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Suso ( Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáenz de la Torre )


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Fine player, much improved since his Liverpool days. 

I can see why Sarri's interested - for mine he is honestly on par with Willian technically (in terms of dribbing/passing/ball control), he's a slightly better finisher and he displays some pretty smart movement. His crossing is terrific, too, so maybe he'll be able to exploit the aerial presence of our strikers better than our current wingers/inside forwards can. He's also played in England before.

However, I'm concerned that, like Cuadrado, he'll be too lightweight for the Premier League. He also contributes less off the ball than Willian/Pedro and I'm concerned about his ability to play 90 minutes in a high-pressing side. Additionally, he prefers to cut in and use his left foot, so he may not be so effective if he's closed down and forced onto his righter foot. 

If Sarri chooses to buy him, he has enough ability for me to support such a transfer, but I think that he would need to work on strength/endurance training.

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3 hours ago, Zeta said:

6 minutes into the video and i'm still waiting for some end-product.


Well in 9 games he's got 3 goals and 7 assists. He was 4 times the MotM this season already.
Looks a bit too light like someone pointed out with 70kg and doesn't seem to contribute much in defense but for the Sarri-ball style he could fit in on that right side imagine two great dribblers Hazard and Suso you can't really put 2 players to mark both at the same time and not get exposed somewhere else...

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7 hours ago, Zeta said:

6 minutes into the video and i'm still waiting for some end-product.


Just looked at it again, perhaps I got interrupted yet from 10th-11th minute he scores several with style yet very left footed.

On reflection would add to our squad strength and possibly start.

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