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  1. I would love to see us put together a huge winning run, however, the team tends to operate in little spells of negative/positive performances. There's no consistency in them from back to front IMO. Last season we performed exceptionally in the cup competitions but were terrible in the league for reliability in performance. Winning the league this year is a huge ask; we've got this weird label of favourites from the media which I think is totally unjustifiable and that goes down to having Tuchel as manager. If we look at it logically, we've also gone from one pole to the other, from creating endless chances and missing them all, to having a composed finisher but completely lacking any creativity. You can't make it up, we've been cursed. If we finish top 3, it's a huge achievement and don't let anyone say differently. I think in terms of XI's we're 4th on the list. Each of the other teams have a couple of absolute game-changers whereas we REALISTICALLY have Lukaku. Our top performers aren't the kind who will pull an Eden Hazard solo-run out of the bag or a Fernandes rocket in to the top bin; they're workhorses who keep the ball out of our net; it's just when they do their job and the forwards don't create anything, it's tedious. Let's just see how it goes, we have to be modest but optimistic. Hopefully not one of the lads in the changing room actually believes we're favourites though, that would be a blessing for complacency.
  2. One thing I have learned over the years is to take five minutes and realise it has zero affect on my life whether we win or lose; it’s just a game after all. However, your kids football match and you being there is real.
  3. I’ve switched off. Don’t know about you gents but there’s far better things to do in life than put yourself through a miserable experience over a football match. Toodles.
  4. This first half has been an absolute shambles; a sh*t show. The players look absolutely petrified the second they get on the ball. Passes rushed. Too many touches. They need an absolute tooling at halftime and f**king come out this second half playing like the champions of f**king Europe, not a championship side. Shocking.
  5. We will lose this one but in the grand scheme of the league this year, it will mean f**k all. 2-1/1-0 Liverpool.
  6. We begin to be more ruthless I think with Lukaku. Giroud has his positives but he isn’t in the same league as Lukaku with regards to physicality, attitude, energy, the list is endless. Lukaku would be bullying centre halfs, he would be outpacing them (he’s ridiculously deceptively fast), outjumping them on corners, crosses etc. Hopefully we can have a bit of a feast in this second half!
  7. However…. What a goal by the best finisher at the club!
  8. This kind of game is where we have struggled for years now. First 25 minutes is a nailed on repeat of every problem that has plagued us; no presence up front; lots of fancy passing with no end product; dominant possession; struggling to deal with breaking down a low-block, defensive team. In a nutshell, this is also what is wrong with Premier League football, 30 games of the season will always be against a team that is happy to put 10 players behind the ball; I just hope, HOPE, a prime, hungry and dominant Romelu Lukaku will open these boring, dire and tedious teams up with his presence. He COULD be the difference this season- he gets on the end of a cross, they then have to actually play football and we can carve them apart.
  9. It’s got nothing to do with their money; it’s got everything to do with the fact both sides of the coin (PSG and City) are ran by people that give back handers to active terrorist organisations just to keep their supply of oil pumping and churning; it’s the fact for centuries their countries have violated the rights of humanity; it’s the fact they that they lie, cheat and throw money at everything that comes their way if they’re caught out to be exploiting a system that was developed to make football fair. If you don’t hate and despise what PSG and City are, as clubs, then in my honest opinion, you need a reality check on your morals and humanity. Those two clubs have literally strapped C4 to the only remaining foundations that existed within football, blew them up and then laughed as the game crumbled in to a mess of obscene transfer fees, wages and exploitation. I have no doubt the Spanish frauds who have been content with spending and loaning the government’s money to fund lavish transfers and salaries has had a huge impact too; however they’re now crumbling and suffering. You mean to tell me City and PSG REALLY generate the money required to fund their lavish funding? No. They’re cheats and they should be f**king punished for it. Horrible clubs, horrible fans. Anyone but those two clubs for every respective competition they are in; vile. I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing one of their shirts. I actually don’t think imprisonment of family members for wanting out or state funded terrorism is a positive thing for mankind.
  10. Whatever way, it doesn’t quite account for state funded terrorism. Judging from time working with the Saudi’s, generically speaking, they’re not a very nice bunch of people to work with at the ground level, so can’t begin to imagine what kind of people they are at the top!
  11. Mr. Abramovich has had his fair share of dodgy dealings I am sure; nothing quite like those that run PSG though. You can add Manchester City to that statement of mine as well in fairness; both clubs and fans should be f**king ashamed of themselves for being a part of it and allowing their morals to subside for the sake of success. Chelsea Football Club and Abramovich are nothing in comparison.
  12. Disgusting club in a bum league full of petulant players under a very overrated manager; Messi will fit in nicely there (this last bit is sarcasm). He’s gone for the easy ride and easy money until he hangs his boots up. Can’t blame him, PSG in the Uber Eats league is like Tyson Fury fighting at a white collar event. If there was ever a footballing example of corruption then look no further than Paris Saint Germain. If Chelsea were ran by terrorist funding, human rights abusing, sexist, racist and visibly corrupt owners like them, I’d be supporting Newport County.
  13. Great to see so many fully qualified experts in sport science in this thread; makes my eyes bleed reading some of the comments about his weight, age etc.
  14. We’re still keeping this thread going!?!
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