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  1. There were quite a bit of their fans who got through Hospitality. Some of them though were taking the piss as Ajax kept scoring and if I'm not mistaken stewards kicked out at least 1 person.
  2. Didn't even bother with the suite to be honest, had a glass of wine and headed straight to my seat! My goodness, absolutely incredible atmosphere in the stadium. When the 5th went in I reckon I got tossed down 3 rows. Only for VAR to ruin everything Nonetheless, I couldn't have asked for a better first match visit at the Bridge.
  3. Thank you! I tend to move back and forth between Ottawa and Regina to 😅 I'm what you'd consider a 'normal Canadian'. Cheeky 'sorry' there, eh? 😂
  4. Good game but he tries way too hard to score for my liking. Might sound odd since that's a striker's main job, but sometimes he goes over the top and it negatively affects our attack. I thought after grabbing 1 or 2 on Wednesday he'd settle down and make the right decisions, but his eagerness to score got in the way of making the right plays (see Pulisic's chance where Michy intervened)
  5. EA as a company are the textbook definition of greed. Career mode doesn't generate enough money for them, where in ultimate team there are literally millions spent just in that game mode. It's a shame because CM has a lot of potential, but all EA see is the $ sign in front of ultimate team.
  6. I do like the idea of him going out on loan. Perhaps in a team that likes to keep possession of the ball with a Gilmour type player at the base of midfield? He dictates from deep, I hope we don't send him to a team that just sits back.
  7. Hi everyone, Chelsea fan from Canada here. Been supporting the club for as long as I can remember - some time in my childhood but I dont recall how or when exactly! 😅
  8. Anybody else slightly getting tired of our club's social media accounts not letting go of him? Dont get me wrong, hes a great chelsea servant and I love him to bits but I cant help but to notice everytime i open Twitter or Instagram I see our official page posting a highlight of Eden in previous years 'on this day'. Sometimes it's nice but it's getting too much for me personally. If anything, the youth's performance this year and how much joy it has brought to me has made me completely forget about losing Hazard. Make no mistake, we miss him on the pitch and how good he was, but Fra
  9. Reckon Odoi and James have no chance of starting this one after 90 minutes on Wednessay. Kepa Azpi Zouma Tomori Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Willian Tammy Mount 4-3-3. Classic 60th minute to sub Barkley on for Kovacic to honor Sarri 🙄
  10. Agree with you on your criticism of Willian. His bad decision making frustrates me as well. With regards to end product, I was more focusing on it in terms of finishing. In other aspects Pulisic has him beat very much so like you said. Even finishing wise I wouldnt be surprised if this is merely a slump for Christian. Overall I think Hudson Odoi, Tammy, Pulisic will be our front 3. But as of now I believe Frank is right easing Pulisic in, especially given he haant exactly set the league on fire.
  11. Spot on mate. Absolutely do not want to see Ruben playing behind the striker/as a #10. I've seen some stats that showed hes the best ball carrier in the entire league which doesnt surprise me one bit. The only other player who I've seen drive the ball forward better than him in recent years, with the pace and physicality that he does, is Yaya Toure. And I dont think I'm exaggerating this one bit. I'd go as far to say that right now hes the most talented out of all our young talents. To be fair to the others, he is a couple years older than them.
  12. Seemed a bit laid back in the first half, wouldnt be surprised if Frank instructed him at half time to take the game more by the scruff of the neck. I saw more involvement and more desire to go at defenders and be aggressive from him in the second half. His finishing was dodgy, but hes been a good finisher throughout all his youth years so I wouldnt worry about that. If anything, the fact that he gets into those positions should be the the most impressive thing.
  13. I like this to be honest. Being the right sided center back in a back 3 is Azpi's best position, and Reece is too good to not be used as a wing back who runs up and down the pitch the entire game. Though he'll be a colossal as a full back too. Perhaps Azpi-Rudiger-Tomori as the back 3, Emerson and James on the wings? Seems too good to be true.
  14. There's a reason Frank prefers Willian over him as of this moment. Pulisic doesnt have the end product in his game for us yet, much like Willian I have to say. However, theres no question that Willian is a much, much better dribbler. Until Pulisic finds the confidence to go at defenders and have the strength and sharpness to beat them like Willian does, there wont be reason for Frank to give him minutes over the Brazilian. On the other hand, I do think the boy is talented and needs time. One area of his game which I'm a big fan of are his off the ball runs. I thought Barkley and Batshuayi
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