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  1. Lord

    Jorginho is a Blue

    We might be okay against Fulham next week, but will get absolutely spanked by City if we start with the exact same personnel in the same formation the following week. The problem is that fixing this problem isn’t easy. Fabregas may fare even worse against City.
  2. Lord

    Jorginho is a Blue

    I have been saying this for two months now that both Jorginho and Kante should NOT be in the same team, when we have such average level of creativity (except Hazard) and finishing qualities in the squad. Jorginho doesn’t have a lot of pace (neither built) and seems to struggle with distribution when the game is fast or the opposition presses high. In trying to accommodate him, Kante is out of his usual position and is only half the player he once was. I just wrote something similar in the matchday thread too.
  3. It is ironic, injury or whatever, Hazard hasn’t been the same player, ever since Sarri said Hazard is almost as good as Messi in one of his press conferences. (can’t recall it verbatim). I have been saying this for two months now that Kante and Jorginho can’t function as a central midfield duo, when we have so little creativity going forward (bar Hazard), and even worse finishing ability in front of goal. After tonight’s disappointment, I would love it if Sarri can find a way to start Barkley instead of Kovacic, Pedro for Willian and Fabregas instead of Jorginho against Fulham next week, before the really big one against the Champions.
  4. Jorginho hasn’t impressed at all after the first few matches. Reality is slowly sinking in. If we don’t get a striker in January, we wont deserve to be in the top five.
  5. I don’t remember being so pumped-up for this derby in a long while. The punters have either side winning at almost equal odds, and a 1-1 draw as the most likely result.
  6. Will probably be that lineup . I hope Hazard is not too tired to play a full match after the useless couple of international matches. That is my only worry. It has been a few weeks since we last saw Hazard dazzle for us - the little injury, the international break - I hope he runs those useless buffoons ragged, smashes a few past Lloris and deflates some of the unmerited hype surrounding this pack of bottlers in our final Premier League match at Wembley.
  7. Without realising how rubbish most of your general comments are while pretending to be witty...
  8. In essence, I agree with what you say, but my original arguments still stand.
  9. Your argument would have been perfectly valid if there was no Jorginho in the side. The lack of creativity with Jorginho in the back and Kante in the more advanced role has been glaring for the last several weeks now. The question is not how good Kante is/was, but one of whether both Jorginho and Kante can fit together in the starting eleven. I have serious doubts. We are too reliant on Hazard's magic for any sort of creativity for goal or the usual Alonso crosses.
  10. You begin by at least trying for the best. Things might not end up being perfectly that way, but nonetheless. And it's not over-the-top optimism to sell two players and buy two players in the summer window. We don't spend the way we used to, but it is doable without playing FM.
  11. Sell Kante to PSG for loads of cash. Get an offensive midfielder in his place. Sell Morata to whoever is foolish enough to bet on him. Buy a proper striker for God's sake. Tie Hazard to a long term deal. We will be good to go for next season.
  12. The problem around here is if you criticise either Jorginho or Kante, you are portrayed as someone who doesn't understand the "game". :)
  13. Think it will be something like 2-1, with around 65% ball possession
  14. Feeling bad for Morata. Well done Sarri et al.
  15. Yes, I would, unless you're looking to play him in his favoured position instead of Jorginho. Sarri will not do that, though. And I don't think Sarri will be too keen to change a winning formation.