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  1. Personally hope we switch to the 4-1-4-1 that Tuchel often played at Dortmund for some games this season and see Callum at that LM/RM role.
  2. Think we've watched different games lol
  3. Its honestly impressive that in a team consisting of several 'debutants' and inexperienced players that £40m Danny Drinkwater still managers to be the worst player in a blue shirts.
  4. Alonso taking the free kick off set piece specialist Ziyech FFS. Can we send him back to Italy yet pls
  5. Interesting role being filled by Baker tonight, seems do be playing really well so far though.
  6. Makes sense as a third choice GK signing being English etc. Always feel that position should go to a youth keeper but i have no issues with this.
  7. That ball from CHO a minute ago. Absolutely mouth watering. God i've missed watching us.
  8. Crying to the admins after your telling off earlier? Shame. I've merely said things as i see them.
  9. Had chance to look back through your other posts on this thread. To me, it seems like you have something against him due to the contract he has. Making several comments about how he'll just sit back and keep accepting his £120k a week. Seems like he's getting the Sterling/Rashford treatment of being a high earning black male that many take issue with. Doesn't seem to be as much outcry against Pulisic earning more and putting in even worse performances. Such a pity. I'm sure you'll just reply with plenty of exclamation marks and what if arguments though.
  10. Could the low xA not be just as much due to the striker being in a poor position? Which wouldn't be surprising at all with Werner last season.
  11. CHO was our best player in games like Newcastle and Arsenal then often didn’t see the pitch again for a few games. CHO looked class at RWB at the start under Tuchel then also got dropped for Azpi at RWB. People have this weird obsession with expecting CHO to come on for the last 10 minutes of a game we’re already losing and set the world on fire after having no real game time for weeks. Mount I can name several consecutive games under Lamps where he did nothing towards the end of his first season but would still be on the team sheet regardless. That’s not a dig at Mount either, everyone on here knows I love him. Furthermore, feel free to stop swearing at me and respond like a civilised human being in future.
  12. Interesting one for the upcoming season. If we finish 8 points above Arsenal we become the team with the second highest total points tally in premier league history since 1992. Not bad for a club that wasn’t formed until 2003.
  13. Livramento’s strength is in attack and Lamptey is about 5’5. None of them have the profile of James to fill in at RCB IMO.
  14. James and CHO get consistent game time regardless, CHO isn’t afforded that luxury.
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