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  1. Why would you bench Jorginho when he and Kovacic have worked so well together?
  2. There is not one particular player I can compare Kovacic to as his style is unique. He’s a bit like Hazard in his dribbling style.
  3. Maybe there was a mental block or there was some internal strife as there were quite a few different cultures on Yugoslavia. With all the talent Yugoslavia had over the years they should have won a major tournament but never managed too.
  4. I’m in my late 40s so I remember the 80s well. For the most part they had more skillful players then hard brutes.
  5. You are probably right as they always had talented teams throughout most of there history but never won anything. It’s weird both in football and basketball Yugoslavia had lots of talent but only won major trophies in basketball.
  6. Yes had Yugoslavia not fallen apart they might have won a major tournament. They won the under20 World Cup in 1989 I believe as many of those players would play for Croatia is there third place finish in France 98..
  7. Capable of scoring but goal scoring threats from midfield not so much. Stankovic is the only midfielder player that that I can remember that was somewhat of a scoring threat from midfield. Modric I think for example could score more goals if he wanted to as he has good shooting technique but it’s not his dna. Kovacic does not have a strong shot and is not one of those midfield players who will make runs into the box. He really good at what he does. Definitely could have had a couple of assists today. Expecting him to score more then 3 goals a season is probably not gonna happen.
  8. It’s almost like people are afraid to admit Kante is not the same player. He’s had quite a few injuries the last couple of years which may have lead to a decline in his performances. He’s not the same player that dominated the midfield at Leichester city and under Conte.
  9. Kovacic has been compared to Modric since he’s a teenager. He’s never gonna get to that level as he he doesn’t have the footballing brain or vision of Modric. Kovacic is a good player. Hes a very good dribbler can hold the ball really well and has has a really good first touch. Short passing is good long passing is erratic. His shot is weak and his descision making in the final third has always been poor. I don’t see that side of his game improving. Transitioning the ball he’s world class at. I don’t know if I know of a midfielder better then him at that part of the game.
  10. Lol I have been hearing this since he’s 18 years old. Every coach that he has had said I can get him to contribute more and goals and assists in the final third. He is what he is at this point as he’s 26. Good player but will never take the next step to be great.
  11. Mount was every where but his final ball was really lacking especially in the first half. Fluffed one shot in a good opportunity in the first half but that happens. You can Tuchel was frustrated as they really should have scored more in the first half. Final ball just was not there.
  12. Kovacic and Jorginho seem to have found that form that they had least season together. Kovacic except for the one play where the sea parted and once again hesitated on what to do in the final third had a really good game. Chelsea game really fell after Kovacic went off.
  13. Yes I am and a big Kovacic fan. Potential wise I always thought he could be one of the best midfielders in the world when I first saw him play at 17. It’s more mental than anything else with him. He works hard. He’s a dedicated to football not a party guy at all. Kovacic never had great shooting technique but when he played aggressive going forward in one season at Inter he scored like 8 goals I believe. That was the best game I saw Kovacic play for Croatia. Watched him almost every game at Chelsea last season and he played well but I believe there is a higher level there. He’s not Modric tho
  14. He played further up the field today and was aggressive. Against Sweden he played deeper and was not aggressive at all. He can score goals he did at inter one season. It’s a mentality thing with him.
  15. Kovacic needs to be aggressive when he plays as that’s his biggest strength. Breaking the lines with his dribbling and starting the attack. That’s what he did best last season at Chelsea as Frank gave him the green light to go unlike under Sarri. Maybe frank doesn’t want him to do that anymore as it leaves the team vulnerable to counters as there back line is weak as we all know.
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