's been ass in his general play for ages.
  12. difference was Tomori had the pace and strength to recover. None of our other CB's do. Rudiger and AC are having much bigger disasterclasses than Tomori did. Everyone has been saying for months its bizarre how he got dropped for very little.
  13. Kepa had no chance for goal 2 or 3 last night, i doubt any other goal keeper would have done anything else. He also saved us when 1v1 against Antonio at one point. We need to worry about our defence before we consider taking a hit on Kepa and upgrading there. If we swap him now we have a world class keeper conceding the same goals and the finger of blame being pointed at them.
  14. Miss you, Fikayo. Please come back soon we need you x x
  15. Our most important player for us, don't want to see him out of the starting 11 again.

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