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Contract Hiatuses

Blue Sun Tzu

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So we now have three players with whom contracts negotiations seem to have broken down. It seems that John Terry, Frank Lampard and Arjen Robben are lookng for parity with Sheva and Bollock. Now while this seems reasonable as far as JT is concerned and perhaps also so with Lamps, I think that Robben is taking the piss. But then again the idea of ?120K per week for anyone is frankly taking the piss. Did RA realise what problems he was gonna make when he agreed the deals for Sheva and Bollock?

Robben allegedly wants to be able to talk to Real, Lamps to Juve but this is probably just press talk. Are there any clubs in the world who would sanction ?120K/ week wages apart from us? Frankly is Robben doesn;t want to stay he can go -- he is hardly ever fit anyhow. Similarly if Lamps wants to buy himself outof his contract then so be it. The biggest worry for me is JT. He is the life and soul of our club. But even then, I feel let down by his attitude. 9 years? And a option to become manager?

Incidentally, on this subject is the following article referring to JT?: http://www.chelsea.vitalfootball.co.uk/ ... sp?a=70185


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Robben is definitely not work ?120k a week. The player has spent more time on his backside then he has played.

As for Lampard a deal has to be reached. but again ?120k?

Now on JT, I think a 9 year deal should be signed, however as regard to being a manager i think that is not a good idea.

Surely he should start help with the youth team first, and work his way up eventually.

I am astonished that they are stalling over a couple grand a week fgs!!!

You mean they are saying i cannot live or survive on ?90k a week.

The majority of chelsea fans earn way way less than that a YEAR!!!

They have made enough money already in their career and they want MORE?

Who is being stupid, the players or the management.

If the players say they love Chelsea and don't want to play for any other club, why are thery holding a loaded gun to the head of the club.

They should play because they love the club and not the mighty Pound!!!

At the end of the day Chelsea Football Club is greater than any player.

After a player finishes his career, Chelsea will still carry on.

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You mean they are saying i cannot live or survive on ?90k a week.

The majority of chelsea fans earn way way less than that a YEAR!!!

try more like 3.5 years!

Er, I work for th NHS - try more like 7 years!!!!

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I cant imagine Chelsea without J.T. , I really cant . Losing him is not even worth thinking about . A lot of money yes , but common sence wouldn't go a miss here , Sheva was a pile of sh*te last season and is still higher paid than the best center half in the world . Cant figure that one out.

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IF robben is really saying that, which I doubt he is, he can go to Real for all I care. He is a great player, when fit, but not worth 120 grand a week. Also, he doesn't seem to bleed for Chelsea the way Terry, adn to a lesser extent Lampard does. I think Lampard is a great addition to any squad, but last season wasn't anywhere near his best. His crosses were woefull, his free kicks diabolical, and his long range efforts specualtive at best.

I really don't think Sheva should be on 120K a week either, and neither should Ballack, but at least we got ballack on a free.

The only player that should come close to that figure is terry, the lad is our Captain, and he throws himself head long (literally, remember him being knocked out against the Arse) into our cause.


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Guest Brian M
Also, he doesn't seem to bleed for Chelsea the way Terry does.

I'm not sure that's fair on the lad. I mean, come on. He bleeds practically every time he falls over! Which is roughly about 280 times a match... icon_lol.gif

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Lampard was the second highest goal scorer last season, as he was for each of the two seasons before that. Last year he was still a long way ahead of No 3 in goal scoring. He also played more minutes than just about anyone else and works darn hard in the middle of the pitch.

I agree that his corners sucked a lot of the time and there were some wild shots but overall he is one of the top few players in the team.

As for Robben I don't feel he has been living up to his original promise for a couple of seasons and in any event he has to take a large discount for injury troubles.

The relativities within the team are largely irrelevant, after all the comparison for any player is what he can command at another club. Generally speaking there will be a bid ask spread. That is a team wanting to buy Lampard will have to offer more than CFC. It would be interesting to speculate what the spread is but I am guessing at least 20%. Of course if you feel underpaid relative to some other member of the team you will be unhappy, which goes to the old but completely true paradox that its not the absolute amount of money you earn, but the amount relative to someone else.

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Of course 120k per week is ridiculous money - but so is 90k or 40k. It is all silly money when you compare the job they do (play football) to other occupations out there.

But, as with any business, wages are set by supply and demand, and precedents that have been set within the business.

So, in my books, Kenyon, Buck and Abramovic (who are all, by all accounts, pretty good at most things business-orientated) should really have seen this coming when they signed Ballack and Shevchenko.

I mean, if the company I work for hired new people to do the same job as me for significantly more money, and I significantly and undeniably outperformed them, I would expect my wage to match theirs.

Anything less would be a slap in the face and I would definately be looking for work elsewhere.

It is a classic example of why you can't splash the cash like there is no tomorrow one year, and then pretend to be a penny-pincher the next year.

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Isn't there also a perfectly valid viewpoint that if you are doing your job, and are perfectly happy with the salary package you are getting, WTF is it to do with you what anyone else is getting for whatever the job is that they are or are not doing?

Please Note - This should not be taken as an endorsement or criticism of any player, but where I work would be f**ked if other people started demanding the same pay as me!


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