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  1. See multiple people wondering why the fee is that low. As someone from Amsterdam: I know! Ziyech was bound to leave Ajax way sooner than he did. But, due to a couple of factors, such as the fact that he is a player that drives on the fun of playing football and the fact that he would rather play for Ajax (close to family)in a lower league than a club such as Everton/Valencia , he decided to make another deal with Ajax. Overmars (Director of football at Ajax) and him made a deal that he would see him extend his contract, and in exchange: put in a gentleman's agreement. If a big club came along that Ziyech would want to leave for, Ajax wouldn't ask their highest price, but instead let him go for a more than reasonable price. I've spoken to a lot of Ajax fans, and they all say the same: he deserves it and we wish him the best. A little bit similar as how I felt when Eden left!
  2. Milinkovic Savic is a player that plays in the position where we most certainly don't need an extra player, RLC will provide that height in the games we need it. For me it would be a world class CB, preferably Koulibaly. The situation at Napoli is quite bad, and Di Laurentiis already spoke about the fact that he would have to let go of Koulibaly sooner or later. Furthermore, I would wait for a left back until the summer. Alaba has told multiple journalists he would be interested in a new challenge. Lastly, I would love to see either Sancho or Werner. Sancho because, well.. no explanation needed I think. Werner brings goals and can play on the right wing and as a striker. Therefore I would prefer Werner. If we go and get Sancho and keep one of the strikers, it could be a little overcrowded. Out: Giroud, Batsman, Barkley, Drinkwater, Alonso, Christensen or Zouma. In: Koulibaly, Alaba and Werner. Also: fill the squad with players like Maatsen, Gallagher and Gilmour.
  3. Quite worried about the kid. Don't know what an injury like that will do to your body when you come back, but he looks like a different player. He does remind me a bit like Salah with his period for us. Looked very shy on the ball and wouldn't often run at defenders, but rather around them or play the ball back/sideways. This was Calums biggest treat last year. Also his technique seems to let him down more often than not. We should give him time indeed, but I truly hope this injury didn't waste a phenomenal player..

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