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Summer Transfers

Guest Brian M

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Guest Brian M

Hard to argue with this guy's in-s and out-s.


Summer Transfers - The Ones I Fancy

Vital Football

It`s been an open secret that this summer Avram Grant will be given significant amounts of cash in order to lay his mark on the squad that he has inherited from Jose Mourinho.

Therefore, we should be expecting a lot of speculation and long dragging transfer sagas that could become as boring as waiting for a youngster to get into our first team (see how I`ve developed Soulja`s skill in bringing up another topic into the one discussed).

To cut a long story short, I`ve listed my most preferable transfer ins and outs that if would happen, can make me proudly say that we have the strongest squad in the world (as well as making me jump over my couch in joy).

* These transfers are based on the assumption that Didier Drogba has found out that neither Barca nor AC Milan were seriously interested in him and hence admitted that he has never said that he wanted to leave, but was in act 'misquoted`.

OUTs: - (A little bit unexpected)

Tal Ben Haim - never looked confident when he played. The only fans who were pleased with his signing were the opposition fans because they know how good he`s at peacefully inviting others to get pass him. Even as a free transfer, he`s still a bad deal because we should have got paid for taking such a player.

Paulo Ferreira - one person who will definitely not be pleased with that is Mrs. Merlin, but I feel he has nothing more to offer although whenever he was asked to fill in he did a decent job (but, decent isn`t enough).

Steve Sidwell - he was a good player at Reading and one who I thought would be a decent buy given that he was a free transfer, but he failed to shine and one reason for that is his attitude on the pitch. He just hides away from his team mates whenever they are looking to pass the ball. He has been greatly intimated by our "big players".

Florent Malouda - a player who I didn`t want to come in the first place and one who hasn`t been able to show his best form. He had a promising start but then faded away. He`s not at the top of my outs list as I feel there is more to come from him, but at the age of 27 (28 in June) I`m not so willing to give him time.

Claudio Pizarro - another free transfer that was allowed to Jose. Well, he`s not Chelsea material. Some of you might argue that he wasn`t given enough chances, but we can`t give time to players approaching their 30s. He doesn`t possess any certain qualities. I can`t see him succeeding in the Premier League.

Andriy Shevchenko - considered by many as the biggest big-signing flop of all time. He came with a reputation of a world class striker, but never found his feet in the Premier League. He`s 31 and therefore, time isn`t on his side. Although I admire his character and how he strives on succeeding here at Chelsea, he`ll never recapture his old form. (Still, I could see him staying)

INS: -

Daniel Alves - I know I might annoy some of you when I keep on mentioning his name, but I still think that he can make us far more stronger. I appreciate what Belletti did, but he`s nearly 32 and Alves is nearly 25. He`s the best right wingback in the world and if some matches need a more defensive right back, then we can play Ivanovic. Maybe Paulo or Boulahrouz could be included in a player + cash deal.

Ricardo Quaresma - a skillful two-footed winger who provides great crosses and manages to score great goals. He`s a nightmare for any defender with his electric pace and tricks. He does have a bad attitude (from what I read) but maybe that guy who works at our club can fix it (No, not Grant - I meant Tan Cate, he`ll straight him up). Again, Paulo or Boulahrouz could be included in a player + cash deal.

Luka Modric - a creative attacking midfielder who`s only 22 and can provide that attacking flair that we are supposedly missing. Another option could be Rafael van der Vaart, but I`m more inclined towards Modric because of his age.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar - a target man whose goal scoring record at every level is amazing. At the age of 25, he could do an excellent job for us for years to come. He has said that he wants to leave Ajax at the end of the season. Another target could be Kenwyne Jones.

That`s my dream team. I even tried it on PES and we were playing the best attacking football you can imagine whether in a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 formation. Although it`s slightly childish to base my assumptions on video games, I feel that this transfer activity would do us a lot of good. We would have 2 balanced teams. In a 4-4-2 (for MrDax to be pleased) 1st: Cech, Alves, Ricky, Terry, Cole, Essien, Lampard, J.Cole, Quaresma, Anelka and Drogba. 2nd: Cudicini, Belletti, Alex, Ivanovic, Bridge, Mikel, Ballack, SWP, Modric, Kalou and Huntelaar. That will leave us with Maka, Hilario and Sinclair (he won`t get in any of them unless we bring in Wenger) as surplus and we won`t have to sell Lamps and Ballack Mr(It`s time to sell Lamps and Ballack) Dax I`m not suggesting playing 2 different teams, but I`m in fact stressing the fact that we will have 2 quality players in each position in a 4-4-2 formation.

The best part is that we can get Tuby Rafa in the summer to rotate those 2 teams without having to pay a penny because he`ll be sacked soon.


I'd add Zlatan or Eto to replace Drogba if he leaves, and VDV for Lamps if he leaves to the 'ins'. And A.Cole to the 'outs'.

I'd also like to out Loz. But that's a whole other thread...

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Sounds about a pretty decent assesment of what is needed to improve our squad and I would especialy like to see Ricardo Quaresma in a Chelsea shirt as he is an exciting talent. He has got a bit of a reputation but then again so does Anelka, right? icon_wink.gif One thing I don't agree with though is selling Shevchenko as the form he has showed recently was quite encouraging, in the sense that he would be a more than decent third choice striker behind Drogba and Anelka obviously and given his attitude there would be no moaning and whingeing about lack of first team football or whatever he would just get on with his job. Don't liek the idea of signing Huntelaar one bit as I feel he is vastly overrated. He isn't very fast and isn't very strong which is the two main things you would want in a striker. I definitely would not describe him as a target man either. I think you have the right idea age wise but I feel someone like Benzema would be a better option.

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So basically get rid of all the players or free transfers we signed because the last manager wasn't given any money and the 30m flop the last manager also didn't want.

Sounds like good house keeping but is really just repairing the damage caused by Romans petulance.

I agree with all of the 'outs'. Disagree about the Sidwell comment though, I don't think he hides, I just don't think he's quality enough.

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Hope we can keep Paolo since he is the best backup right back any team can imagine. Class everytime he is on the pitch. Period.

I would give Malouda the benefit of the doubt. He is really skilled player and has been giving decisive passes in games that he's sucked otherwise. When Drogs comes back to pair up with Anelka and Malouda on the left maybe he will bloom. Hope so anyway.

Pizarro we should keep since he is okay backup. He has not complained and looks really lively when given the chance to play. He needs time.

OUTS: Sidwell, Ben Haim, Sheva

IN's: The dutch wonderkids: Huntelaar & VDV

If VDV comes someone else could also leave from our midfield. SWP, Joey, Lamps??

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I think the only two obvious summer outs are Sidwell and Pizarro. Both are not Chelsea quality and would be better off somewhere else where they can get playing time.

Ben Haim i feel has been treated harshly here. Yes, he isn't Terry/Carvalho quality(how many are there at all) and Alex has done very well in his first season but as far as fourth choice center backs go you can't do much better. If we bring new RB in place of Paulo and Ivanovic proves to be the real deal at the center of defense then TBH can go. If not and he's content with his situation, i say keep him.

Malouda is a skilful player and in his peak years. Yes, he is struggling to settle in the new league and country, but Drogba in his first two seasons hardly looked better.I think we have to be patient.

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That`s my dream team. I even tried it on PES and we were playing the best attacking football you can imagine whether in a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 formation. Although it`s slightly childish to base my assumptions on video games,

In a word...............yes.

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hmm. he tried it on PES and this gives credit to his arguments? sorry but these are all the basic "these guys havent scored goals so they suck" deal...

only ben haim i agree with, and in fact i feel ben haim is more than bad, i blame him directly for about 4-6 points.

never judge someone until they have had a full season under their belt and even then you gotta give time. we are a terrible country for demanding instant success. well that doesnt happen in the real world. look at newcastle, their side should be awesome, they have at least one world class player in each area, but real world logistics apply which detract from their game.

players like malouda and pizarro dont lose their skills, they just have to learn to apply them differently which always takes time. sheva and drogba learnt this the hard way - now drogba is chelseas best striker in recent times, and sheva's WC injury hasnt allowed him to play a season of fitness.

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As for the strikers, what will happen this summer hinges on Drogba's situation.

1-Drogba leaves

Then we absolutely need to buy a striker, which would hopefully be Huntelaar. Then we'd have him, Anelka, Kalou and Sheva.

David Villa, Berbatov and Karim Benzema could also be interesting options.

2-Drogba stays

Then we have him, Anelka and Kalou. Sheva would have to be sold then. Buying another striker would also be possible then, but we'd not necessary need a Huntelaar (altho I would still be rooting for him).

Pizarro is out either way.

In midfield, bringin Van der Vaart would be awesome. We could finally start playing a 4-4-2. Imagine a diamond like this:




That could really be deadly. And even if Lampard does leave, we'd still have SWP, Joe Cole and Malouda for the wing duties.

Of course, is Lampard stays, one of SWP or Malouda might very well be gone.

With Mikel also still in the mix, I really doubt Sidwell will play another season at Chelsea.

In defence, the only signing we need is no more injuries! Especially for the center backs. Ok... maybe a right back would be welcome!

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Well, I have said for a long time that I would like to see us sign Huntelaar (he scored again this weekend in Ajax's game), and Van Der Vaart. I also think with the Dutch connection Cets brings, we might see them more than we wouls ssee Quaresma. Either way, I wouldn't care!

If lamprd leaves, I think that Joe will possibly see more games, but maybe in a more versatile role. Alves is always a good option, but Belletti has done well, we have Ivanovic, and Paulo. I think Paulo could morph into more of geremi role...the consumate journeyman pro who is more than capable when called upon


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It makes sense. Its half term after all.

Seriously no thought has gone into that mustve taken him 10 mins.

Im just amazed he hasnt written ' i fink we shud get ronaldo and messi innit '

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