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did anyone else see Robben's debut for Madrid last night?


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Robben came on for Raul in about the 80th minute with Madrid up over Werder Bremen 2 - 1. Raul received a thunderous ovation, especially since he had scored the opener, but then the crowd at the Bernabeu gave Arjen a long standing ovation to welcome him. he went right to work -- taking on players 1 v 1, crossing the ball dangerously, and even managing a shot. all at once you saw all that you used to love about Robben; the speed, the control, the fact that the opposing player immediately went on his back foot the moment he realized it was one on one, just him against Arjen. you also saw a bit of why you hated Robben...he didn't track back on defense worth a damn, even though his team was protecting a slim one goal lead; and at one point, Robben stood only a few feet from his own team mate and refused to move to a spot without the ball, calling for the ball to be passed to him rather demonstratively.

watching Madrid play, you just *know* that Robben is going to have a stellar year. imagine we were winning a home CL match (i know, far-fetched! but just try to imagine) and there was only 10 minutes left to play. would Mourinho be sending 4 or 5 players to attack on every play, looking for a third goal? or would we fall into a "bleed them slowly" python grip of possession? well, Madrid played the former, and you just know that Robben is licking his chops at the chances that will come his way.

i tried to explain this all to my wife who asked why i looked so emotionally confused on the couch, rooting and hating and envying and reminiscing and brooding and wistful, all at the same time, but she didn't understand. instead she said something about liking the purple on the team's uniforms and walked away.

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When I did the tour of the ground with my daughter we got to visit the player's treatment area. There was a roll of masking tape on one of the chairs. I so wanted to stick a piece on the door and write, "The Arjen Robben Suite - Booked until further notice".

Do you think it's possible that JM's redundancy package was partly financed by the money Roman has saved on physio's bills and bandages since Robben has left?

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Mannyjello, why was she even in the room watching the footie????

I hope she had finished the ironing icon_lol.gif

Does anybody think that we'd have seen more from Robben now that JM has gone?

I wish he was still here, he's still twice the player SWP,Kalou and even Malouda is.

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