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  1. I’m glad someone else noticed this. I thought I was dreaming, watching him do this over and over, playing the ball backwards. Did any of his crosses find anyone? He mistimed one I remember that turned into a shot. Otherwise, asleep at the back for their goals. Almost like he doesn’t want to get involved as a defender. Expected more from him.
  2. Well, we rescued a point after an abysmal first half, so the team deserves some credit. But Alonso and James should not really be starting against Premier League opposition. We spent a lot of money on attacking players but are still somehow lumbered with Kante and Kovacic in the middle. We really need to sort out that mess as soon as possible. Not sure Frank knows what his best side is, but it sure shouldn’t include Alonso, James, Kovacic and Kante in the same starting line-up.
  3. I wouldn’t take notice of figures like 80m. These deals usually involve an upfront fee with bonus add-ons. Also, if things don’t work out with him, he’d still be worth a good fee in three or four years. And if it does work out, we’d have a solid left back for the next five years at least. FWIW I think he’d be an excellent signing given his age, and proven PL experience. I think some of the other overseas players being touted are more of a risk, even given they’re cheaper. The other thing to consider is that Lampard seems to want an English-based defence. Not because he’s being patrio
  4. I think the rumour is we’re selling Emerson to Inter Milan. Can’t imagine we’d also sell Alonso as that would leave us with no cover at left back. What’s our situation with regards to youth team left backs? Surely Lampard would want cover if Chilwell is his first choice?
  5. Ben White is a very good prospect and paired with Declan Rice would be an improvement on what we have. I can see Tomori being loaned out and one of Christensen, Rudiger or Zouma being sold.
  6. Fantastic news if confirmed. Top quality young striker. And a strong statement of intent. I think we’re still due the transfer fee for Morata so that would make it a nice piece of business all round.
  7. I wonder if we’re setting up Lampard to fail. He looked really upset at the Press Conference today. Failing to seriously back a manager in the transfer window, when he explicitly asks for backing, usually means you’re on borrowed time.
  8. Yes it does. Lampard asked for signings to make up for the lack of transfer activity last Summer. Not necessarily first choice targets. But a couple of signings to deepen the squad, add more experience. Take the pressure off Abraham specifically. The Board had several weeks to bring in at least one option. To support Lampard. It was a test. And they couldn’t manage it. Says a lot about where we are as a club and where the Board are in relation to the manager. Really doesn’t bode well.
  9. Hasn’t he been out injured for a while? I guess we’re in full panic mode then.
  10. I see Minamino has started again for Liverpool. Signed in December. Been training with the first team for a month. Started two games already. Nobody is expecting him to tear up trees but has been introduced gradually into the set up. Got to admire how professionally Liverpool identify and introduce their targets into their system.
  11. I think the funds are there. It’s likely just indecision, uncertainty and possibly incompetence. Waiting till the last day to sign one likely stop-gap player is just a terrible way to do things. It’s blindingly obvious that you need to get players in earlier to give them time to train and adjust and even maybe play a cup game. Bringing in someone at the end of the window then asking them to hit the ground running, especially if they come from abroad, is really dubious. At this stage in the window we’re better off signing someone already playing in the Premier League. But, to be honest, I
  12. I think Lampard is begging the Board to bring in new players. He looks increasingly frustrated and it’s very worrying that the Board are dragging their feet. We’ve seen the Board leave managers hang out to dry before over new signings. It’s not as if players aren’t available this window. Given the transfer ban last summer the case for new players is pretty urgent given the falling off in our form as games have piled up. If the Board don’t back Lampard then things are going to be pretty bleak I’d say both for the team’s chances of securing a top four spot and for the Board’s
  13. I guess it depends on what sort of form he’s been in this season. And the state of his fitness. Cavani near the top of his game would be a decent short term option. But seriously, is that the Cavani we’re likely going to be getting?
  14. Don’t know what Frank was thinking. Five defenders at home to Southampton? Plus, the wing backs are the two players who can’t cross? An out of form CHO starting over Mount and Pulisic? While a physically shattered Willian is trundled on again. So many things wrong with the starting line up you have to wonder if Frank was just pulling names out of a hat. None of it made any sense. Put us on the back foot and we never recovered. Frank will get a pass for now as he’s a club legend. But he needs to learn fast, and the club need to probably back him in the window. Spurs game looking
  15. Losing Abraham was a blow. Not sure it was wise to start Giroud over Batshuayi though. At least Bats would’ve put himself about. Instead our tactic was to have James pepper their box with crosses in the hope that Giroud would get on the end of one. When that tactic didn’t work, we just looked lost. Didn’t help that Pedro and Mount failed to contribute anything and Pulisic went quiet after a bright first half. Our set pieces were woeful all day. Either overhit by Mount or underhit by Willian. Our general play wasn’t much better. We got caught in possession far too often, and we were gener
  16. Lucky their finishing was so poor. Saying that, we missed a few good chances ourselves. Our defending was pretty bleak. Not sure what’s going on, but we’re way too open. We could easily have conceded four or five. Unlucky to lose Abraham at HT. Bats was a bit of a liability when he came on. Pulisic was our most threatening player. Willian our least effective after Bats. Not sure about taking Jorginho off for Emerson. Hardly shored things up and James had run out of energy. Strange one from Frank. We were hanging on at the end, players looked dead on their feet, so I was
  17. Thought we deserved a draw at least. We pretty much held our own against a top side. We created two great chances at the end. Bats and Mount should at least have hit the target. Poor defending at set pieces is costing us dear this season. No matter how much progress we make integrating the younger players into the team, it counts for nothing if we can’t defend from free kicks and corners. The worrying thing is that it’s become a known issue and we seem incapable of sorting it out. It’s killing us at the moment. What do we do in training all week?
  18. Barklay clearly took that penalty ahead of Jorginho. And he did it for purely selfish reasons. He’s sliding down the pecking order in midfield and wanted to stake a claim. He’s got no future at the club. And he knows it. Bloody awful penalty that might well end up costing us qualification. Poor from Frank tonight too. Surprised Pulisic didn’t come on ahead of Pedro who looked really off the pace. And I didn’t get the switch of Giroud for Zouma when we should probably have settled for a point. Valencia are no mugs, they sniffed an opportunity and took it. Our defending from free kic
  19. All this talk of playing youngsters has gone to Frank’s head. Really poor to drop Christensen today. Starting Zouma and Tomori looked like an accident waiting to happen. Bringing on Gilmour and Bats when we were clinging on made no sense. Don’t know what Frank said at half time. Clearly no one was listening. That was a shocking and disjointed second half. The subs were downright inept. Hooking Kovacic and Barkley was disastrous. Really prepared to give Lampard a break. But that was a pretty inept managerial display. Didn’t do himself any favours. Hope he’s a fast learner.
  20. Not optimistic about this at all. He’s been laboured and ineffective the last couple of seasons and that’s in the much slower Italian league where he gets more time and space than he’ll get in England. Given that he’s presumably going to spearhead our forward line for the rest of the season, this is a terrible gamble by the club. This deal is surely at Sarri’s request, so if this turns into a disaster he’ll have nowhere to hide.
  21. This doesn’t look good. Pity because I thought Hudson-Odoi was one of our best performers in pre-season. He looked like a star in the making. It’s inexplicable that he had to wait for so long to get a start under Sarri. If Sarri had given him more opportunities earlier, he might have been more willing to stay. Sarri managed the situation badly in my opinion. Now we look like losing a very very promising player.
  22. Desperate, if true. But I guess we’re desperate enough. Why buy Higuain at his age and not Aubemeyang when he was available but deemed too old? It’s just nonsense. Giroud was supposed to be a short term fix. Now this. A short term fix for a short term fix. Our Board stumble around in the dark, no plan, no vision, just making it up as they go along. Incompetence doesn’t come close.
  23. We'd have been better off keeping Tammy Abraham and Batshuayi. Problem is we blew so much money on Morata that the Board and manager feel obliged to stick with him. Feel we need to bite the bullet in January and cut our losses on Morata. But we won't.
  24. Thought he was going to be a good signing. Board clearly thought we were signing the next Yaya Toure. Have no idea what's happened to him. Looks devoid of confidence that it's painful to watch. Honestly didn't think he was going to struggle like this. Don't know if he's just been shoved in too early as we don't have too many options. It might've been better for him to be eased into the side. I think that was Conte's preferred plan: to keep Matic and use Bakayoko as an occasional understudy. Our transfer business and Drinkwater's injury forced Conte's hand. Eithe
  25. Good player. Ridiculous that we've let Batshuayi leave though. What's wrong with having three strikers and let them compete?
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