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  1. Tbf it was the VAR team that made the decision. What sense does it make that the defender touched it to rule it onside? If Mbappe wasn't there then there is no pass and no interception, he was offside and affected the play.
  2. What's the state of FFP? Realistically it's going to take them a few years to build up unless they do a City and blatantly ignore rules. We better start getting some titles in before it starts getting really hard to win.
  3. City make a complaint over a Dipper fan spitting at a coaching staff, must be a scouse thing..
  4. West London derby is going to be the next classico in some years
  5. Apparently he's had 16 goals ruled out by VAR!
  6. We were also fielding players who havne't been playing much, it was no surprise that when the main men came on (Mount, Jorginho) the game changed so drastically
  7. We've been doing him a disservice sending him to teams like Fulham and Palace, I think he is only ever developing when he is playing for Chelsea
  8. One brilliant ball but turned back into an idiot, makes good driving runs though
  9. If we can't win this then we have no business challenging for the league title
  10. Don't forget Mendy with the suicideball assist, top players, this is why we are european champions
  11. Why is Kovacic standing there instead of filling the space in the box? Just let silva take him one on one
  12. I can't get over the fact that they haven't pulled it back so far in ages, I've seen goals like this being allowed.
  13. That was the ONLY time they pulled it back so far in f**king YEARS
  14. Alonso was in great form since the start of the season and he had to pick 1 to play, he went with Alonso who is better in the wingback role. Don't forget he was putting in epic performances in the first few games, now it may be time to rotate and Chilwell will be up for it.
  15. Tuchel knows his form is dropping hence Chilwell is getting minutes now, whoever is the best option will play.
  16. We've made chances just f**k off with the finishing
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