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Serie A


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a wonderful competition to follow, deserves it's own thread in my opinion


this game (Fiorentina - Inter) was wonderful, really enjoyed watching the extended highlights 

to have the most fun you shouldn't know the scores before you watch the highlights 🙂 

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18 minutes ago, Mod said:

Who do you reckon will win? Will stick a few quid on! Hasn't Napoli hit some form?

Napoli haven't lost a game yet, currently have 10 wins in a row including against Liverpool and Ajax and away to AC Milan

drew twice in Serie A and won every other game 

they don't often keep clean sheets though so it might be a very entertaining game

Napoli will probably win this, i reckon it will be a 1-2 or 1-3 win for Napoli  

But having said that it is a derby and Roma have an amazing atmosphere 


they really hate each other 


after this one of the Roma Ultras killed one Napoli supporter, shot him and got 16 years in prison 


they used to be friends Napoli and Roma as they were the first clubs in the first division who weren't from the North of Italy, but no longer

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9 minutes ago, Mod said:

Sounds like it’s going to be a beefy game then, well worth a watch. I’m thinking maybe a draw.

Napoli play lovely football 

Kvaratskhelia is a wonderful player

think we are being linked with him as well

Mourinho will probably instruct his players to kick him out of the game as he used to cry every time he got a kick 

slutsky (good friend of Roman I believe) said so in an interview 





Slutsky on Kvaratskhelia’s first training session: he collided with a player, fell down and started crying

Rubin head coach Leonid Slutsky spoke about the problems that were found in the Georgian midfielder Khvichi Kvaratskhelia at the very first training session in the Kazan club.

“The first time I saw him, I realized that this is a big diamond, a talent. But, like many talented players, he had his own specific behaviors. At the first training session, Kvaratskhelia collided with one of the players, fell down and started crying. I was very surprised, because football is a game of men, not boys. So that was the first problem – pain intolerance. 

The second problem is that he did not know how to use his best qualities. Kvaratskhelia used dribbling everywhere: in free zones, non-free zones, forward, backward, against one, five players – it doesn’t matter, absolutely everywhere.

Hence, another problem arose – he always tried to avoid contact with the players. This is a problem, because if you have fantastic dribbling, then you have to go into a collision with an opponent anyway. Because of this, he tried to dribble too early, or ran 10 meters too much. Therefore, we made a special program for Kvaratskhelia, talked a lot, paid attention to individual tactics classes"



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Brilliant recruitment from Napoli 

Kim for 18 million

Kvaratskhelia for 11 

Raspadori on loan for 5 million

Ndombele and Geovanni Simeone on loan with option to buy (4 million in total)

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