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Would someone tell Avram that He is fired!


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Absolutely disgraceful. We slipped up after a good 3-1 lead yet again when it matters! Avram is the worst flop because we have never ever gone in history with two 4-4 draw result in a season in our entire history, i bet. He flopped when we needed to at least draw Manure and Arsenal, he fouled up at the Carling Cup and against Barnsley. With him, we always know that we are never going to clear the crucial hurdles.

Tactically, why did he not replace a fast tiring Drogs and Maka? Joey was on scintillating form and may have even provided a hat trick but was taken off?

What the sh*t were we smarting from defending set pieces? Did we not practice those routine in the training ground?

It hurts more because i lost money and seeing that smirky look on the double goal hero of Manure that cemented their position on the top.

It's f**king over. Good bye to a poor, poor season with no trophies.

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Sorry I refuse to take anything octville says seriously. On principle

Sorry I refuse to take anything octville says seriously. On principle icon_wink.gif

seconded. to the point i actually have him on ignore....

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Grant was useless yesterday, well ... useful to spurs. But it is not only his fault. Some players were horrible (Ferreira and A. Cole for example) I think some sort of football Ku Klux Klan should appear, to scare people like that.

I think Ferreira and Cole were okay but our defending in whole at corners was disgraceful totally unexeptable.

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I would be sleeping mate. Shut up Lofty... you are an arsenal fan in disguise.

Alright c**t. Have your say. You pathetic piece of crap. And if I get banned for calling you a c**t, you c**t, then so be it. Octville you f**king halfwit c**t. This kind of crap I don't take from anyone, let alone some plastic c**t like you. Alright c**t?

Now f**k off.

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I would be sleeping mate. Shut up Lofty... you are an arsenal fan in disguise.

Strange that - thats exactly what I have you down for

Yeah right.

I meant Octville not you

Everyone knows youre a Liverpool supporter


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I could really do without this as it doesn't make things easy for myself, Mod or the moderators.

Octville - I think there is very little doubt you talk a lot of tosh on here however there are no rules against talking tosh. Having said that don't think for a second it isn't obvious you're going out of your way to aggravate people and there is only so long I will tolerate that for and you have already pushed your luck as far as it can go.

Lofty - I don't care how much of an idiot Octville is (and believe me I know he is) by reacting like that you don't half put me on the spot. I like you and plenty of people on here like you but, contrary to the belief of a few with little or no clue, I don't run this place like an old boys club.

I hope I don't log on to find something like this again. It isn't what this forum is about and it certainly isn't why I (and others) put in this much time running it.

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I would not even stoop so low to be in a pub's brawl with lofty. He started first. I am sorry, i don't get dumb jokes from some lot because he did not even get the joke from me ! That's the last i am even going to speak of someone haughtily named lofty.

I am sure we all understand the frustration. We tasted cavier and wine over the past 3 seasons, and suddenly Roman drops a bomb by sacking Jose and appointing Grant, the one who was appointed to look over Jose.

Since Avram Grant took the helm in September, the Blues have failed to beat any of the top seven in league action and have collected just two points from their four meetings with the top four all season. That's fact and we cannot deny this. I have always maintained that with the quality we have, we should be right up there. Honestly, if Roman had allowed Jose his preferred choices, we would not be stuck with free transfers - Sidwell, Pizarro,Ben T'aim, Belletti. But that's history and have been mentioned too often.

Perhaps Grant had a great friendship with Ramos that he will feel bad winning against him - either in league or league cup with his dumb tinkering.

I declare that I am No.1 anti-Grant, regardless if he even wins anything this season. Not him as a person, who seems kind enough but him as our Gaffer. He is my No.1 birthday and Thanksgiving wish list for a change.

Just let me rant and challenge me intellectually, not with name calling. Otherwise, name me a place and i have a one-to-one fight with you in the boxing ring outside this forum ! Beware that you may be killed (JOKE INTENDED !...HAHAHA)

Otherwise, stop criticising me and start worrying about Grant !

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