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  1. Agreed. I cannot see us selling Reece. That being said if Madrid are genuinely interested in Reece they might be behind some of these stories in an effort to try and unsettle him.
  2. Brentford have had an impressive start to the season and play good football. With this being a derby game too it should be an exciting game. I'm hoping Tuchel goes with the players that impressed against Southampton. Would be great to see Ruben get another start. Hopefully Mount will be able to start this one too after his impressive display from the bench against Southampton.
  3. There definitely seems to be some growing rumours about this possible move. Although everything I have seen so far involves a player + cash swap. Supposedly Real are interested in Reece, and that might be behind some of these stories.
  4. Osgood is good apparently. At least that is what the fans say.
  5. I would say Lukaku was mainly signed as an experienced striker that could weigh in with a decent number of goals. I think he would be expected to score comfortably more than 20 goals this season to be considered a success. So far he has 3 in the league from 5 games and 1 from 2 in the Champs League. Not too bad a return when you consider who we have already faced in the league. Yes he didn't score against City or Juve but he managed a goal against Arsenal, and was denied a goal against Spurs by a decent save if I remember correctly. So far he has delivered more goals than either Werner or Havertz would have managed.
  6. I'd say his best position is on the bench right now. He has been utter garbage of late.
  7. Pulisic and James are still injured according to the club site. They definitely won't be available for the game tomorrow. Kante is also out through Covid. Mount is available again though
  8. Good points. I think Alonso is a great squad player but I am not sure he should be first choice starter at LB or LWB. The question is whether he would settle for the lesser squad role? If I remember correctly he was one of the players mentioned as delivering some unrest to the dressing room under Frank (after he had been sent on loan to Coventry ;)). I also agree with you about Tuchel. While the Champions League win was outstanding and unexpected, to a degree it papered over some of the flaws that were still evident, and especially the squad limitations. I wonder whether the board would have invested differently had we lost that final? Or at least cleaned house of some of the older players? As it worked out the more established players stayed on while a lot of talented youth were shipped off instead. I know we have buy backs for several but it remains to be seen if that was a wise decision.
  9. I wouldn't sell Werner unless it is part of a deal for another player that we really want. His finishing may be awful but now that we have Lukaku I'd like to see Werner get a chance for other elements of his game e.g. creating opportunities for other players.
  10. The fact that he was given a chance over Saul last night certainly doesn't bode well for Saul's chances at Chelsea. With Werner I think it was a little different as he wouldn't have been a logical choice in that position. That being said Werner seems to have falling down the list in recent weeks.
  11. No doubt we will find out eventually that Tuchel didn't want Lukaku and he was signed by the board for the next manager. Step forward Antonio v2 😉
  12. Fair points. Certainly you only have to look at how he bounced back last season after he was shown the door by PSG. And I agree that if and when things don't work out for him at Chelsea some fallout with the board will probably be involved. Most likely over failed transfer targets.
  13. Fair point about Juve's defending last night although we made it easy for them in that department for most of the game. Also this is not a great Juve team defensively like we know from the past. They have let a fair amount of goals in already this season in Serie A. They defended well when they needed to last night but they only really needed to step up for the last 15-20 minutes. The rest of the game we were happy to just maintain possession and do very little with it. A draw would have been a decent result for us last night and it certainly seemed to be our aim given the evidence of the first half. But once they scored we didn't seem to change plans quickly enough.
  14. He is probably best advised to go with players on form as always. So that means the likes of Alonso, Ziyech seeing some bench time after recent performances. Hopefully RLC, CHO, Chilwell get starts at the weekend.
  15. I was also a little concerned about his post-match comments for the same reason. In his short time at the club Tuchel's greatest success has been getting results in key games. The style of play hasn't always been great to watch but we have mostly come up with the results in the big games and that went a big way towards delivering the Champions League, along with a good record in games against the big rivals. However we all know that managers at Chelsea are only as good as their recent games, and scrutiny will quickly build if the results go South. A key patch of games approaching for Tuchel's Chelsea career. Perhaps the international break is coming at the right time for once as it will give him a chance to regroup.
  16. Certainly a great example of this is Mason Mount in the last couple of games. Without a doubt a key player for us when on form. But so far this season he has looked off form and in need of rest. While he always gives 100% energy I am not sure he was as missed as much as that in the last couple of games. Kante for sure was a big miss last night.
  17. I would definitely like to see him start alongside Lukaku. I think that combination would worry most defenses. He would likely create some chances for Lukaku, even if he missed some decent ones himself ;). If I remember correctly he scored a couple against Saints last season too.
  18. Agreed. He is clearly not impressing Tuchel. He had a couple of opportunities and looked very much off the pace. I think it will be hard for him to find his way back after such a poor showing, especially as a loanee.
  19. Certainly the run that saw the end to Lampard's tenure started in a similar way. Losing a couple of games where we looked out of sorts after a decent run. A little early to know whether this is a blip or the start of a prolonged loss of form though. Hoping the former. For all the talk of a strong squad I'm not convinced we are any stronger than last season. Lukaku is certainly a mark up as a center forward. But Saul has struggled and doesn't seem to be trusted by Tuchel. Loans can go either way and so far it doesn't look promising. Then the club let so many talented younger players leave this summer, and you wonder if some of them could have been convinced to stay if they had been given bigger roles in the squad. For example the likes of Livramento, Guehi, and Gilmour could have been introduced into the squad this season and improved it significantly.
  20. I think you may be letting Kai's goal in the Champions League final gloss things a bit last season. Yes he did have a few decent games and showed some signs that he might go on to great things this season. But I'm not sure I would go as far to say he was fantastic as a false 9 in all those games. If Werner could actually finish then maybe we would have invested in a different position than CF this summer. But the fact that Kai was playing false 9 illustrated the issues we had in that position overall. I feel that the key to those games in the run to the Champions League win, was that we most considered underdogs. That worked massively in our favour with Tuchels' tactical approach. Now we are no longer underdogs in a lot of these games we need a different strategy, and so far he is still trying to figure that out it seems.
  21. I don't remember overwhelming numbers of chances being created last season either in these sort of games under Tuchel. There were certainly some games where we went 1-0 up and then failed to take chances to put the games out of sight. But there plenty of games where we huffed and puffed without creating much. In general his system seems to work best when we get a goal up and force the other team to chase the game. In that respect we have already seen a few games this season where 1-0's have become 2 or 3 goal margins late on thanks to better finishing. However my concern is that if we go a goal down, or come across teams set up to defend, we seem to run out of ideas. I am hoping Tuchel can figure that out.
  22. I agree he shouldn't feel like Lukaku has to start every game. There are some games that may suit Werner or even Kai as a false 9.
  23. At least when he plays at RWB he actually offers something going forward. It may not be his natural position, but unless Tuchel changes to 4-4-2 or something we won't have natural wingers any time soon. So this might be his best chance of a game for now.
  24. Most of that comes down do our midfield to be honest. It hasn't been good enough creatively. Look how much more we created once RLC came on for example. We played the first hour with Ziyech as our creative mid and he has been woeful of late. Plus our 2 full backs were hardly flying down the flanks at that point either. I am hoping to see RLC, Chilwell, and CHO start at the weekend.
  25. We will need a convincing performance and win against Southampton at the weekend for sure. Need to put these last 2 games behind us.
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