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Deco's red-card


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Funny (but not really) thing is, no sooner did I type that Deco looked like he was trying to get himself sent off after another stupid foul, then the ref sent him off for .. whatever the hell it was he sent him off for. It's as if the ref thought to himself .. hmm I should have sent him off just now but I'd forgotten I'd already booked him. I know, what the hell I'll send him off now.

Either that or it was in the script.

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I dont think he should have been sent off...he should have been subbed much earleir and I can't believe I'm typing it but I would have rather left Malouda on and brought Belletti on for Deco on the night, that way at least the players would have been more clear of their roles.

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What I can't understand is why the club hasn't appealed against the red card yet (or maybe they have and I have missed it?).

I think Scolari said that he thought it was a strange sending off and couldn't understand why Deco got a 2nd yellow, so surely he will ask the club to complain agains the sending off?

Because it wasn't a 2nd yellow. I can't remember the first he got but PloKoon said it was a dive from the Roma player and I wouldn't be surprised if it was. They were diving all over the pitch that night.

And then to get a 2nd yellow because he took the freekick too fast!? :lol:

You see people doing that in every single game (more or less) and so far I haven't seen anyone get a yellow for it, let alone being sent off.

The worst thing that has happened is that the freekick have gone over to the other team.

I'm pi**ed off! ::ChELSeAFaN::

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ive never understood why the attacking team has to wait for the defending team to be ready for a free kick. why shouldnt the attacking team take advantage and play a quick one, after all they are the ream that was disadvantaged by the foul. now, i was shouting and screaming aling with the rest when henry scored a quick free kick against us. but after thinking about it i think he just scored a very good goal. its ridiculous that a player gets a yellow card for trying to take advantage of a free kick from a situation were they were maybe going to get a chance to score. another stupid rule made up by muppets who never played the game to a decent level.

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This reminds me of the incident against Lille (of all teams) in the Champions League a couple of seasons ago, where Ryan Giggs took a quick shot from a free kick before the opposition was ready and before the ref had blown.

He was congratulated for this, and gave his team three points... Deco, on the other hand, gets sent off.

This is the bit where I remember how much I hate Man Ure...

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