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All hail Didier - And King Kerry

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Can't believe the CSR are not celebrating Didier Drogba.

30 goals in a season !!!!

King Kerry knows what that takes.

Lord God, if Shevchenko had reached that milestone, G4, would have a full page advert in the Times.

"Didier Drogba. La, la, la ,la ,la"

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Fantastic achievement by Didier and he's not finished yet either. Question now is can he get past the 36 mark? Have to say he really needed that goal cos his shootings been way off recently and hopefully this will get him back on track.

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36 in a season is the record right?

Drogba has 30 goals. He needs 6 more, 7 to break the record.

8 league games remains

2 cup games remains (can be 3)

4 games remains in the Champions League if we make it all the way.

So he might get 14-15 games to score 7 goals.

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Jimmy Greaves got 43 in a season once. icon_eek.gif

Congratulations to DD.

All the more impressive given that:

1. A lot of people were happy for him to leave during the close season.

2. The odds on him getting 30 in a season back in August would surely have been longer than the odds on England going to a major tournament and not losing on penalties in the quarter-finals.

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