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Chelsea FC 7-a-side Dream Team Edition


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Nope, not another "our starting eleven for next season" or "who we will be bringing in next season?"


Thought of an idea that all Shed Enders can enjoy leading up to next season and throughout it and that would be a dream team of our best seven a-side team of Chelsea players within a given budget that you can gain points for. This shall be put into a league table that I create and update after every match day, which include all cup competitions. If you want to enter your team, you can do so on this thread or send to me in a private message if you want to be shrewd and not let people know your super seven :wink:



  • Each person will be allowed seven players which must include one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and two attackers.
  • Each person will be given a £20m budget to spend on your team, you must NOT go over that limit however you're allowed to spend under it.
  • Transfers will be allowed to be made every two months from season start so pick your team wisely, however you'll only be able to do two transfers at one given time.

Points Scoring


Goalkeepers and Defenders will score or lose points by doing the following things;

  • Penalty Save (5 Points)
  • Clean Sheet (5 Points)
  • Concede a goal (-1 Point)

Midfielders will score points by doing the following things;

  • Clean Sheet (2 Points)

All Players will score or lose points by doing the following things;

  • Score a goal (5 Points)
  • Scoring a hat trick (+5 points on top of the three goals scored)
  • Assist a goal (2 Points)
  • Man of the Match (10 Points)                (As voted for by our Man of the Match threads)
  • Yellow Card (-1 Points)
  • Red Card (-3 Points)
  • Penalty Miss (-3 Points)
  • Seven and above match rating (3 points)  (Will have to use a reliable newspa- :face_palm: )


Let me know what you all think of this idea going into next season, I have already built our preliminary squad list with player prices which are obviously set to change depending who we bring in so they'll be updated. This was just a brief bit on information about it, which shall explained more closer to the time!


Thanks for reading.

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