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  1. Could not handle the city press. City had more intensity in this game. Won most of the 50/50 balls.
  2. He was really good for Croatia as well in there qualifying games. Did not score or assist but most of the goal scoring chances came through him. I think maybe hitting his prime years and we see the best of him now.
  3. Glad someone noticed especially in the first half.
  4. Kovacic has 4 champions league trophies pretty unbelievable
  5. Well ye he’s 35 years old but he still covers a lot of ground for his age. Modric still playing at a high level far from done. With Madrid playing all there older players every game as they want to win the league as well there older guys could get worn out. They looked tired against Liverpool second leg so you could be right.
  6. Don’t doubt there older players as they are still running like they are playing in there late 20s. English pundits thought the same with Liverpool that kroos and Modric can’t run anymore they could not be more wrong.
  7. There going to need a fit kovacic to play really well if they want to beat Real Madrid. I’m sure there will be extra motivation there from Kovacic to his old club.
  8. His passing was off today. Usually a lot sharper. Played a lot of minutes for Croatia in the internationals so probably a bit fatigued. I’m guessing international break had a lot to do with there poor play overall. Could be one of those bad games for everyone including the coach. It happens.
  9. That was a dreadful game of football. Both sides were bad!
  10. Why would you bench Jorginho when he and Kovacic have worked so well together?
  11. There is not one particular player I can compare Kovacic to as his style is unique. He’s a bit like Hazard in his dribbling style.
  12. Maybe there was a mental block or there was some internal strife as there were quite a few different cultures on Yugoslavia. With all the talent Yugoslavia had over the years they should have won a major tournament but never managed too.
  13. I’m in my late 40s so I remember the 80s well. For the most part they had more skillful players then hard brutes.
  14. You are probably right as they always had talented teams throughout most of there history but never won anything. It’s weird both in football and basketball Yugoslavia had lots of talent but only won major trophies in basketball.
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