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  1. Yeah you always hear this stuff during international break. I think he was probably quite casual and honest in his answer but of course it gives the media something to write about. You’d think it’s obviously the best time now to offer him an extension. The club is more than aware of it let’s hope.
  2. Haven't played Fifa in years. Have they added anything to the player career stuff? I only used to play fifa to role play being a Chelsea player
  3. I don’t have BT/Sky so confess I haven’t seen any Man U games this season but sounds absolutely dire to watch.
  4. Let’s be fair Munkworth, after the 89th minute they found their voice a little bit. Just at the prime moment to get those BT cameras showing them waving their scarves giving them excellent material to w**k over when they get home.
  5. Does anyone here have this away shirt? My Dad like's it because it slightly reminds him of this.
  6. Honestly after a while I've mostly forgotten about him, I don't care/read what he is supposedly saying about the club because he lacks so much wit and charisma I quickly grow bored with his petulance.
  7. What the f**k is this thread.
  8. I made the mistake of looking at that woman's twitter, I still don't understand it but I feel a bit ill now. One of those times that I want to stay ignorant.
  9. I think it means: "Madridista Hijo De Puta" or something along those lines ?
  10. You'd think he'd learn to pack it in now but I'm sure he will carry on saying asinine things.
  11. I mean I can't say I'm a fan of the new look, don't know if that's because they've dyed his mane or the freakish stare that would look more in place in a sh*tty horror film...

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