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  1. Great goal that, great finish. All 3 English academy boys as well. Love it.
  2. If Havertz can’t do it against this absolute shower of sh*t then we can confirm that the Bundesliga is indeed ‘taxed’. How the fcuk is this Norwich side Premier League material? Above all, how did they finish above Brentford!? Shocking team.
  3. I hope by the end of the next 3/4 weeks I'm left with pie all over my face and he puts some absolute shifts in; now is his chance.
  4. When I wrote that I obviously knew I’d jinx them and it would all go to pot.
  5. Let’s not get carried away, they’re playing Club Brugges. With their team and resources it’s an absolutely travesty they conceded a goal.
  6. Liverpool are a very, very, very, very good team. In my honest opinion, fully fit starting XI they’re the best side in the league. No questions. How they will deal when they lose their talismen to the ACON? Who knows. If they stay injury free and they get past that period relatively unscathed, they will win the league. I hate saying this but I genuinely really enjoy watching them play football. One of the only teams I can sit and watch and enjoy. Us? Boring and negative. City? Boring and predictable. Once you take your blue tinted specs off you really can appreciate a great team.
  7. I really hope they aren’t going to keep focusing on the female reincarnation of Skeletor in the crowds and her phoney consortium.
  8. One of the best goals we have ever conceded in fairness this. Absolute humdinger. He worked his nut off on finishing and end product, his confidence then grew when it start to pay off. His physique and athletic performance are also to be admired. He is an out and out goalscorer now, he can go missing in games but he has that World Class ability to find the net which is why he's absolutely priceless for Liverpool and they should do everything to keep him there.
  9. If there was ever a video that basically said 'f**k you' to me in a reply, it was this, hahaha. Brilliant, worst shot I have ever seen!
  10. I do see your point and I accept that it’s a broad statement. I would say that Werner, due to his work rate, can keep his head high regardless of whether he’s been as successful; Pulisic? Meh on that one. He spends more time on an injury table than the pitch so it’s hard to see where his ceiling could have been.
  11. I’m going to get absolutely canned for saying this and I know it: doesn’t matter what position you play him, whether you build a team around him or feed him Haribo Starmix whilst caressing his telling slowly whispering ‘you the best player in the whole wide world’… He will never be a world beating, world class player. He’s been absolutely over inflated because he’s performed well in a league where they don’t even know how to spell the word ‘defend’. Im sorry, I just really don’t rate him. I will happily eat my words and I promise that if he does become brilliant, I’ll come back here and admit my wrong haha.
  12. For the life of me I can't understand how people think he's young. 21/22 isn't young in regards to 'experience' these days. 'Young' players are clocking up 150 odd matches+ by their 22nd birthday. I wouldn't start a job on 50k a year and justify it to my employers by saying 'I might be amazing in 5 years, so you should definitely pay me a quarter of a million for the luxury of finding out'. 12 more months I say before we have to consider our options. I'll get booted and laughed at for this but replace him with a John McGinn and we'd be a better team.
  13. Agree there. He needs to sort his f**king act out and start showing some belief because at the current rate he’s pushing himself out of the team.
  14. Oh I don’t disagree it’s a bit harsh. However he’s been labelled ‘generational’, has cost £70m, we’ve chinned off younger lads to make way for him, he struts around without any urgency… in my opinion it’s all justified. 22, also, isn’t as young as it sounds when you’ve been in the game as a pro since a child. People need to support players, yes, however he’s too lazy to justify not criticising him harshly. He’d be the water boy if he played under Sir Alex back when football was football.
  15. He won’t have liked being kept on the bench yesterday but he’s never got a pass in him like that Barkley one yesterday. I’ll stand by opinion; he will never be good enough to be a star at this level in English football. Absolutely, for sure, if he heads back to a European league then he will thrive. The first thing he should be doing in his spare time is working on his strength and conditioning. If he managed that (akin to Ronaldo at United) he’s give himself a chance.
  16. Let me tell you mate he has worked his absolute bottle off to get where he is. Back in the days of brief stint when I was playing for Cwmbran Celtic in the year below at school… He was unbelievable. Back then was a centre mid. He moved on and got some games under his belt as a centre forward and never looked back. Just absolutely grafted his twat off. Never stopped trying. If he was in the English FA system it would never have taken him as long to go professional. Welsh FA is honking!!!!
  17. Listen.... All I'm gonna say is that if Kai Havertz was called Ross Barkley, he'd be relegated by the fans to the depths of 'never to start a game again'. The absolute SHOCKING thing about football these days is that if you paint a pretty 'European, generational, YouTube reeled, plays well in a very below-par league' picture of a player, the whole World drops to their knees. The guy is absolute karp and I mean no disrespect by that. I've played with boys in my time within football that piss all over him but sadly never got the luxury of playing on silk pitches with professional facilities and 200k a week to go with it; the joy of the Welsh FA grassroots system (at least one of them now plays for Hibs though, £10 if you get his name). He's had a HANDFUL of decent performances. Nothing ground-breaking or to suggest that he's going to be the next Zidane like some absolute wildcats have predicted in the media; mainly his former clubs CEO and affiliates to drive his price to an obscene level. I'm literally not even kidding you the same will happen to Haaland and Mbappe etc. if they ever decide to play in a league that can actually defend. We turn over boys from our academy for better performances and watch them put shifts in on loan which the lads we've spent £70m on could only dream of doing, Gallagher springs to mind. Again, no disrespect, he's just not cut out for playing week-in, week-out in a grown-ups league.
  18. I said this at the Euro’s; can we take a second to appreciate Chiesa? This man oozes class. The fact people don’t include his name alongside Haaland and Mbappe just goes to show most people are dumb. What a player. Everything our creative forwards aren’t.
  19. I have to agree there regarding the side. I’ve really, REALLY struggled with hearing/reading comments on how this team is favourite to win the league etc. this year. I do think the UCL win and Tuchel’s ability has glazed over the blatantly shocking truths about the side: they’re not good enough player for player. We have to play a back 3 because our so called, all of a sudden ‘class’ defenders Rudiger/Christensen look like a circus act in a back 4. Alonso is good against sides that sh*t their pants at us. Jorginho has switched off since he’s won everything etc. I hope to God that Tuchel doesn’t go the same way as Frank if we end up dropping some serious points; which I think will happen at some point. The more we stay obsessed with the 3 at the back, the more teams will know how to play against it. Look at Conte etc. The problem is, with a back 4, this team looks like it would give Tottenham a run for its money as the biggest disappointment since I last forgot my anniversary.
  20. I just don’t understand what he does mate. He just waltzes round the pitch with the grace of a dear with no legs. Yes undoubtedly he has great talent; however it suits a league where he’s playing against teams that give him more space to build on than I’d find on the moon. In my opinion he will never hit it off here, ever. The goal in the final and a few ‘decent’ performances against teams which switched off just doesn’t ignore the fact when you compare him to the last ‘generational’ talent we had at the same age (surname beginning with H) Havertz looks like he belongs at Sunday league level. I know it’s harsh but that’s just my opinion. Don’t even get me started on hookah man Ziyech; f**k me, completely out of his depth in this team.
  21. PS. Kai Havertz is absolute dog sh*t and anyone that thinks he’s going to turn in to something special because he did well in the f**king bundesliga needs a word.
  22. Wow this match is an absolute bore fest. On a positive note though my housemate who’s suffered from incurable insomnia has managed to actually drift off so that’s good news.
  23. I would love to see us put together a huge winning run, however, the team tends to operate in little spells of negative/positive performances. There's no consistency in them from back to front IMO. Last season we performed exceptionally in the cup competitions but were terrible in the league for reliability in performance. Winning the league this year is a huge ask; we've got this weird label of favourites from the media which I think is totally unjustifiable and that goes down to having Tuchel as manager. If we look at it logically, we've also gone from one pole to the other, from creating endless chances and missing them all, to having a composed finisher but completely lacking any creativity. You can't make it up, we've been cursed. If we finish top 3, it's a huge achievement and don't let anyone say differently. I think in terms of XI's we're 4th on the list. Each of the other teams have a couple of absolute game-changers whereas we REALISTICALLY have Lukaku. Our top performers aren't the kind who will pull an Eden Hazard solo-run out of the bag or a Fernandes rocket in to the top bin; they're workhorses who keep the ball out of our net; it's just when they do their job and the forwards don't create anything, it's tedious. Let's just see how it goes, we have to be modest but optimistic. Hopefully not one of the lads in the changing room actually believes we're favourites though, that would be a blessing for complacency.
  24. One thing I have learned over the years is to take five minutes and realise it has zero affect on my life whether we win or lose; it’s just a game after all. However, your kids football match and you being there is real.
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