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  1. I agree - but who knows, it that´s going to happen, as nobody knows how much the investors can or will invest? Bale won´t play there for a tenner a week so they have to invest heavily.
  2. He won´t win anything with the magpies, but he´ll only go to Newcastle, when he can´t find a top club.
  3. Add 9 more of this N17 scum plus their manager, that its complete.
  4. Well done board - I like him and in a certain way he is unique.
  5. Nice vid - this guy could become more dangerous for our opponents than Covid-19.
  6. I´m talking about the 70s and 80s, so the good old times. May be things have changed in the 90s.
  7. I was following the Rangers over land and sea - and there were Chels among them always and we had lots of fun and a very good time. But I suppose, I´m a bit older than you, right?
  8. Don´t remember that match too, but those times were great.
  9. Don´t know how it is today, but for me as an old man it´s still Celtic that I hate.
  10. We hate Rottenham and a few others and we like our Blues Brothers from Glasgow. Internationally we don´t like at all Barca & Bayern Munich (and of course Celtic).
  11. You´re right - JS was a superb defender and one of the greatest of all times.
  12. Absolutely agree with you - it´s the one and only JT, and, by the way, pace is only important, when your positioning is subpar.
  13. Spuds - worst club and supporters under the sun. End of.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_German_Bombers
  15. Have a nice time here - greetings from Germany. 😎
  16. Oi mate - unfortunately with no sound, but may be it helps a little bit to show the atmosphere of the early 70s.
  17. I´d love to sell him for 50m - I´d sell him for much less than that. He will never make it in the EPL. May be in Spain, where complaining all the time is more common. Please go.
  18. Why the hell should any Chelsea player choose bloody Bayern, instead of staying at the Bridge? He is a homegrown player, loves Chelsea, gets the shirt from Eden Hazard, will play as often as he can under Frank Lampard and could become one of our heroes. When Bayern offer 20 for such a gifted player, it´s a joke; for that huge amount of money you can buy the second goalie of an EPL club. He should sign a 5 year contract and start his comeback.
  19. Same as this year or 4th - as long as we play better than the spuds, it will be alright. Citee & scousers will be difficult to beat, but we´ll be better than all the others.
  20. God bless him - in Madrid!

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