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Everyone writing us off


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Is it just me or is everyone else getting this from there non chelsea supporting mate.

About a billion text messages came through to me saying

"Oh looks like a UTD vs Liverpool final then"

And the scousers think we are going to be a walkover. I'm f**king sick and fed up of the way we've been treated this season with no one giving any chance to the club. I mean it has been an good season really.

Only top 4 team to reach a final so far - fair enough we f**ked it up

From being no where in the league to being now second and having a bloody good chance of lifting the title.

Semi finals of the Champions league, the most prestigious club cup competition in the world - and the second leg advantage.

All that with a mid table standard manager.

Personally i think we'll be in for a Chelsea v Barcelona final.

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I really don't mind, it'll just make it all the sweeter if we do win something this season.

Yeah it's not the Red sh*te(s) fans that bother me, it's mainly the neutrals who bum liverpool so much that i can't understand?

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I've just got back from the pub where I was drinking with a Leeds and a west ham fan. The west ham fan will be supporting us because the scousers are "lucky, 'orrible, nasty, theiving little scum bags with the press constantly on their side" He also admitted that a couple of years ago he would have supported them and not us. I think the tide is turning against them, not really in our favour though! But I've hated the periods where we've had decent press, Chelsea are hated, that's fine!

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Exactly, i can't believe it everyone writing off Eto'o, Messi, Ronnie, Henry and Bojan. MENTAL. Most UTD fans, Liverscum fans and Neutrals think that UTD are going to walk all over Barca.

Unfortunately I think UTD will win comfortably icon_sad.gif the current Barca team is a shadow of the ones we faces in 04/05 and 05/06 IMO. I haven't seen much of Barca so i could be way off the mark but Eto'o doesn't seem like the player that he was back then, Ronaldinho's form is always being questioned in the press and Deco can't get a game.

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The Manc Barca game is a difficult one to call. On paper they are evenly matched but on form the Mancs are some way ahead at the moment but then they were also some way ahead of AC last season and look what happened. To be honest I don't give a toss which one of them wins as long as it's us they play in the final and if we won that I'd die a happy man.

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Rijkaard may think of exploiting that but, looking at the Barca vs Schalke game(2nd leg), it seems, that the Catalans won't be able to cope with the pace of Man Utd.

It was a game that Schalke should have won but they were what Chelsea had been in Turkey(against Fenerbahce).

Anyhow, the game will be a cagey affair.

I am hoping for a Chelsea vs Barca final but expecting a Chelsea vs Man Utd. (on the basis of current form)

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