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Britney Spears


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Neither do I really. We have SKY or BBC news on all day at work, I'm just fed up of seeing her fat pastey f**king face being photoed all day.

Don't drive about with your roof down if you don't want attention you stupid c*nt!!

She's the American version of the fat scouse dog who used to be in atomic kitten. Careers finished and can only seek publicity via 'my hell' or 'my breakdown hell' my ''drug hell' my ''pregnant drug hell'' type of headline.

just f**k off somewhere and spend your millions

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I think that it is always going to be hard for a child star, who comes from a broken family to make it. Her mother and father (more so her mother) don't really know how to cope with having such a hugely succesful daughter; but this doesn't stop her mother trying to push her for more.

Her father, I believe, has tried to help, but it all ends rather messy. Lets face, it the girl is from the sticks of the Southern States, and not really that clever. Add fame and insane fortune to that formula, and it is always going to go t*ts up! Don't belive me? Well, lets take a look at her sibling, Jamie_lynn Spears, who, at 16, was touted as the next child star, and is now pregnant with some bloke about 4 years her senior!

It is a tragic set of affairs, as she now has 2 boys who will undoubtably be effected by all this. I truly believe that, should spears fail to receive help, she is on a one way ticket to suicide! Then, I hope her mother is happy with all the inhereted fame her daughter received at her pushing.

You know it is bad when you make Kevin federline look like a good father. And this british Paparazzi bloke who has leached onto her, he truly is the lowest form of life

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The difference between Brittany and Kerry 'Fat slag' Katona, is, Brittany actually had a successful pop carreer, fat Girl didnt. Brittany was a wet dream to look at, fat slag wasnt, Brittany i have a certain element of sympathy for , Fat girl complains , complains , complains, she's extremely completely self centered where as Brittany is just bonkers.

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Her and Adam Ant would make a good team

reminds me of the old joke:

A mate of mine thought he was a pop star during the 80's....we all told him he wasn't....but he was Adam-ant

I still find that funny icon_rolleyes.gif

*heads for door.....coat in hand*

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I agree complately. Those images of her crying in the gutter while a swarm of photographers snapped away was just so so wrong. Not one of them was actually trying to help someone who was clearly in distress. Without wanting to be too melodramatic, is that what the world is about now? Don't stop/help someone hurting themselves/in distress, just make sure you get the best shot possible and publish it worldwide.

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Being hounded by 250 cameras 24/7 would drive any one mad - I would say "victim of a sick society"

I have to agree. Humans are in generall quite bad really.

If we see an accident we stop, not to help, but to have a good look. We laugh at others falling down or hurting themselves (which is why Jackass was such a success). icon_rolleyes.gif

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