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  1. 82,905. i think that is the second highest top flight attendance figure ever after 84,000 at Maine Road. Changing subject completely, does anyone remember one of the programme vendors in the Shed Forecourt during the late 70s, who used to bark out -' Programme programme, programme and magazine'? The last bit used to come out as one word- programmeandmagazine. What was the magazine? Also, who remembers the fella who stood at the top of the stairs as you came into the the Whitewall selling Chelsea lottery/ golden goals tickets? He was in his late 20s and had a tache
  2. A man of many haircuts. His last season of regular play would have been 82-83, which was Speedos first year. Cant remember the game, but was watching from the very back of the East Stand with the old man; he used to love it up there for some reason - it was lamping it down - they were both the same size and had bald patches- from up in the Gods in the p...... rain in it was nigh on impossible to tell them apart
  3. So many memories of the West Stand. I reckon it became a bit of a chaps hangout a season after Gate 13 got going- 83 ish, Can recall when we had Pompey Xmas 83; was in Gate 13, an old hand I was sitting close to was pretty dismissive of the benches/ seats when Pompey came walking over- they cant do .... all that lot being his exact words. The television gantry was above. Cant remember how anyone accessed it?

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