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  1. Well at this moment every ball that touches becomes a goal and its price has tripled
  2. I'd like to know what you think about Richarlison
  3. I'm Italian and I live there, I said that Higuain would be a bad investment and I'll tell you the same for Icardi is a big bluff
  4. I had said that Higuain would have been a bad acquisition
  5. I wrote 1 week ago that it would not be a good sing Higuain and now I write that the fans have to give time at Sarri it's a genius same mentality of coaches like Sacchi or Ancelotti instead Antonio Conte is like Fabio Capello! He needs time to show his game.
  6. I am Italian and a fan of Ac Milan and i started following Chelsea since he sat on the bench King Carlo Ancelotti and I hope that every year Chelsea can win Premier League but I would never have bought Higuain not just for ages but because after Naples has had an incredible decline ! A boy from this forum he wrote to me about Bakayoko : "Bakayoko is not good because in Premier we play too fast and he is too slow and runs a little" Well then you would never have to buy Higuain ! However good luck Gonzalo
  7. It is no more the Milan of Galliani and Berlusconi that you can buy whoever you want ,anyway just start for Piatek we'll see what he will do
  8. When there are important matches you will see him disappear from the field , in constant decline since leaving Naples ! Maurizio Sarri I think he plays his time at Chelsea, with this move Anyway good luck Gonzalo.
  9. I wrote before .. Chelsea had a lot of expectations about him, but I think you make mistake, if you're looking for a player, with great ball and vision control then maybe Chelsea would never have to buy.
  10. Ispanico


    Piatek at Milan, closed negotiations, we are at the exchange of documents between the clubs, 35 million euros evening enters will be in Milan , free way for Higuain at Chelsea !
  11. Ispanico


    Right now the Milan management meeting that of Genoa to file last details and close operation Piatek Ac Milan and therefore give OK for transfer Higuain at Chelsea waiting only for a call to take the first flight to London I do not think there will be any kind of problem
  12. In my opinion, today we label and evaluate a player from strong to poor too quickly , a player's performance can depend on many things and most of them when the whole team struggles to get results, even the performance of the individual drops. Bakayoko at this moment he simply has faith from the fans of the coach and consequently also his own means so he's showing the best of himself , maybe at the end of the season we will talk differently becouse as I said we label and evaluate a player from strong to poor too quickly today .. But hey if you really do not like this player you can give it to us for free xD
  13. Well I respect your opinion .. but I do not think that English football is more difficult than Italian .. otherwise it would not explain how many Itaiani coaches have managed to win. But I can agree that maybe Bakayoko in an intensive game it can be more difficult to come out ,but yuo must judge as a midfielder to break the game and recover balls nothing else i saw Chelsea fail a player like Shevchenko and now also Jorginho maybe it's just a down moment for the whole team.
  14. I do not understand how he could have done so badly in the premier league. Do not ask him too much quality but right now is the best defensive midfielder of the Serie A, retrieves many balls, impossible to overcome,good tactically and takes all of head in midfield It reminds me a lot Marcel Desailly Currently a beast !

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