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Good ol' Willy Gallas


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Did the really spit at him? All I saw was him talking to him and then walking away. Sure, Bendtner whiped his face afterwards but that could easily have been cause he was sweaty. After over 80 minutes of playing you're bound to break a little sweat.

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Regardless of whether he spit or not, that exhibits terrible leadership in a game when youre already getting nailed. What could he possibly be telling him? "Try harder, play for the badge, have some pride," etc? Not frigging likely.

Save that kind of passion and "leadership" for games when you really need it. Dont try and embarrass a teammate and, whats more than that, a kid, in a game youve clearly already lost

I always thought the guy was a first class defender and he left it all out there when he played for us, but what a lout he was in bitching every five seconds to the press about something new. If he was really as sincere as he was about staying here, shut your trap for five seconds (Didier, take note)

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I hate to play devils advocate here but apparently Bendtner had just had a clash of heads with someone else and was bleeding from his mouth, which is why he wipes something away. It does look like Gallas spat only because you wonder after you've seen it why else would Bendtner wipe his face, but theres the reason. Anyway we hate Gallas (though I would take him back in a heartbeat) so carry on

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Guest Brian M
Seems to have settled in really well at Arsenal. When the going gets tough, our old friend William spits at his own teammate. What a swell guy. 541.gif


Just posted much the same thing in the match thread. Laughed my ar*e off when the wheels started to fall off the wagon!

And Kev, if you watch the vid, he doesn't wipe his mouth, he wipes his forehead. So unless blood from his cut lip is defying gravity...

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