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  1. For the absolute life of me I can't fathom how so MANY people in this thread have suggested that we're going to even remotely entertain a deal where he stays in Dortmund for another year; this isn't a Christian Pulisic repeat! We are literally SCREAMING for a top-level striker. TT has himself identified that we are in a precarious situation where Jorginho is our top PL scorer with 7 penatlies (?). The club will not pay £100m to see a talent sit in Germany for another year where we don't utilise any of his assets. It will either be a case of putting an obscene fee on the table and signing him t
  2. Waited patiently for this to appear as a reply hahaha.
  3. As per my single contribution to this forum thus far; been here for years as a dirty, disgusting lurker, oftentimes contemplating creating account in bewilderment to some of the opinions of my fellow blues on here. Today though, the straw that broke the camel's back arrived when I read a user suggest that Dortmund wouldn't accept an offer twice as high as Haaland's buy-out clause; absolutely mental! Anyway, 28, from South Wales, ex-forces, been a blue since I was wriggled in to a babygrow and have had some mint experiences and some absolutely awful ones supporting and watching us o
  4. Hi! Completely new here; well, not new, I have been browsing these forums for years but in a non contributing way! A freeloader if you like haha. In my honest opinion, if the club really want to sign him, they will. They have the funds available and there is ZERO chance that Dortmund will refuse an offer which is double his buy-out clause. They would be utterly stupid to do so; it's not an Eden Hazard situation where he was sold for an excessive amount, he didn't have a buy out clause in his final year- Haaland does, if they didn't accept an offer they would be throwing £60-70million
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