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It's official. Joe Cole is crap....


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...at crossing:

From the Observer:

118 crosses Success rate of 9.32%

Phil Neville:

72 crosses 27.88% success


90 crosses 29.78%

He is the worst crosser in the Prem this season (of those who've put over 70 or more)

Do you reckon we should ask Everton for a swap deal?

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Get rid of him. Always said he was all hype and little else.

(Or was that Ethical?)

Saved me the job of commenting icon_lol.gif

The stat doesn't surprise me, but it is a bit unfair on him. They should have used something more relevant like number of times you can beat the same man without going past him!

BTW. I don't think he is crap at all. I just don't think he is as great as some think he is.

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Of course he's not crap. On his day he's phenomenal, and has been one of our best players in the last few years, but he's still not as good as he could or should be, given his talent and attitude. Those stats caught my eye because they confirm that the end product isn't there with his play as often as it should be, and when a donkey like Phil Neville proves to be a far better crosser than him then you know he needs to raise his game.

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I take stats like that with a pinch of salt as the style of play we currently have means that any player out on the flank will often only have one genuine target to aim at when we break forward. Given that it is hardly surprising that the 'success rate' is low. We break, the cross is delivered and in the box we have Drogba surrounded, Ballack arriving late and Kalou who is rarely going to win a header against a defender of any quality.

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You could argue that if there's a lack of targets in the box, or the target(s) is/ are heavily marked, the option to cross is not likely to be the best one. Maybe he isn't successful with his crosses (let's face it, only finding your target once in every 10 crosses isn't good enough) because he's just hitting and hoping rather than picking out a target, when a different pass would be less wasteful.

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