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  1. Whatever Kepa thought about his injuries or whatever else is irrelevant. If the manager makes the call of substitution, at whatever point of the game, for whatever reason, whether you like it or not, you follow his lead. Simple. That's elementary school football.
  2. The most embarrassing on-field moment by our keeper in all my years of watching Chelsea. I don't care if he couldn't stop the Aguero penalty, but whatever transpired before that was shambolic of the highest order. Should be binned for 10 matches.
  3. Even if what you say about his downed tools is correct, he’s still Chelsea’s best player by miles, and the only one capable of creating magic. How we rebuild after he’s gone in the summer will decide where we intend to be as a Premiership club. Everyone around him in the current squad look pretty average to me right now.
  4. We might be okay against Fulham next week, but will get absolutely spanked by City if we start with the exact same personnel in the same formation the following week. The problem is that fixing this problem isn’t easy. Fabregas may fare even worse against City.
  5. I have been saying this for two months now that both Jorginho and Kante should NOT be in the same team, when we have such average level of creativity (except Hazard) and finishing qualities in the squad. Jorginho doesn’t have a lot of pace (neither built) and seems to struggle with distribution when the game is fast or the opposition presses high. In trying to accommodate him, Kante is out of his usual position and is only half the player he once was. I just wrote something similar in the matchday thread too.
  6. And the number of players across the park we need to move on and replace for next summer is scary. Fabs, Pedro and Girourd are on their last legs. May be Willian too. Alonso isnt getting any quicker. Morata might not improve. Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta and Bats are not Chelsea level. Moses is plain average. RLC divides opinion. Cahill will be gone. And then be able to keep the likes of Kante and Hazard from the clutches of PSG and Madid is a tall order. Unless a couple of these youngsters come good, we will be hundreds of millions away from competing for the title in t
  7. His contact with Madrid runs into the summer of 2022. There is no buying clause inserted in the loan deal. So that is it.
  8. Loved his first interview. Seems the exact opposite of Mourinho, both in demeanour and overall footballing philosophy.
  9. Willian: 60 m Courtois: 50 m Hazard: 180 m ------------------ That's close to 300 m for three players that are either already in the prime of their careers, or just past it. All three probably have only one final big transfer in their careers. They have given the best years of their lives to CFC. I know there are risks, but you can build a great, great squad, and one for many years to come with that kind of money. There would be at least around 50-75 m remaining for this season's transfers even after the Sarri-Jorginho deal. (around 100-125 m total is what early
  10. Thank you Antonio for the memories. Those touchline histrionics, especially in your first season, will last a lifetime in my memories. Good luck..
  11. The guy turns 30 at the start of the season and has no more than two years of top level Premiership football, at the end of which, he won’t have any resale value. 60 million is insane money for a 30 year old who isn't in the “elite” bracket. Yes, even in these inflated times. Sure, he has been good for us over the years but this is the kind of deal we should be looking at, given the imminent cut in transfer spending at the club. There might be some skepticism in selling a third major player to United in recent times, but neither Mata nor Matic (except for very brief periods) h
  12. I agree that the timing of this news was inappropriate, but if has problems entering the country now (and chances are high that this may be a recurrent problem in the future), there's no point gambling 1 billion on a project that won't see immediate returns. A new stadium doesn't pay itself out in just a few years and 1 billion investment does NOT increase the club's value by 1 billion, if he were to sell the club sometime in the next few years. I don't agree that he's using the club as a political pawn. From a purely business point of view, not risking another 1 billion is the correct m
  13. He has arguably the worst "first-touch" in the English top division, let alone in this Chelsea side. That aside, he has decent pace, an acceptable quality of passing and most importantly, he has age on his side. It is difficult to predict how hard it is to fix that "first touch" issue. Sarri's tactic is reliant on quick, one-pass, short-play football. In that system, Bakayoko will either be a vital component (fix that problem) or be absolutely useless. I feel there is no middle ground for him. He either stays here for long or gets shipped out in January, assuming, of course, Sarri's arri
  14. We've made losses amounting to a whopping £ 700 million over the last 10 years. Emotions aside, that figure alone is reason enough to get a bigger stadium, else we will fade into mediocrity eventually.
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