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classic chelsea tv with speedie

The Brit

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he was on big match countdown tonight and was hilarious...swore throughout the show much to barnett's distress and was full of opinions, not afraid to say what he really thinks...says players are too billy big time and recounted how he just felt like one of the fans when he was playing...to back it up he actually bought a book for one fan who rang in (the other guest was former programme editor who is bringing out a book of loads of pictures behind the scenes of the 80s team) and promised to sign it as well...one fan rang up with classic story from our 6-0 defeat at qpr in 86 which I had never heard of before (I was only 11 at the time so not able to go as much)...apparently we were 6-0 down when one of the qpr players wound him up so he punched him and sent him flying...just walked off before the ref showed the red...apparently the chelsea fans then sang 6-1, 6-1!

Even though I was young when that 80s team was playing, it was pretty much the first one of supporting life and it brought back happy memories...and to see a real football character, rather than the big egos we see nowadays (among all footballers)

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Saw Speedo before the game yesterday, frigging heck he's small!! Made me laugh when I heard a kid of about 11 call to his old man 'Dad, it's David Speedie' and his old man replied 'who?'. Guess the old man has been converted to watching Chelsea by his obviously much more intelligent off spring.

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Yeah I saw Speedo on Chelsea tv on friday and he was great entertainment. He didn't stop slagging off Drogba for falling over too easily. It started when Spy asked him where he thought Drogba ranked amongst are all time great strikers, to which Speedo quipped "he doesn't because he's always falling over". He then repeated his criticism of Drog for falling over too easily on at least 4 or 5 more occasions during the programme.

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Speedo done the lap of honour at half-time yesterday. When he went past the Mackems they gave him some grief and he gave them the w***** sign. They weren't happy. 541.gif

Top bloke Speedo.

Saw that - bloody great. I couldn't work out what the Sunderland fans were singing at him (those 'orrible accents they use), but he gave them a few w**ker signs and they weren't happy icon_lol.gif

Great memories of Speedo - never seen a player of his height so regularly out jump players a good half foot taller than him. And the time he went in goal at the Bridge and got lobbed.

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Great memories of Speedo - never seen a player of his height so regularly out jump players a good half foot taller than him. .

Speedie's aerial ability was astonishing - I would say probably unique for a man of his height. I bet he won as many headers as Dixon in their years together.

Top, top player who I loved watching.

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