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  1. I hate how we are in this position again.. I totally understand why Sarri wants to leave though and I think he is completely right to move before his rep gets damaged by the board of our club. Sone fans have behaved like brats and I think we can blame them as well ‘cause Sarri was never going to feel loved as long as they would boo him and Jorginho whenever we were a goal down.. I really hope the board doesn’t appoint Lampard right now, he deserves to grow and develop himself as a manager so he can be ready when he comes home! The only option I am rooting for right now is Mourinho. He is
  2. Because the Courtois we've seen during the World Cup or at Atletico Madrid has never shown up at Chelsea. His heart doesn't seem to be in it and he plays like it. Courtois did okay, but I feel that he never really lived up to his potential. Just look at away game at Barcelona last season (this is just one example, I know, but it's the first one that comes to mind). Chelsea were better at home, they had a lot of chances and were unlucky to not win that game by atleast 2 goals.. Chelsea went out because of Courtois' errors! The rest of the team never stood a chance after he let that ball in in t
  3. I can't wait to see him leave.. He doesn't want to be at Chelsea, and to be honest: we could do a lot worse than Thibaut Courtois! He was one of the biggest talents of his generation, but he never lived up to his talent in my opinion. Looking back, I think we should have sold him to Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid in the summer of 2015. Petr Cech, a club legend, was replaced by this ungrateful man and that was a mistake looking back on it..
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