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  1. Yeah and who would have taken it ???? Yep, he’d miss that as well.
  2. I’m no Kepa fan, but imagine if Mendy gets injured before the CL final and Kepa had to play !!! TT getting him match sharp and getting the defensive unit used to him too .
  3. Suspect it’s about him getting match practice before he plays in the cup final ?
  4. Sorry, I sent this before I was finished - what I also meant to say is that Pep will be bothered, not just by the fact that we won, but it was the nature of the victory’s in both matches. He will realise, but for some shocking offside play by Werner x 2 and an unlucky offside with cho, we would have been 3 goals better off before that “I’ve seen ‘em given” penalty appeal against Zouma. We were the better team. In his private moments with his coaching team , he will have to admit that we were good value for both wins and that his team were second best on both occasions - he will be b
  5. The mancs play both Leicester (Tuesday) and the dippers (Thursday) this week - assuming they win both and we beat them south London c**ts , then barring a massive goal difference shift, we are guaranteed 4th. Makes our last two games dead rubbers to some extent with no need to risk players before CL final.
  6. Well MB, you’ve certainly been doing some homework ,nice one , you’ll be giving Gol15 a run for his money MB Stato, however given my lack of knowledge or awareness even , of cum socks, washed up or otherwise, I feel unable to offer an opinion on that particular part ? but what I do think and I think you think that I think you think this too, is Pep fields a side to win games, pure a simple. Sometimes circumstances forces your hand in the players that play, but I don’t believe that Pep has ever fielded a side against us that he didn’t think was capable of winning in the semi final of the
  7. I know “they” say when you get older coppers look like kids, but TS doesn’t look old enough to drive ffs - fair play to what ever his missus puts in his tea , that and his Levi’s I suppose
  8. Oh, and even as good as he was, he isn’t my MOTM - Kante all day long, but a really big mention for Pulisic, who must have been pissed at not starting, but he came on and was on it and on it and on it.
  9. He has played a couple of games recently , v Palace and v Fulham, where he looked useful and I began to think that there was something to this furore that has existed around him before joining Chelsea, but last night I thought he was sensational - maybe I’m getting carried away with the emotion of the win and I will re-watch the game this afternoon to be certain, but he looked imperious, wasn’t fazed by the occasion or reputations - it would have been understandable had he been psyched out by Ramos, but he wasn’t not a bit of it. Now, as you say, he needs to show consistency.
  10. What I need to know is, how exactly should you eat humble pie ? Oh , and PLnewcountrycovidonly21stilllearninggreatpotentialblahblahblah, has a much bigger effect than I realised
  11. f**k that’s funny if I could have given your post a dozen smiles , I would have ............and any colour socks he wants
  12. Believe, turn up and show some bollocks !!!!!!! COYB !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Couldn’t agree more, ‘bout time we showed some bollocks and front up - can’t blame anyone or thing for not giving it your all, if it’s not good enough, then so be it
  14. Could I also add; “ ...........when he ain’t looking and then do again whilst he is looking, so the f**ker knows you meant it “ Great quote btw.
  15. Well you’d hardly expect him to have a quivering , apologetic , undeserving and unworthy persona - often life demands a display of defiance and bravado, being weak is contagious and infectious. Time to show you got bollocks imo. (Apologies ladies, sometimes only certain ways of saying summat will do)
  16. You’ve got dodgy guts In all seriousness, maybe we will, maybe we won’t, but we have nothing to fear tonight except fear itself. If we believe and play with freedom & confidence and don’t make many, if any, mistakes, then we can have this. We were the better team in Madrid , ZZ and his band of Merry men know that too ! I’d be very surprised if they thought that they are a shoe to progress ?
  17. What!!! Rest him!!! Rest him, f**king rest him !!! It’s a CL semi final ffs, you are away with the fairies mate. Do you want to beat this shower tonight ? How can you possibly contemplate not playing Mount ? Mason playing in the defensive midfield position is ridiculous, he’s not a replacement or cover for that position, I don’t say he couldn’t do a job, but all his creativity is lost - every time he’s played that role we’ve been flat because we lose his artistry and inspiration - it’s not his position. Almost everything that is good about us going forwards involves Maso
  18. Softly, softly, catchee monkey, probably best get Madrid out of the way first before we dare to dream !
  19. Don’t think Dave’s got too long left, but I tell you what, I’ll take your Aguero and raise you a Dave plus a Frankie Lampard - reckon that takes care of that
  20. I sincerely hope you are mistaken - why can’t it be written in the stars for Dave, he’s been mr Chelsea for as long as Aguero has been at city, doesn’t make a fuss, totally dependable, gives everything, model professional. He’s our capitano , would love to see him lift old big ears, why not , think positively, let’s do it for Dave
  21. Blimey, no point in playing any more games in the CL then, may as well give them the trophy now and save the bus fare and bother of going to Istanbul ffs !
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