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  1. Every team rides their luck. It was a wonderful, defence testing cross/pass, Ironically, from Salah to Mane - when you play that high line defence, balls over the top to forwards of the speed of Mane will cause problems, but as much as we might have been fortunate , they were too. On balance we were the better team and by some distance I feel. Most pleasingly aside from the result was the style of football. Bring on the toffee’s !!!!
  2. Need proper defenders who have pace and 90+ minutes in their legs, no place for cho imo - RJ and Chilli keep the wingback positions for sure, cho will get opportunities but not to start against a top 4 rival contender. Argo has mentioned, with some justification, Kante being crowbarred into the team because ......he’s kante, but last night he and Jorginho , in the system employed by TT, worked just fine, so if it don’t broke let it be - feel for kova but he’ll get his go too. Like so many others on this forum I haven’t got the foggiest idea as to the answer to the two imponderable
  3. Old kloppy looks like a truly beaten man, he doesn’t know what went wrong , he’s in shock , total shock (and denial) oh how I laugh 😂
  4. It is genuinely very very very f**king funny 😆 😁
  5. No idea, but argumentative c**t that he is/was, I’d vote for his reprieve - can you imagine , after that performance by Jorginho he’d be like a dog with two cocks !
  6. What a shame the ground was empty, cause them c**ts playing the victim would be the only thing that would make this feel better - happy days
  7. Munkworth and Sindre are right when they point out the BG is way down the pecking order and therefore any chances will be limited, if at all? Remember, TT dropped Mason in his first game in charge in favour of ‘experience’, so you get a measure of the man from that - I don’t see Billy getting many opportunities? Billy is small and he will always have to eliminate those prejudices in the managers mind before he ever gets to kick a ball, not sure TT is the man to take that chance no matter what he sees in training ? Would Billy going on loan be the worst outcome for him/us - go “prov
  8. Ah, ok , yes you are correct, so just the red card then .
  9. I say fair play to McT for not dropping to the floor clutching his face and making the ref ‘do’ something. Had McT gone to ground, I can visualise Fernandes and Fred screaming at the ref to red card Rudiger and award the penalty - in this instance they may have succeeded?
  10. Worryingly, he seems to lose control when ‘other’ things happen and gets dangerously close to hands/fists in the face of an opponent - I’m thinking Suarez v Atletico and again on Sunday with McTominay v mancs. Never mind the cho possible pen, rudi came just as close, imo ? He had his hands in McTominay’s face, I’m surprised he didn’t fall down, others definitely would have - he may have been sticking up for a team mate, but there’s a squillion cameras watching and recording your every move - it’s silly these days and especially in the penalty area !!!!
  11. £60 million - I have it on good authority that you need at least £70, and that only gets you potential - apparently?
  12. Monge too Rodney, monge too - what a plonker I am !!! 🙄
  13. Let me know how you get on with the help cause if it’s any good I may well join you
  14. Completely agree with your closing remark. ......Their crosses are different CHO is crossing higher up the pitch and just behind the defense whereas James crosses in front of the defence which is easier to defend especially when often we just have one attacker in the box. Whichever or whatever way the crosses come in wouldn’t seem to matter cause you we don’t take advantage and convert them into goals ?!!
  15. It’s fascinating how we all see what we see in players and games and how, at times, we differ so ? ................RJ worries me defensively I think he loses concentration and forgets he still needs to get back....... that description is entirely cho to me !! He can have moments (he’s still only a pup with just about 40 odd appearances) , but I don’t see any obvious major flaws in RJ’s defending, instead, especially one v one, I see an incredibly strong, robust and determined individual who rarely loses the contest or gets bested , who is accomplished and comfortable with the ba
  16. There was certainly one game that I remember where RJ was definitely ‘off’ , but that apart I think he has been the absolute definition of reliability and consistency - imo ? I think his main issue of late is being selected - TT seemed to initially favour cho , but after the v S’hampton and yesterday’s HT substitutions, I wonder if cho’s defensive frailties have changed tommys mind ? I understand that this splits people’s thinking, but for me, RJ gets the right full or wing back position all day every day - c’est la gare I suppose ?
  17. Slojo, I’ve already said that Oli does a job for us. However, stats can make the figures suit the ‘argument’ as is borne out by; ...........he has 11 goals in 23 games, and minutes wise he averages a goal per game. The above may well be true, but there enough games this season where he has played with little or no effect , like yesterday for example, so I struggle with him being considered reliable or consistent. I don’t mind, btw, that you consider Oli to be so, but I don’t and I especially don’t get that you reject RJ for inclusion in the same category ? For the r
  18. Sorry Strider, I usually agree with and support your views but I didn’t see what you saw - I watched the same game as Nibs ?
  19. You are correct - If you remember this seasons game at the bridge, kepa gave them a goal, Jorginho missed a pen and we played 45 mins with 10 men, so maybe that day it ought to have ended 1-1 . We are a more solid, difficult to beat side now, maybe not the most attractive Chelsea side that’s graced the PL , but we are resilient - They are definitely beatable.
  20. I have to say I’m really confused and struggling to categorise Werner ? Often he is totally inept at most every aspect of his game and I’ve said previously that he has worst first touch I’ve ever seen in a professional footballer, he regularly either under or over hits his pass and yet I completely agree with your assessment that he is absolutely vital to our finishing this seasons campaign in the top 4 and maybe with a decent cup ending ? If I’m honest I’ve developed a “soft spot’ for him - Its bloody mad crazy, ain’t it ?
  21. I appreciate your making a lot of assumptions but the bloody obvious question we all have is the one you end with - how the f**k did Ziyech last as long as he did ? It’s honestly troubling that TT didn’t see what we all saw ?
  22. Whether they quit or were sacked isn’t important or relevant and I don’t know why you would introduce that into this topic ???? The topic under discussion is whether the manager is asked for his opinion prior to players being purchased, I suggested that this may not always be the case and particularly not as far as shevchenko and Torres were concerned, whereby you said ; I honestly don't know, it was long time ago. Then you then said; no manager will want to work when their opinion is not listened, this is obvious. Which would appear that you are agreeing with me , whi
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