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  1. I don’t want to be negative but Tammy is shocking. Not good enough for us.... I honestly cannot see what he offers the team? His work rate isn’t even that good.
  2. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but what does Mason Mount bring to the team? First half of the season he bought a higher pressing, higher energy style and now I’m not sure the benefit of him?! I know he is young and we have to give him a chance however I’m not sure he is a starting 11 player! And typically we create tons of half chances and never really score ….Leicester create to lesson half chances and score nearly every time!
  3. I’ve recently been saying that Mount needs a rest, however... I think we’ve missed him over the past two games. Hopefully he is ready!
  4. Nothing against Mount, but I think he needs a rest. Which is obviously understandable given his age and the fact it’s his first premiership campaign. (My opinion) Seems to have slightly lost his edge over the past few games and seems to fade in and out. Still has top potential and I’m sure after a rest, he will be back to looking a threat! I would start with: William, Pulisic & CHO.
  5. According to a number of publications, we have a January/Summer “HIT LIST” of the following: - Moussa Dembele - Wilf Zaha - Jadon Sancho - Ben Chillwell - Nathan Ake If this list is true, I would NOT want us spending till the summer. And then, I’d only want Sancho & possibly Chillwell (depending on Leicester’s asking price?!- they don’t NEED to sell.) Ake is decent but no improvement on what we have! My opinion is we should stick to what we have until the summer!!
  6. Very tidy, comfortable with the ball at his feet but still not sure what he brings to the team overall.
  7. Kepa Dave. Luiz. Rudi. Emerson Kante. Jorginho CHO. Willian. Hazard. Higuian This could be a PLAN B, and it might even work?! Could even try RLC instead of Willian. But we will probably play the normal formation, normal players playing out of position and Barkley will be subbed on 65mins of Kovaovic.
  8. I might get some abuse for this, but sadly I don’t see Tammy ever making the grade at Chelsea. Clearly, he is a good finisher but I believe his level is Championship / lower premiership material. You could argue that we’re hardly blessed with world class strikers, but if there was 25 million on the table... I would have taken it! Maybe one of the factors we didn’t, was because it was Spurs.
  9. Lots of compliments being handed out for Rudi (rightly so!) and if he continues to be played at CB.... Who would you choose to partner him? Luiz, Ampadu, Christensen or Cahill?!
  10. Love this guy, but would maybe prefer him as a right back with ‘Dave’ switching over to the left. Alonso is too slow for my liking & doesn’t suit a flat back 4! (And I haven’t seen enough of Emerson). However, We’d probably sign a top class CB in January. Anyway, only my opinion but - Rudi..... top player!!!
  11. After watching him for Napoli and throughout pre-season, he is similar to Xavi during the Barca dominance days. He dictates tempo and will be the heartbeat of our team throughout. Very excited about this guy!!
  12. 1. Man City (Obviously) 2. Liverpool (strengthend) 3. Man Utd (1-0 wins & paid referees) 4. Chels ... but I fancy a cup win, or two!

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