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Scolari Gets Tough With Chelsea Stars

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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before even thinking of tactics (goal celebrations, penalties, arguing with the ref, penalties, falling over, pouting at the ref, penalties)

Slightly anti-Chelsea don't you think?

Wait, after reading the whole article, the whole thing is anti-Chelsea.

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f**ks sake, why does everyone on here read an article and dismiss it as being anti-Chelsea?

Personally I find it quite interesting that Scolari is pushing the players a lot harder than previous managers, but also find this particularly interesting:

Scolari seemed to have a special programme for Michael Essien.

His team-mates were finally allowed to enjoy a kick-about but the Ghana midfielder's endurance test continued.

Wonder if it's possible to read anything into that?

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It was definitely childish, but outside of the comment about arguing with the ref I saw nothing that was particularly "anti Chelsea". There seems, however, to be a popular perception that everyone in our squad is an overpaid, spoiled, millionaire bar steward that doesnt know the meaning of hard work. Unfortunately, thats alot of premiership squads.

Anyway, as for the article itself, I read it with a big grin because I know this is exactly what is needed. A diciplinarian and a fitness freak. The fact that he gives no quarter is just what the doctor ordered. Tell the players who is boss, run the team like a military outfit, and make dicipline part of the the club's m.o. Enough with the assailing officials and looking for calls. Play hard or dont play at all.

That said, f*ck journos like these

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When Hiddink was coaching Australia the players complained about how hard they had to train. I believe its one of the keys to doing well, that is being that bit fitter at the end of the game.

At the same time its a matter of maintaining fitness at peak level pretty tough to do for a full season.

I bet Scolari's good at discipline. Its tactics and picking players that we'll have to see about.

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Scolari hails his Chelsea squad as the 'best bunch of players I have ever worked with'

Luiz Felipe Scolari today hailed Chelsea’s players as the best he has ever worked with.


The manager has been amazed by the strong work ethic in the squad since he joined a month ago.

Scolari, who won the 2002 World Cup with Brazil and led Portugal to the runners-up spot at Euro 2004, has coached some of the world’s top stars.

But the 59-year-old said: “The players have surprised me in one aspect, they are very

professional. I’ve never seen a group of players more professional than the ones at Chelsea. They are brilliant.

“All what the club say or want from them, they are ready. It’s different from what I have experienced before.â€

Scolari’s team saved their most impressive result of pre-season for their last game with a 5-0 thrashing of AC Milan yesterday. Nicolas Anelka scored four goals, with Frank Lampard getting the other, to complete a five-game unbeaten run on their tour of Asia.

Scolari insists he is in a good position to decide who will start against Portsmouth on 17 August.

He added: “I have more confidence when I choose my team. I know my players more and the last few weeks has been very important for me.

“I know how the players will react and my choice for the first game is easier because I

know more than before. I have two ways of playing now, 4-4-2 and 4-3-3, and when I get a few more players like when Didier Drogba returns I will try another system.â€

Drogba is still recovering from a knee injury and Scolari fears the striker may be sidelined for the first few matches of the campaign.

“I hope next week Drogba will be ready to start training,†said Scolari. “He will probably miss the first two games, but by the third game he’ll be ready if there are no more problems.â€

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Is it normal for a manager to say what formations he may play on the opening day?

I know Scolari's experienced and all that, but is he giving away too much or nothing at all?

I think anyone who couldn't guess we'd play a 442 or a 433 has been sleeping through our entire preseason. And the past several years before that.

If he'd mentioned which of them he was going to play that might be different, but those were obviously the only choices.

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