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  1. So we're relying on Rudiger to get us goals tonight. Great.
  2. Good start for Chelsea, Willian had to score there.
  3. Go on, admit it ... It's Willian by a country mile. His game management and experience has held it all together and allowed the youngsters to shine.
  4. Azpi', Willian, Pedro, Giroud and probably Alonso are all going to need replacing in the short term. When the ban is lifted a couple of quality additions should do it. I read somewhere that Chelsea are looking at a midfielder... That's the last positioning that needs strengthening.
  5. Harzard has just arrived in Madrid, singing shirts and chatting to the crowd. Going for his medical before he is officially presented to the fans (approx 70,000). Think I'm going to be sick.
  6. Hazard... " I will not force Madrid move and only leave the club on good terms ". This guy is not only one of the best players in the world but he also has principles. A rare breed indeed.
  7. Hi, this is my first post.. Just watched the Hazard interview and didn't like what he said, "I want go to Madrid but not in the January window". In the summer he'll be into the last year of his contract which leaves Chelsea vulnerable, He could go for as little as 70 million. If he doesn't sign a new contract by Christmas Chelsea should sell. Saying that Madrid are clever won't bid this January and leave Chelsea to fester knowing they'll get their man on the cheap in the summer.

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