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  1. This is something many people in the modern world need to realise; age isn’t what it’s made out to be in the 21st century. Heck I’m 29 tomorrow and I’m fitter now than when I joined the military as a 19 year old; fitter over distance running, speed, strength and I’m more knowledgeable over recovery. So imagine that, amplified by a considerable percent with a professional athlete who has access to an absolute plethora of the very best coaches, conditioning, nutrition and sports science. Lukaku at 28 is not old. 28 is not old for a footballer anymore. If anything 28 means mature, sensible and wise. Lukaku is in INCREDIBLE shape and has worked no-end on his technical ability. He will be a MONSTER for the next 5/6 years. People writing him off because Haaland is 19, young, dumb and completely full of cum. Both would lead the line for Chelsea going in to the end of the decade; only difference is, Haaland will go at his peak whereas we will get Lukaku just approaching his- as ForeverCarefree has just pointed out.
  2. How f**king boring is this entire transfer saga regarding our hunt for a striker? Honestly, I can’t f**king wait for it all to f**k off. Let City spend £1/2billion on players and save the dollars. No one can compete with them over a 38 game season, Lukaku or no Lukaku; other than an absolutely formidable Liverpool season.
  3. Another prime example of absolute failings in recruitment over the past 5/6 years; were now left with an abundance of average, average players who will be impossible to shift on for a decent amount. Yet another game that highlights exactly how badly the club need a genuine, reliable number 9. That game would have ended 6/7-2 if Tammy had opposite feet and Timo wasn’t petrified the second he approaches the box.
  4. Like I said; the game has gone and will not return. We’ve had some incredible moments as Chelsea fans though; something City will never, ever get to experience. They will never experience becoming European Champions as underdogs having been written off by everyone. They will never experience beating Bayern at their best on their own turf in front of their own country with a team well past it’s day; or beating a team worth a £1billion with a squad full of academy graduates, misfiring forwards, unknown goalkeepers and a manager that took over in January. They can go f**k themselves; what an embarrassment of a team; ran by the biggest chequebook fraud in world football. To think Robbie Savage put him up there with Fergie; what an absolute joker.
  5. HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO! f**k off Fab, ya melt.
  6. Let them win the league. Honestly who actually cares? If we spunk £150mil on Haaland then we’ve only won the league because we’ve bought the success. Football isn’t about genuine sporting merit anymore; it’s completely lost it’s identity. All jokes aside with my Haaland posts, in reality, I hate the modern game. I hate knowing that if I was a 6 year old in today’s world, the only player who’d come ever close to a poster on my wall is Mason Mount; when in truth when I was a 6 year old, I had Wise, Zola, Vialli; heck I ever lied about Dennis Wise being my uncle in school once he was that much of a hero to me. The game has been ruined and tarnished by oil money and state funded projects. I honestly couldn’t give two hoots if City romp home again, or even if we win it. Money coupled with constant acts of petulance, VAR interventions and a genuine loss of identity killed the game. This summer and the rumoured fees for players nailed the coffin; especially in a world tarnished by a pandemic where small countries can’t even get their hands on vaccinations with a combined wealth smaller than Jack f**king Grealish.
  7. Plus we’re going to need that moolah when we sign Haaland, aren’t we Axman, aren’t we!? 80 million for a midget centre half in the premier league? The French Nathan Ake.
  8. This is my last comment on this thread before I head off to summer transfer rehabilitation camp: -puts intentional pessimism to one side- It’s absolutely bleeding obvious that Haaland, Dortmund and every single intermediary would be telling the media ‘he’s not for sale’ or ‘I’m happy here and have 3 years left’. Don’t be that 12 year old kid on Twitter that thinks that automatically means he’s definitely not going; definitely not, no. They are going to say this. He’s their main man. They’re not about to tell the media that he’s off on Tuesday. This transfer, in my opinion, hangs on Chelsea and Chelsea only. If they put the money on the table, they will suck it up quicker than a noodle bar in Tokyo. I do think next week is the penultimate week. If we don’t sign him, we shouldn’t really f**king care. My honest hat tells me having him at the club under Raiola will be nothing short of a nightmare. We’re all (really) only overthinking it because there’s such a huge shortage of number 9’s on the market. Heck, I’d have been happy securing Malen because judging from his attributes, he’d certainly be a solid investment; hats off to BVB for bagging him. I’m signing off this thread now because I’ll end up on medication.
  9. He does, however he’s starting his career playing in the most difficult league in the world. It’s a hell of a burden to front a team which is essentially expected to be winning the title this year. That’s the reality. If Chelsea do not sign a world class number 9 I am putting it on the line, it’s a top 4 struggle and Tuchel won’t be here for 22/23.
  10. Fluked everyone under Lampard initially; juju wore off and now he looks like he’s found his level. That isn’t Champions of Europe level; like Bambi on ice. To top it all off, his work rate and effort was always gonna be his ultimate nail in the coffin. You can get away with being turnip if you work your bollocks off, he doesn’t. Ship him off to another team; as a player, he’s lazy and forgettable.
  11. Axman has been right all along… NO CHANCE!!!!! (although the fact we just plucked Kounde out of thin air with absolutely nothing on it makes you realise how Ninja-esque our dealings are) Nope. He’s not coming.
  12. I disagree. He left when presented with the chance to do so following countless seasons of teams selling his best players and not backing him where he wanted to be backed. He had to have that attitude with us this season, he came in January when we were in a sh*tshow. Skip forward to next summer, if he isn't backed this year (we're absolutely crying out for a number 9) and we fail on our targets, the unrest and the ilk will begin. Just my two cents.
  13. This in a nutshell will be how it ends. Haaland himself has just completely denounced the transfer in an interview; not a chance he'd be double-facing Dortmund by saying what he is saying. The club wouldn't allow it if they knew he was going. Can we please just close this f**king thread because, to be honest, it's like a yo-yo. He isn't signing for Chelsea. End of.
  14. I think realistically we have 7 days to start seeing movement. It would not surprise me though if the board don't manage to successfully secure any players this summer that enhance the team. Mark this post though; if Tuchel doesn't get his men and the team struggle this season, he will be gone. He's shown that at previous clubs. He is not the kind of manager who will sit around and work for a club that don't back him.
  15. -Rhod Gilbert voice- HERE IT IS! THE SIGNING OF THE SUMMER! Oh I can not wait to watch him pick his nose on the bench for 38 games. We were linked with Haaland; we were linked with Rice; Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson flew to space; but nothing compares to this. Signing of the century. -on a side note, good luck to him, I'd love to doss around for £40k a week and get paid to stay fit.-
  16. Unless it’s British citizenship
  17. Just try not to get carried away by the rumours and the like; Timo Werner has spent all summer figuring out why he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat; it’s because he put his right boot on his left foot and his left boot on his right foot.
  18. I can’t relax!!!!! It’s taking over me. I hate transfer season.
  19. Is a Sancho replacement so has zero outcome on the Haaland transfer. Unbelievable signing for them and will work well with Haaland. Their new manager employs a 2 striker system so will be interesting to see how they link up!
  20. It is quite difficult to not feel so underwhelmed at the moment with the club's activity, but then you realise that the likes of City, Liverpool and the rest of the bunch are yet to make moves. It's all a patience game isn't it. However, if nothing happens within the next 2 weeks, the club should shut the door for this window; there's simply no point in bringing in panic buys. The lack of prominent Haaland news is far too much on a knife edge to predict; it could mean a deal is being struck; it could be (the more likely option) that there is sweet f**k all going to happen with it.
  21. Rumour has it, he’s seen Real Madrid’s glorious victory over Rangers today, 2-1 I heard; he’s already on the plane to Spain to go and buddy up with Perez… Oh wait… Oh they lost and are actually a sh*t show of a club.
  22. I think the majority of this deal has probably been done 3 weeks in advance of anything we read online. I’m going back to being pessimistic on it now; no chance he signs for tier 2 Chelsea over tier 1 Real Madrid or Barcelona. The latter both offering him a better platform to win the Champions League he so desires with a young, prime, energetic, vibrant team; not to mention both with world class managers.
  23. He’s been quite a reliable tier of direct Chelsea related info for quite a few Windows now. Definitely taken with a pinch of salt, but optimistic! For the first time… Haha.
  24. Fabrizio randomly tweeting about him last night and now this. I’d be trusting ‘cfcnewspage’ as a source to be honest; he cooks decent recipes. There’s something going on behind the scenes, the silence is deafening. I think we will pull him out of the hat within the next two weeks. Donyell Malen being a like-for-like replacement for Haaland at centre forward was as obvious as it comes; was never a Sancho replacement. (maybe my intentional pessimism is working like it did on the 29th May!)
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