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For my mates Loz & BJD

Tim W

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The Johnathan Ross clip is magnificent.

Funnily enough I've never minded Placebo too much. Always a tad dubious about them but at least they are a little more interesting than most bands. Even though that Bigmouth cover is awful, I do like their version of Running Up That Hill though I'm sure Kate Bush die hards would lynch me for saying so.

Hard to know where to start when it comes to Smith covers, there are so many awful ones...

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Smiths cover versions that I like are few and far between. I am not the biggest fan of cover versions full stop although Johnny Cash deserves credit for vastly improving a few key songs- including Personal Jesus which will have me stripped off BJD's christmas card list.

I know there are some who like The Divine Comedy's version of 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' but for me it kills a classic.

Boot on the other foot it has to be said that The Smiths cover of Golden Lights is utterly atrocious. Being truthful it was an atrocious song in the first place so God only knows that Morrissey was thinking of.

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