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  1. So first Prague and in the final wie host somebody else ...
  2. Our only chance against Citee is that they underestimate us in the final.
  3. Zola would be better than Ross Barkley. Sell him as fast as possible.
  4. We should sell 7 oder 8 players und start to build up a team that loves the club and fights till the end. When I look at Ross Barkley I get sick. "The new Frank Lampard" some said, when he came from the Toffees. Sell him for any price, he is crap. Alonso, Drinkwater, Luiz and others are not worth to wear the blue shirt - they should follow him immediately. I´m not sure what to think of Sarri - may be we should give him another year. If we the play in the Championship, we all know, that it was Sarri and not the players.
  5. Big Frank Lampard - by far the best offensive midfielder on the planet. Oh, I miss him so much, when we play around the box and nobody wants to score ...
  6. Good luck at Craven Cottage - honest player, physical strong defender, limited here and there, but always 100% Chelsea. I liked him very much.
  7. Too short for a good goalkeeper!
  8. Shame that we didn´t give him a contract years ago, so he left a top club to join Arsenil. But he was, is and will ever be one of us - a true legend and a superb goalkeeper, may be the best of all keepers we had (and we had a couple of very good keepers).
  9. I can´t see him anymore in our shirt. Sell him at any price, now.
  10. 9 out of 10 matches he is very good. In the 10th match he is phantastic.
  11. Gifted youngster - he can make the difference, when we don´t have a ball possession rate of 80% or more.
  12. Football is made of passion. The more football gets internationalised, the less passion will there be. It might get a little bit more convertible. International football is interesting up to a certain level. When you exeed this level, it turns into negative territory. It ruins the roots of any club and without those everything has to fail. After failure it will take a lot of time and efforts to come back to the present level. So where is the progress? It wouldn´t be a win-win, but a lose-lose situation. Maybe other sports would benefit from such a desaster as football would never make it back to the top.
  13. I need that like a hole in my head, as it would be the end of our football.
  14. RA has about 15 Billion $, may be more. If he gets 3 or even 4 Billion $ for Chelsea, what would he have won? Where should be the benefit from this big sale? Nothing would change his life to better - exept that he wouldn´t own the best football club on the planet. RA needs 3 or 4 Billion $ as much, as I need 3 or 4 toothpicks. When he asked a Bank to calculate the value of our club, this is a legal and regular procedure as a businessman, who wants to know, what he could ecpect getting for it. Shareholders like me do that on a daily basis, without reaching those hights. He (still) loves the club, the supporters, the players and everyone in blue out there - why should he risk of falling out of grace with so many? Whatever he did to become billionaire in Russia once - every man should be given the possibility to change his ways. Since he bougth the club in 2003, I have never ever heard or read of any illegal action of him, not in his private life, not as our boss. Come back RA, with what passport soever, and build us New Stamford Bridge.
  15. We should think big - RA won´t live forever. If we move to Earls Court, Battersea or wheresoever, we should get an at least 50% bigger stadium. Ideal would be around 70k with no incease of ticket prices.
  16. Thanks for posting mate. Looks great to me and might give us a 60k plus ground, close to SB. May be the best idea so far. I keep my fingers crossed.
  17. Frank Lampard - best offensive midfielder on this planet. Claude Makelele - best defensive midfielder on earth. John Terry - best central defender ever. Petr Cech - best goalkeeper under the sun. Gianfranco Zola - best forward in the universe.
  18. Good luck here, Maurizio. Stay with your attitude to play fast and aggressive football. We have the players for that, even if some might leave.
  19. I don´t think that anybody should judge about RA without deeper knowledge, or in Latin audiatur et altera pars. We should not waste our time on talking about relationships, we all don´t really know (Putin to RA, RA to Yelzin, Yelzin to Putin etc). When anybody trusts the mass media, I can´t help him anyway. As long as nobody from the club or RA himself tell us the reason(s) for the delay, we are all completely clueless.

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